1. Test run of the Derp-O-Phonic 2000.

    The modules are 6 40106 oscillators, a quad gated 4093 nand gate oscillator, 4096 pitch tracker, a hacked up VCO based on a LM348 tone generator kit, and a 8 channel passive mixer. The top cabinet is a weird sound generator, but that is not part of this patch.

    The LM348 VCO has two CV inputs with attenuators. Both of these are being fed slow square waves from the 40106 oscillators. The output of this goes to the mixer. The 4093 oscillator output is split. One half goes into the ptich tracker (in order to make nice glitchy noise) and the other half goes straight to the mixer.

    There are several modules under construction. Building and playing this thing is far more fun than it should be.

    This is mostly knob twiddling, because knob twiddling is fun.

    It's recorded on a cell phone, so you know what the audio and video quality is going to be like.

    If you like music, you probably will not like this.

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  2. A test of the infamous Slacker Melody Generator. It's currently sitting on the breadboard waiting to be moved to a more permanent home. Plenty of knob twiddling plus some on the fly wiring to the 4017's enable pin.

    The 4046 pitch tracker is also patched in so that the fun will be doubled.

    Craptastic cell phone video

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  3. A 4040 divider is at the heart of this patch. Some of the bits are driving a Melody Generator. Some of the bits are driving an 8 bit R/2R ladder that drives a LM348 VCO. The VCO has two CV inputs; the extra has a fast LFO at a low level to add some warble to it.

    The Pitch Tracker was patched in for extra bonus fun.

    The whole mess is mixed together.

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  4. More Derp-O-Phonic fun!

    This involves throwing a whole lot of stuff in and hoping interesting noise comes out. Basically it is a shift register creating pseudo-random numbers fed into the "A" input of a melody generator. The output of that goes into a nand gate ring modulator and a pitch tracker. At each point (melody gen out, ring mod out, and pitch tracker out), a patch goes to the mixer so I can play with the elements individually.

    There is a lot of knob twiddling - mostly trying to find interesting interactions and patterns - there are plenty to be had int his patch.

    From left to right, the modules are: Power Supply, Hex 40106 oscillators, 4093 gated nand gate oscillators, banana to 1/4" converters, pitch tracker, lm348 VCO, Melody Generator, 4040 Divider, R2R Ladder, and ANOTHER Melody Generator. Just out of sight is an 8 channel passive mixer. The ring modulator and random number generator are sitting on the bench.

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  5. The Derp-O-Phonic 2000 finally has a filter (two actually). This is a test run using a very simple patch. It's a 4093 nand synth with the cutoff being driven by a slow triangle LFO along with a faster square LFO.

    The filter has some interesting quirks.When I turn the CV for the square wave all the way off, the ambient noise that is being generated cuts out. Not sure why. The CVs for the two filters can bleed into each other. You can actually use the resonance of the filter to drive sweeps with no signal at all.

    It's an odd filter, but I like it.

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Derp-O-Phonic 2000!

the autowitch

The Derp-O-Phonic 2000 is a patchable lunetta-ish noise machine.

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