1. The Fetishization of Virginity

    An educational investigation that asks why concepts like virginity (specifically female virginity) might be elevated to a fetish-like status. It traces a biological argument as well as a fly through early hominid transition into agriculture. Then it moves towards linguistic, evolutionary, patriarchal, and ideological reasoning. The study is incomplete but hopefully will allow further argumentation and inquiry.

    Produced By:
    Alonzo Riley
    Ellie Byrnes

    We Thank:

    David Knowlton
    Virginia Bayer
    Alan Rogers
    Shannon Mussett
    Haagen Klaus

    Ellie Byrnes
    Hannah Free
    Alonzo Riley

    Online Speakers and Media
    Isabella Rossellini - Green Porno
    Hanne Blank - On Writing "Virgin"
    Fred McVittie - Metaphors of Moral Purity

    Mark Jeffreys
    Mike "the Wiz" Wisland
    Jutta Schneider
    Nancy Carpenter - Hogle Zoo
    Heath Ogden
    Kat Phillpotts
    Rachel Ligairi

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    Assembled in 2012

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