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    Are you confused about the economy? Well have no fear --

    I'm going to explain the American economy right now

    +The dollar just think of it like
    a promise from the government
    But the value of the dollar
    has to be there to be relevant

    The value of the dollar comes from
    China and Iran
    When they put their cash reserves
    in a U.S. dollar plan -

    +They buy treasury bonds from
    The Federal Reserve
    We say "we owe you extra money
    cause you gave us some of yours"

    That's a big part
    of the National Debt
    All the interest that we
    haven't paid to China quite yet -

    +And a hundred other countries
    Cause we're such a good investment
    The whole world gives us money
    We say "Hey we'll pay you interest!"

    This is how money is created from air
    Bank bailouts, federal budgets
    Money isn't really there -

    +It's an I.O.U., remember dollars are a promise
    When you borrow from a bank
    It's not from other depositors

    The money for your loan
    Gets created on the spot
    Then they put it in your name
    Gamble on your life and body -

    +But if you lose your job
    Then you were a bad bet
    If a million lose their jobs
    Then we have a recession

    Here's the dirty secret
    Your labor's too expensive
    Wall Street wants you spending money
    But they never want to pay you -

    +In your life cash and credit
    They are very different things
    But your credit's someone else's cash
    Once it leaves your name

    This is why money is debt
    And your debt is good for
    Wall Street prosperity -

    +And economic growth since the 1970s
    Is consumers getting credit
    Without wages increasing

    So when they talk about the housing crisis
    They never say we need to lower housing prices -

    +We need ^better devices
    To afford high prices
    Meaning higher debt lower interest
    Cause you're underpaid to begin with

    That's the cycle we're in
    We don't understand so
    All we can do is question

    Mama economy make me understand
    All the numbers why Daddy's on a welfare plan
    'Turnin thirty forty fifty gotta move in with my parents
    And the stocks go up but the jobs disappear

    +^Because wages barely grew for 40 years
    When you buy stuff
    They delay the cost of ownership

    You can't afford it
    so they make it to depend
    On endless small transactions
    Which is more like renting

    +You pay more for printer ink
    Than you do for gold and
    More for bottled water
    Than you do for oil

    Razor blades are made to
    So you're forever in debt to them
    Just to shave

    +It's a type of socialism
    called market socialism
    The best designed product
    Meets a need and doesn't last

    We subsidize waste
    With landfills and holidays like
    Earth Day teachin' kids:
    Recycle please

    +Kids won't learn in school
    we live one worldview
    neoliberal economics
    In all of our politics

    They don't ask why corporations
    are human citizens
    Or why grandma pays more taxes
    Cause she lacks stock dividends

    +Or why private bankers
    Print the public money
    Or why democracy is broken
    Cause their leaders won't be cutting

    Loopholes or subsidies
    For constituent industries
    Putting legislative bodies
    In a deep freeze

    +So the Ph.Ds and the G.E.D.s
    Cry with Ayn Rand down at the temp agency

    Sayin' "we believed in
    But there's more to the story--
    Someone answer me!

    ----- TAY ZONDAY BIO -----
    Tay Zonday is a People's Voice Award-Nominated, Youtube Award-Winning, Webby Award-Winning singer-songwriter with more than 120 million video views on Youtube.

    Zonday blasted into the worldwide spotlight with his viral hit "Chocolate Rain" and has been interviewed on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Good Morning America, G4TV's Attack Of The Show, Lilly Allen & Friends, CNN Saturday Morning, The Opie & Anthony Show, The Jace Hall Show, Rachel Ray, Maury Povich, MTV, Current TV, Tosh.0, The Guild, America's Got Talent and the front page of Sunday's Los Angeles Times as well as in The Chicago Tribune's RedEye, The Toronto Star, USA Today, In Touch Weekly and dozens of independent and university publications. He has been referenced in People Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, "South Park," "Robot Chicken," "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia," "Girlfriends" and "Guitar Hero World Tour."

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    "Chocolate Rain"

    Chocolate Rain
    Some stay dry and others feel the pain
    Chocolate Rain
    A baby born will die before the sin

    Chocolate Rain
    The school books say it can't be here again
    Chocolate Rain
    The prisons make you wonder where it went

    Chocolate Rain
    Build a tent and say the world is dry
    Chocolate Rain
    Zoom the camera out and see the lie

    Chocolate Rain
    Forecast to be falling yesterday
    Chocolate Rain
    Only in the past is what they say

    Chocolate Rain
    Raised your neighborhood insurance rates
    Chocolate Rain
    Makes us happy 'livin in a gate

    Chocolate Rain
    Made me cross the street the other day
    Chocolate Rain
    Made you turn your head the other way

    Chocolate Rain
    History quickly crashing through your veins
    Chocolate Rain
    Using you to fall back down again

    Chocolate Rain
    Seldom mentioned on the radio
    Chocolate Rain
    Its the fear your leaders call control

    Chocolate Rain
    Worse than swearing worse than calling names
    Chocolate Rain
    Say it publicly and you're insane

    Chocolate Rain
    No one wants to hear about it now
    Chocolate Rain
    Wish real hard it goes away somehow

    Chocolate Rain
    Makes the best of friends begin to fight
    Chocolate Rain
    But did they know each other in the light?

    Chocolate Rain
    Every February washed away
    Chocolate Rain
    Stays behind as colors celebrate

    Chocolate Rain
    The same crime has a higher price to pay
    chocolate Rain
    The judge and jury swear it's not the face


    Chocolate Rain
    Dirty secrets of economy
    Chocolate Rain
    Turns that body into GDP

    Chocolate Rain
    The bell curve blames the baby's DNA
    Chocolate Rain
    But test scores are how much the parents make

    Chocolate Rain
    'Flippin cars in France the other night
    Chocolate Rain
    Cleans the sewers out beneath Mumbai

    Chocolate Rain
    'Cross the world and back its all the same
    Chocolate Rain
    Angels cry and shake their heads in shame

    Chocolate Rain
    Lifts the ark of paradise in sin
    Chocolate Rain
    Which part do you think you're 'livin in?

    Chocolate Rain
    More than 'marchin more than passing law
    Chocolate Rain
    Remake how we got to where we are.


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    Internet Dream

    "Man this internet's something else"


    Cuttin' it close
    Let the dishes turn green
    Everyone chasin' their
    Internet dream

    Some like it hot
    In a triple X funk
    Winnin' the auction
    Turnin' money to junk

    Cappin' the flag
    In a virtual dash
    Skippin' your wedding
    To play in a match


    Shut all the blinds
    You mighta been seen
    Sittin' alone
    With your internet dream

    Winning the race
    For your digital fix
    Living your life
    With a clickity-click

    "So every day I swear
    I'm gonna go to bed at like eleven.
    And all of a sudden its 4AM . . .
    And I was just watching Youtube and
    reading Wikipedia for five hours.
    It's like MAN . . . you ask me the
    next day. I can't even remember
    what I was doin. Crazy."

    [Verse ]


    "I was talkin to my mom the other day
    And she's like 'Oh,
    My computer's been acting up again!'
    So I'm thinkin she got a virus
    or something . . .
    And I'm like 'ok what's wrong?'
    And she's like 'You know that bar that
    you type the website in! It disappeared!
    I can never remember how to get it back!'
    I'm like 'ok Mom. We did this last week.'
    I love my Mom and Dad. "

    [Chorus X 2]

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    PRODUCED BY Michael Fesser: http://www.michaelfesser.com

    UpWords AKA CoolGuyWithGlasses: http://www.youtube.com/coolguywithgla...



    Shot/Edited/Directed by BamBamJoey:


    [Verse 1, Type 1]

    This is your moment
    Got something to say?

    The music is playing
    And you gotta pay

    The greedy and crazy
    They want all the space

    But you're gonna shout
    You're gonna get in the way

    [Verse 1 Type 2]

    I am here to rock
    Don't get in my way
    I am here to rock the world and stay

    [Rap Pre-Chorus]

    This is your life you must live for the moment
    Don't walk by any doors that are open
    Take a chance, don't fear bein' different
    Life can be taken away in an instant

    Whether you draw dance or make music
    Let all the beauty around you influence
    Your perception, life is a gift
    All of us only get one chance to live

    Till the sun don't shine
    This Is You
    Till the end of time
    This Is You
    Till the stars are in your hand oh!
    This is you
    Don't ever let the world forget that yeah
    This is you

    [Verse 2 Type 1]
    Stop every clock
    You don't wanna lose
    The number one spot in
    The race to be you

    People try hard
    To take over your part
    Make you back seat driver
    In your only car

    [Verse 2 Type 2]

    Go go
    You're gonna be

    Big big
    The key
    To History

    Go go
    You're gonna be

    Big big
    The key
    To History

    This is your life, the ultimate experience
    Get in the driver seat and start steering it
    Let off the brakes, push down on the gas
    Look at the future, let go of the past

    All the signs say follow your dreams
    We never know what tomorrow brings
    That's why I stay optimistic
    Achieving your goals is beyond realistic

    Till the sun don't shine
    This Is You
    Till the end of time
    This Is You
    Till the stars are in your hand
    This is you
    Don't ever let the world forget that yeah
    This is you

    [Bridge 1]
    If you can dream it, you can be it
    Don't let anybody tell you otherwise

    You can be anything, anything
    Anything you set your mind to

    B-ba-be ba-be somebody
    B-ba-be ba-be somebody
    B-ba-be ba-be

    B-ba-be ba-be somebody
    B-ba-be ba-be somebody
    B-ba-be ba-be

    B-ba-be ba-be somebody
    B-ba-be ba-be somebody
    B-ba-be ba-be

    B-ba-be ba-be somebody
    B-ba-be ba-be somebody
    B-ba-be ba-be

    [Chorus X 2]
    Till the sun don't shine
    This Is You
    Till the end of time
    This Is You
    Till the stars are in your hand, oh!
    This is you
    Don't ever let the world forget that yeah
    This is you

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