Transcript of video:

Scene: Energy Well Health client, Julie Meier, sitting and talking about the benefits of using working with Rebecca Strack, owner of Energy Well Health. Julie is sitting on a porch and flowers are in bloom behind her. Soft music plays in the background.

Julie Meier: “I started working with Rebecca about four months ago, My Name is Julie Meier, and it has been tremendous...(um)...The reason I came is because I started to go through menopause and I was working with my massage therapist, and she recommended Rebecca. And, I couldn’t believe all the things that she has given me in that short amount of time.”

“From nutritional knowledge, to believing in myself, to setting goals that are reasonable each week...(um) I thought I would feel overwhelmed and everything feels very do-able...”

(cross fade transition)

“I feel overall very much healthier and I’m losing weight gradually, and felling very good about myself...”

(cross fade transition)

“And...and in the long run, I’d like to prevent my strong family history of colon cancer. And..(um).. the surgeon that worked with my mom had recommended seven to eight fruits or vegetables a day, and I thought, “Well how can I ever do that?” And so with Rebecca’s help, it’s really happening. And so I feel like she’s a super star!”

(cross dissolve into end credits)

End credits:
Learn. Grow. Thrive.
Energy Well Health
to feel great today, contact:
Rebecca Strack
Holistic Health and Life Coaching, Reiki Healing and Teaching

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