1. A short documentary narrated by the Sex Monster turned Truth Monster, Alejandro.

    Slideshow and video clips are compiled from third party material to tell a story of how one man's tragedy affects every global citizen.

    Strong language at times is completely appropriate given the situation. No part of this presentation should be considered defamatory because no intention was made to defame anyone. The documents referenced are on public record and no part of this production has been altered for a misleading purpose. Images have been cropped for layout purposes and print has been enlarged for better viewing.

    It has taken five years for me to come to the realization and acceptance of the true meaning behind the "fame game." My name is Alejandro and on 2/14/2009 my partner was murdered. I was locked out of my house by strangers and everything I had was taken from me. My partner's name was Michael Goss, his film studio produced male fetish pornography. According to music artist Lady Gaga, she was inspired by her fear of "Sex Monster" and apparently she has seen me angry on at least one occasion which has given her a reason to be afraid of me. Karma and Fate are unforgiving, and on 2/14/2013 Lady Gaga announced the cancellation of her tour. A year after Michael Goss was killed, I warned them that in 2013 this "game" would come to an end and with the help of some unexplainable force, that promise has been kept. I am still homeless and there isn't a law firm in the country willing to represent me because of the relationship between Gaga, a Houston, Texas celebrity doctor and a very influential political figure. The FBI has told me I am delusional and that Michael Goss never existed, they have said that his death certificate is a figment of my imagination and they have even suggested that I have always been homeless. But until we completely lose our Freedom, the government has no right telling anyone of us, what is real or unreal. So I give you the truth, the evidence and the history at http://alejandro-ladygaga.weebly.com I may be crazy as F____ but I sure as H ___ don’t make S ___ up.

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  2. "Alejandro" is part of the "Fame" series. The video for the song "Paparazzi" precedes it, wherein Ms. Germanotta murders a wealthy older gentleman. She is wearing "Geisha-style" make-up which suggests she is a prostitute who is really a younger man playacting as a female. That same character is the narrator in the video for "Alejandro."

    The original video directed by Steven Klein opens with Ms. Germanotta leading a funeral procession. She is carrying a human heart on top of a black satin pillow wrapped in barbed wire. The barbed wire is in the shape of the letter "A"

    According to the narrator, the people responsible for killing Michael Goss are ashamed. They have worked in orchestra to conceal his death except Alejandro keeps repeating his name and the narrator responds "Stop just let me go Alejandro" Ms. Germanotta expresses how they want Alejandro to stop talking by saying "Don't want to touch, Don't want to kiss. Just smoke one cigarette and hush Alejandro."

    Ms. Germanotta also criticizes how Michael Goss was old enough to be Alejandro's father. In fact, Michael Goss had made Alejandro his beneficiary, much like how a father provides for a son, which is the reason why they hate Alejandro so much. Ms. Germanotta mocks Alejandro's suffering by comparing him to a cry baby. She expresses her resentment toward him, which also explains how they were motivated by hatred, malice, greed and primal envy in the motive to murder Michael Goss and then lock Alejandro out of his house and thus, they intentionally took everything he had away from him. They continue to make fun of his tragedy in following video of the "Fame" series.

    That video is for the song "Marry the Night" which was scheduled for release in 2011, on Alejandro's birthday. The prelude begins with Ms. Germanotta, laying on a hospital bed which is being wheeled down a corridor by two nurses. Her character is unconscious and her voice is distant She speaks about clinical psychology and how "trauma is the ultimate killer" and she goes on to say "It's not that I've been dishonest, it's just that I loathe reality." Once she regains consciousness she continues to say "I'm going to be a star. Do you wanna know why? Because ... I have nothing left to lose."

    The details regarding Alejandro's legal matter against the State of California is a private legal matter, which Alejandro didn't make public until August 2012. The fact that Ms. Germanotta was privy to this information proves she knew who he was when she recorded "Alejandro" which explains the reason why her record label did not want it released as a single. Be it known, there are many people that share the name "Alejandro" however, Alejandro Estrada is the only person named "Alejandro" within the same circle of people who's partner was murdered in 2009, and who was also locked out his house by strangers. He is the only "Alejandro" in the Los Angeles County Superior Court system demanding justice for a murder that has been covered-up by the District Attorney. There is no other "Alejandro" in the country, if not the world, who shares similar case details because Alejandro Estrada is, without a doubt, the intended subject in the song, which was written to cause him severe harm. Alejandro Estrada is the only surviving relative of Michael Goss, and these people wanted him to commit suicide because he is the only living witness that can testify against them for murdering his partner and leaving him homeless.

    Ms. Germanotta announced the cancellation of her tour on Valentine's Day 2013 which was the 5th year anniversary of Michael Goss' death.

    Alejandro is still homeless because the same people that endorsed Ms. Germanotta's career, have also corrupted the justice system in their favor. Alejandro Estrada's privacy and civil rights have been exploited. The United States of America is guilty for violating his universal human rights. He had no other choice, but produce this video which is under heavy attack. Regardless, be it known that this content is FULLY PROTECTED UNDER SECTION 106, 106A, AND 107 OF THE COPYRIGHT LAW. Further protection will be determined through LITIGATION ONLY. Alejandro claims EXCLUSIVE use of this material for noncommercial purposes because he is the subject in question.

    ANY EFFORT TO CENSOR THIS INFORMATION IS ILLEGAL AND WILL PLACED ON THE RECORD ACCORDINGLY. Alejandro Estrada assumes sole responsibility and in the event that any copyright owner believes their copyright has been infringed upon, they need to file a lawsuit.

    All legal proceedings should be sent to

    Alejandro Estrada
    847 Hammond Street
    West Hollywood, CA 90069

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