1. Origins: Spring 2011
    Rain from the West by Juliette Allen
    8:15, video.

    "During Christmas break, I started reading Towards Another Summer while my family and I were staying in a wooden house in the middle of a rainy forest in the Bay Area. The first chapter stuck to me. The main character Grace Cleave, who has never felt at home in the human world, discovers that she is in fact a migratory bird. As we began our class about Origins, we raised many questions concerning sense of belonging, authenticity, and the importance of knowing one's origins. The story of Grace Cleave seemed to relate more and more to our topic. She does not identify with her biological origins at all, but rather with the life movement she has followed: that of a bird. I decided I would love to make a film about the story, since the writing was already so visual. We had spent time in the cornfield downtown, a sacred space for the native Tongva tribe which is a place of recognition of origins, Tongva origins. It seemed interesting to have Grace Cleave walking through it, admiring its beauty but being unable to connect with it. The second part shows her living in an egg-like small trailer, representing her nomadic desire, and foreshadowing her "hatching". She fully becomes a bird when she discovers feathers growing on her body, which we chose to illustrate with blank ink drawn on Chloe's skin; it seemed the most beautiful and abstract way of changing her from a human to a migratory bird."

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  2. Origins: Spring 2011
    Places not People by Danny Louangxay
    4:57, Super 8 and video

    "In my mind I tend to hear music; I hear beats and rhythms. In the city, there's music almost everywhere which is distracting. What I did was compare and contrast the beauties of nature and the city. I went up to Big Sur because that's where nature seems to be the most pure, clean, and quiet. I wanted to try to escape from people as much as I could because I'm always surrounded by them. I also went around Los Angeles capturing footage that appears to be 'loud'. It's open to interpretation, but I want people to see sound, whether it be quiet or loud. I will project my piece on to concrete walls covered with vines while providing musical accompaniment with 3 drummers. The musical piece is rehearsed but still has an improvised aesthetic. The piece portrays the relationship between civilization and nature."

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  3. Origins: Spring 2011
    My Backyard by Ellie Parker
    3:09, video

    "The inspiration for this video came from my own backyard. I have lived in my house for most of my life and was able to see new and wonderful details within the foliage. This project truly allowed me to take a closer look into the environment I thought I knew so well. As I explored the intricacies of my garden, I began reading origin poems by Native Americans such as Luci Tapahanso and Sherman Alexie. Learning new things about my own beginnings enabled me to fully connect to those of the poets. I feel linked to these poets, as we all find peace and contentment in our own environments. Inspired by the origin poems, I decided to write my own. It is a reflective meditation on important memories of my childhood. These memories contain familiar sounds, stories, and imagery. These three elemental layers expressed in my project are not only bound to my origins, but to those of the Native Americans as well. This video serves as a bridge between two worlds. As one looks closer, however, these worlds aren't so different. I hope that by watching this video, my audience can also find a part of themselves—a part that binds all origin stories."

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  4. Origins: Spring 2011
    Une nouvelle création by Emilie Palamides
    2:39, Super 8 on video

    "My film 'une nouvelle création' shares my vision of origins. It is a piece about the renewal of life and how everything among us is connected. Throughout human features, plants, insects, and animals are all intertwined to create an image of the lineage that surrounds us. To me these illustrations represent evolution and growth from our earliest beginnings. They show the length of our existence. Each fragment holds a piece of our transformation. This change has brought about new creation, and the origins we live among today."

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  5. Origins: Spring 2011
    West Coast Noise by Felix Martinez
    3:18, Super 8 on video.

    "My intention for this film was to express the connection between the land its people. As a modern civilization, we are constantly changing the landscape to the more adaptable needs of a city. We expand into several forms of nature: preservation, transportation, communication and art that unifies the people of Los Angeles. I chose to use Super 8 because of the light texture that is left on the footage. I recorded my own score with the use of the keyboards, effect pedals, and field recordings."

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Origins : EPFC Youth Class Spring 2011

Echo Park Film Center Plus

Film/Video work from the Echo Park Film Center's Spring 2011 Youth Class centered around stories, visions, and experiences of native Los Angeles and the history of the land.

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