1. Winner of Best Music Video at the OC Filmfest

    Director/DP: Tanner Merrill
    Camera Operator: Jacob Perry
    Assistant Camera/Art Direction: Calvin Muusse
    Editor: John Simard, Calvin Muusse, Tanner Merrill
    Graphics/VFX: Tanner Merrill
    Producer: Kevin Clark

    Anthony Treme
    Talia Samuels
    Evan Spry

    Special Thanks to
    Elius Kim
    Dylan McTee


    Song | We used to wait
    Artist | Arcade Fire

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  2. by @WarriorPoetUS and brought to life by the talent and vision of @Notthisbody

    For more by Aubrey Marcus visit the Warrior Poet blog: warriorpoet.us
    To connect with Not This Body, visit notthisbody.com

    A collaboration of /Aubrey Marcus and /Notthisbody incorporating work by
    /footage from The Sagan Series
    /footage from The Fayman Series
    /footage from Carl Sagan Tribute Series
    Music: Hawk Cliff by Enzo Carlino

    * A special thanks to Jason Silva for inspiring me to enter this genre.


    Full Text:
    What is a warrior? A warrior is a way of life, a way of thinking, a way of being. Carlos Castaneda says we choose only once, to be warriors or ordinary. We choose only once. Because choosing to be a warrior alters your fundamental approach to life. While others will view everything as a blessing or a curse, you see only challenges. And a warrior lives to overcome challenges.

    Every warrior has a code, an ethos. It is an invisible thread that connects him to all of his warrior brothers and sisters since the beginning of time. Steven Pressfield asks “How do we find our true calling, our soul companions, our destiny? He answers, “In this task, our mightiest ally is the warrior ethos.”

    A warrior never hopes, but he must have faith. Hope is powerless, useless... The longer we sit and hope the more time we waste, because the universe gives only what is sought, what is believed! But yet a warrior must have faith. Because at times not every path is clear, and not every enemy a fiery dragon. When the forest is dark the warrior holds his ground with faith that if he remembers the warrior code, the light to illuminate the darkness will come.

    For the warrior, the body is as important as the mind, because the two are inseparable. Danielle Bolleli writes “ A person who knows there is a wild wolf living under the skin has less reason to be intimidated by reality. Even when the power of the mind is in doubt, the body can provide tangible proof.”

    A warrior is not an ascetic. He does not deny himself the pleasures of conquest simply for the sake of denying them. He realizes that in denying oneself it is easy to think he is doing great things, when really he is just focused on himself. But neither is the warrior attached to these pleasures. He can walk away from them at any time, and sometimes he does, just to prove it to himself.

    The warrior is a natural leader, and he leads under one principle-- Follow me. When Alexander the great was threatened with mutiny after years of a brutal campaign in India, he stripped down naked, so all the men could see his scars. “Bring forth a man who has bled more than me, and we will go home.” No one came forth, because it was Alexander, riding his horse Bucephalus with a double plumed helmet who led every charge. Instead, his men erupted in cheers and pounded their shields.

    The Warrior is a Believer. As Paulo Coelho says, “Because he believes in miracles, miracles begin to happen. Because he is sure that his thoughts can change his life, his life begins to change. Because he is certain that he will find love, love appears.”

    A warrior is highly tuned to sense danger, but he does not fear. He does not fear because pain is temporary and death is an illusion. What is eternal cannot die, and the warrior knows that he will laugh, he will love, and he will fight for all eternity, in this world or some other.

    If he errs, if he wanders, if he indulges in self pity, if he complains... He does not despair. He knows that he is human, and he remembers the choice he made. He picks his sword back up from the ground, and resumes the path of the warrior.

    A warrior fights for one reason alone: love. Love of life, love of what is good, love of family, love of tribe, and love of our infinite soul on the quest for impeccability. He lets love swell in his heart, flushing through every cell in his being until he cannot help but proclaim, like Cyrano De Bergerac, “I am going to be a storm -- a flame -- I need to fight whole armies alone. I have ten hearts! I have a hundred arms! I feel too strong to war with mortals. Bring me GIANTS!”

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  3. Teaser Trailer 1 - vimeo.com/56830620
    Teaser Trailer 3 - vimeo.com/79927310


    This is the second Teaser Trailer for the feature length "Docufilm," Of Shark and Man. See Trailer 1 here - vimeo.com/56830620

    This is the story of one man with a dream, a dream to tell the world the untold stories of sharks and humans, to inspire the uninspired and to totally reinvigorate how we view sharks on film.

    Part one of a series of films entitled "From the Office to the Ocean," "Of Shark and Man" uncovers the inspiring untold story of Shark Reef in Fiji, one of the greatest conservation successes of recent times, where a dead reef was brought back to life by the return of its sharks.

    The film follows David as he investigates the story of the Reef's rebirth, its protection, Fiji's relationship with the shark as a God and explores the controversy raging around the subject of humans feeding sharks. We also see his own personal journey towards getting closer to these sharks than anyone has been before, but can he achieve his ultimate goal, an unprotected interaction with up to 100 giant Bulls?

    "Of Shark and Man" also includes never before seen footage of an incredible, new and natural predatory behaviour happening only on this reef brought about by the enormous aggregation of these immense predators.

    "Of Shark and Man" looks like no shark film you've seen before, sounds like no shark film you've ever seen before will change the way you view sharks and films about sharks forever.

    Directed and Produced by:
    David Diley

    Edited by:
    David Diley

    Hugh Fairs
    Mike Neumann
    David Diley
    Hamish Harper

    David Diley
    Hamish Harper

    Mark Burrows
    David Diley

    This film could not have been made without the support and inspiring awesomeness of the following:

    Jane West, Martin Harlow and Fiji Me / Tourism Fiji ( fiji.travel/ )
    Mike Neumann and all at Beqa Adventure Divers ( fijisharkdive.com/ )
    Alan Harborne and Dave Fidler at Canon UK ( canon.co.uk )
    Tim Leroy and the boffins at Novatech ( novatech.co.uk )
    Jim Standing and Fourth Element ( fourthelement.com )
    Alex Tattersall at UWVisions ( uwvisions.com/ )

    With special thanks to the following crowdfunders:

    Amanda Robinson,
    Jordan Lawlor,
    Howard Sawyer,
    Jeni Orme,
    Terry Goss,
    Shreekanth Acharya,
    Daniel Pain,
    Claudia Gonzalez,
    Mark Russell,
    Laura Evans,
    Jan Bailey
    And all those who wished to remain anonymous!

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  4. Our holidays in brazil.

    music: El Guincho - Bombay

    UPDATE: I made a new video in Malaysia, check this out vimeo.com/34142337


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  5. Visiting my girlfriend, who did a medical internship on the Seychelles....
    Music done by myself.
    © 2012 facebook.com/paul.wex.films
    Feel free to share.
    Check out my last trip here: vimeo.com/168774914

    GoPro underwater shots by Thomas Zwetti.


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