1. Tonja Waring is a Tuning fork in Teaching More Tips on the Law of Attraction

    http://tonjawaring.com/ Tonja Waring is a Tuning fork in Teaching More Tips on the Law of Attraction on The Business Spotlight TV show in the DFW area hosted by Patrick Dougher.

    Transcript: Tonja: I'm really wanting to touch those people who want that extraordinary life. Maybe they don't feel like they can have that anymore. A lot of times we look to our past. We look to what we've accomplished or haven't accomplished. We look to our parents, our siblings, our friends. What are they doing over there?
    Have you ever walked into a living room and you just sat down and started watching TV, and then about 15 minutes later you realize you've been watching something you have absolutely no interest in? That's how most of us create our lives.
    I'm committed to working with people who want to create the life that they've always imagined for themselves. It's a lot easier than you think. I use a process called Future Visioning that actually steps us out about two years into our future so that we can actually start to see what kind of life we want to create for ourselves.
    A lot of the time what we do is either look at tomorrow or we look too far out (like 10 years). I call it the Procrastination Subconscious Mind. If we're too far out, we go, "Oh, we can do that tomorrow." Or if we're too close, we go, "Oh, I can't do that. It's too soon."
    Just finding the right spot to really create the vision that you want to start manifesting from, there are all kinds of processes to use. "I've decided that I'm going to move to a warmer climate" -- that's a powerful affirmation.
    Have you ever noticed that a lot when you use affirmations, they just don't seem to resonate -- they don't feel good? Well, when we use something like, "I've decided to..." it takes all the pressure off. We're not having an internal struggle with our mind and we can actually start to align the energy so we can start moving in that direction.
    I think any entrepreneur/business owner who really wants to move their business to the next level, maybe a business woman like myself who has the challenge of raising a family, going to work, or working in their own business is a lot to manage. I have some tools of the trade for that that have made my life a lot easier. I can honestly say I don't think my kids have suffered one bit from me working for myself because I do it in such an efficient, loving way that they easily get included and I have developed the ability to accomplish a lot more in less time.
    For anybody who feels like they've been hitting their head against the wall working really, really hard, I like to just teach them some simple tricks that they can still implement in their business about 95% of the way. It's just the little tweaks that give them more time, money, freedom, and even more love in their life as their relationships start to flourish as well.
    Patrick: I hope you've gotten some of the tips that we're talking about here are ask and it will be given, be open to receive, write a big check, have fun with this and I believe you're going to see more coming into your life. We'll be right back.


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  2. Tonja Waring is a Tuning fork in Teaching others the Law of Attraction

    http://tonjawaring.com/ Tonja Waring is a Tuning fork in Teaching others the Law of Attraction on The Business Spotlight TV show in the DFW area hosted by Patrick Dougher.

    Transcript: Patrick: That's got to be one of the most viewed infomercials in the country.
    Tonja: It is. A lot of people don't recognize me, which I love, but they always recognize my voice. It's just been amazing.
    One of the things that I recognize that was really a key to my success was taking on my own personal law of attraction coach during that time. One of the things I did was enrolled in a very intense (if there is such a thing) law of attraction coaching certification program. I never really felt like I wanted to be a coach, but what I really wanted to do was immerse myself so I could understand the ups and downs in my own life, so I could start getting on a more even keel.
    That's one of the things that I accomplished -- being able to create prosperity in my own life in such a way that I was able to move to a warmer climate, which is what I wanted. I found a better school system for my kids. My kids are thriving.
    Even for myself, I just wanted to be in a more vibrant, alive community. That's one of the things that was my desire that Manifesting Prosperity had allowed for me to do.
    Patrick: No kidding. I know it's also been able to bring you multiple streams of income. You've been able to help a number of business owners and really speak a level of truth to a number of associations that, when they hear that message, they begin to get realigned.
    I've seen your impact on others and it's almost like a tuning fork. You walk into a room and you begin to touch somebody and speak to them in a way that basically clears the fog and then helps them change their state to one that's more in line with being able to receive.


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  3. Tonja Waring on Manifesting Prosperity Clubs How to Connect

    http://tonjawaring.com/ Tonja Waring on Manifesting Prosperity Clubs How to Connect on The Business Spotlight TV show in the DFW area hosted by Patrick Dougher.

    Transcript: Patrick: One of the things that I'm really thankful for is that you're not worried about everything coming through you. This isn't a Tonja Waring Show, so to speak. This is really about you helping others help others.
    Tonja: Right. It's really interesting you say that, because my biggest fear was that people would think it was about me. I have plenty to do with my kids. I really have the interest of creating a structure that goes on without me. This is about people teaching people, learning and having the tools available. We're always looking for great coaches -- people have had success in manifesting who want to share their stories, who want to lead Manifesting clubs.
    The best thing to do is visit http://www.ManifestingProsperityClubs.com and see how you want to plug yourself in.


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  4. Tonja Waring on Manifesting Prosperity that your Kids can Learn

    http://tonjawaring.com/ Tonja Waring on Manifesting Prosperity that your Kids can Learn on The Business Spotlight TV show in the DFW area hosted by Patrick Dougher.

    Transcript: That's something that's really important to me. I know I'm teaching my kids the laws of manifesting prosperity and teaching them how to really create what it is that they want to have in their lives.
    A lot of times, as kids, when we grew up, there's a lot of "you can't". We get conditioned to believe limited amounts of things about ourselves. I want them to know that they are unlimited. They can achieve anything that their heart really desires for them to have. That goes for everybody out there.
    Patrick: I know the biggest challenge I see is folks don't allow themselves. They just fight it whether it's they feel unworthy -- even if they don't use that word. They just don't allow themselves. What would you say to somebody who wants what you've got?
    Tonja: There is a structure to manifesting. There are different ways that people go about manifesting. Some are more spiritual. Some are more practical. There's something for everyone.
    In our clubs, the meeting structure is the same every week so that you are getting empowered and supported in manifesting. You've got a community there that's really cheering you on and looking at those successes with you in sharing in your enthusiasm.
    That sounding board is what's really important. I know that we can watch videos and go to YouTube. We can go to all these places and find this information. This isn't new information. But it's a place where you can come and be part of a like-minded community that's up to the same thing in life.
    There are a million ways to parent a child. There are a million ways to manifest. But from these, you can really pick that system or that CD or that book that really resonates with you so that it feels right and you feel good about doing it. It aligns with your values, your beliefs, and it's something that you can take in for yourself and really start to create the life that you want.


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  5. http://tonjawaring.com/ Tonja Waring on the Power of Emotions in the Creative Process on The Business Spotlight TV show in the DFW area. Hosted by Patrick Dougher.

    Transcript: Patrick: you really show people that their emotions are more important than they could ever imagine.
    Tonja: Absolutely. I grew up on a cattle ranch. That was an environment where work was very important. I started driving tractors when I was seven. I worked three jobs to put myself through college. My whole way of winning was to work 70-80 hours a week.
    With three kids that I wanted to be there for emotionally and spiritually, I knew that I had to find a different way. The way that I found -- and it seems so counterintuitive to the way I was raised -- was really to be as joyful as possible.
    In selling My Pillow, the first thing I did was started to look at my words and how I could influence people to sell pillows. Then I had an inspired thought. What if I just became uber joyful in the booth of all this sea of people who were selling products? What if I just became that joyful person who just attracted people? What I saw is my sales just skyrocketed.
    One of the most beneficial things we can do is really manifest our joy, whatever that takes. You talked about being a tuning fork when I walk into a room. That's what attracts people and opportunity to me. More than anything that I know, it's about who I'm being and being that light or joy or just really expecting life to hand me great things.


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