Michigan's first loss, and the BCS: two things that cause my blood pressure to rise every college football season. The latter is something that I have been advocating against since its inception...all I've ever wanted is a playoff system. A couple of years ago, I was out for a run when I thought to myself, "The BCS is a big joke. Monkeys could do a better job..." And in that moment, the BCS Chimps were created.

As a writer, the challenge was to come up with characters that an audience would want to watch week in and week out, as well as to create overarching story lines for the season. So we had Harold (the dignified leader of the board), Mason (the party animal of the group), Ned (the statistics guru), and Lucy (the lady with wisdom). A script was written for the first two episodes before we filmed, with a macro direction of where the season was headed. As we could only film for one day, we had to figure out what set piece belonged to what character, and how that various episode would unravel.

As a director, the prep was long and complicated. Only one Chimp could be in the room at any given time, and we had about forty minutes to work. Every action was thought out and rehearsed with the animal wranglers ahead of time, and I had to envision the entire season of actions in my head. Additionally, we had to make it feel as though they were all in the same room, so tight shots were key, as were looks given after finishing an action. Some times we would get what we wanted, and other times we wouldn't. Additionally, we would get some really great actions that the animals did naturally that I could have never even imagined.

Once the filming was done, my editor (Christian Kinnard), and myself would cut the week's episode based off the script. We would focus on story and comedy, as well as what we thought would happen each week in college football. Then on Sunday morning, we would head over to the editing bay and fine tune based on what actually happened in college football the day before.

After a few months, tons of help, and many hours our season was over. To this day, it stands as one of the most enjoyable things I have ever been a part of.

And now that we have playoffs in college football, I only have to worry about Michigan playing well.

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Amit Bhalla

Amit Bhalla

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