1. from the forthcoming album PLAYER PIANO
    out July 4 in Europe, Something In Construction
    July 5 in US, Carpark
    July 4 in Australia, Inertia


    direction and post: Eric Epstein najork.net

    director of photography: Aaron Epstein aaronepstein.com

    the guy: Ben Aufill

    production company: m ss ng p eces mssngpeces.com

    additional thanks to Robert Lopuski forgottensundays.com for suggestions and encouragement

    A few 'making-of' bits here... najork.net/mt_bts.html

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  2. ∆ ∆ ∆ DOWNLOAD THE SOUNDTRACK - orchidtheatre.bandcamp.com/
    evanviera.com - - facebook.com/evanvieraanimation

    Through the eyes of a young girl suffering from mental illness, CALDERA glimpses into a world of psychosis and explores a world of ambiguous reality and the nature of life and death.

    CALDERA is inspired by my father's struggle with schizoaffective disorder. In states of delusion, my father has danced on the rings of Saturn, spoken with angels, and fled from his demons. He has lived both a fantastical and haunting life, but one that's invisible to the most of us. In our differing understanding of reality, we blindly mandate his medication, assimilate him to our marginalizing culture, and entirely misinterpret him for all he is worth. CALDERA aims to not only venerate my father, but all brilliant minds forged in the haunted depths of psychosis.

    CALDERA was helmed by Evan Viera (Director/Composer/Co-Writer) and Chris Bishop (Co-writer/Animation Supervisor/Story Artist) and was produced at Hampshire College. CALDERA was the first film to go through the Bit Films Incubator Program, where founder and professor Chris Perry (co-producer/editor) invites orphaned independent films to be made on campus with the College's students and resources. MANY students and industry professionals generously donated their time to the making of this film. See below for the full credits list.

    In co-production with Bit Films and Flicker Dreams Productions

    Amir Zarrin
    Andrew Chan
    Andrew Kantos
    Andrew Nighswander
    Ann Mullin
    Ashley Souza
    Audrey Condon
    Barbara Bolles
    Ben Fiske
    Chris Bishop
    Chris Perry
    Christine Stuckart
    Cristin McKee
    Dan Finnegan
    Dan Peck
    Daniel Gilbert
    Dave Boutillier
    Ed Bishop
    Edgardo Padilla
    Evan Viera
    Ian Krebs-Smith
    Jake Blais
    Jake Mazonson
    Jarred de Beer
    Jerry Chan
    Jim Levasseur
    Josh Marvel
    Katie Taccone
    Katie Wynkoop
    Liz Ellis
    Louai Abu-Osba
    Marcus Wolf
    Michael Flaherty
    Nat Stein
    Owen Granich-Young
    Perry Chau
    Raf Anzovin
    Rhea Kewalramani
    Rob Sandell
    Ryan Moore
    Sam Plattner
    Samah Majadla
    Shane Kirby
    Stephen Sues
    Taryn Johnson
    Tati Soutar
    William Young

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  3. Directed by Andrew Thomas Huang

    WINNER at SLAMDANCE 2012 of the Special Jury Prize for Experimental Short

    Facebook facebook.com/AndrewThomasHuang
    Twitter - twitter.com/Andrew_T_Huang
    Tumblr - andrewthomashuang.tumblr.com/

    Original Soundtrack: itunes.apple.com/us/artist/the-nautilus-diary/id514184687

    Cast Featuring: Mary Elise Hayden, Marissa Merrill & Dustin Edward

    Executive Producers: David Lyons & Andrew Huang
    Producers: Laura Merians & Stephanie Marshall
    Cinematographer: Laura Merians
    Production Designer: Hugh Zeigler
    Costume Designer: Lindsey Mortensen
    Hair & Makeup Designer: Jennifer Cunningham
    Sound Design & Original Score: Andrew Huang

    A Moo Studios & Future You Production

    Copyright 2012 Andrew Huang All Rights Reserved.

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  4. Psyop partnered with The Butler Bros to develop a new set of Public Service Announcements (PSAs) for Legacy and Leave No Trace. The “Rethink Butts” campaign, which kicked off today, aims to raise awareness, spark discussions, and encourage the general public to think about tobacco trash in a new way.

    In the spot, the camera pans from left to right, zeroing in on what seems to be toxic waste gushing from a run down factory. Nearing the end of the building, the camera  elevates and reveals not an industrial plant but a discarded cigarette butt, swimming in the gutter along with many others. The camera looks down from a bird’s eye view as the collection of butts leak chemicals into the water supply.

    “Despite the fact that so many Americans are hyper-concerned about the environment and are eager to recycle household items and pick up litter, there remains a total disconnect when it comes to flicking cigarette butts onto our streets and into our waterways,” explains Dr. Cheryl Healton, DrPH, President and CEO of Legacy. The campaign urges viewers to “Rethink Butts” and take a new perspective on this environmental issue.

    “We set out to reposition cigarette butts from merely an unsightly form of litter to what they actually are — toxic waste,” said Butler Brothers Director of Creativity, Marty Butler.

    Psyop drew inspiration from a variety of ecological disasters, including the recent toxic sludge tsunami in Hungary, as well as abandoned oil rigs and factories.

    "From the initial pitch style frames, we increased the scale of the factory by five times,”  commented Psyop Creative Director, David Chontos. “This increased the level of detail across the entire design, which led to a tremendous amount of additional texture painting and modeling."

    Modeling and animation for the PSA was completed in Maya, while all the liquid effects were simulated using RealFlow.  The spot was rendered using Arnold in Maya, and compositing was carried out in Nuke and Flame.

    **Big thanks to - @advermentary, thebutlerbros.com/, @LegacyForHealth, legacyforhealth.org/, @leavenotrace, lnt.org

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  5. A collection of "back to the camera" shots. The character stands center frame (most of the time), looking out at some epic landscape.

    MUSIC: "God Moving Over the Face of the Waters" by Moby
    Buy from Amazon: amzn.to/Uhdreb


    00:00 - The Aviator
    00:05 - The Legend of 1900
    00:07 - Synecdoche, NY
    00:10 - The Shining
    00:12 - Beyond the Black Rainbow
    00:15 - Once Upon a Time in Anatolia
    00:17 - Baraka
    00:19 - Walk the Line
    00:21 - Runaways
    00:22 - The Fifth Element
    00:23 - Dark City
    00:24 - Hamlet
    00:25 - Network
    00:27 - Black Swan
    00:29 - Lenny
    00:30 - Denis Leary: No Cure for Cancer
    00:31 - Bronson
    00:32 - Fantasia
    00:34 - Southland Tales
    00:35 - The Iron Lady
    00:36 - Hugo
    00:38 - The Searchers
    00:41 - Prometheus
    00:43 - Event Horizon
    00:46 - The Fifth Element
    00:48 - Dr. Who S01E02
    00:50 - Sunshine
    00:53 - Tron Legacy
    00:55 - Stargate
    00:57 - Starman
    01:00 - Kundun
    01:02 - Enter the Void
    01:05 - Inglorious Basterds
    01:07 - Watchmen
    01:09 - Sin City
    01:12 - Gangster No. 1
    01:14 - LA Confidential
    01:16 - Christine
    01:19 - Hero
    01:21 - House of Flying Daggers
    01:24 - Akira Kurosawa's Dreams
    01:26 - Predators
    01:29 - Alexander
    01:31 - Kingdom of Heaven
    01:33 - There Will Be Blood
    01:35 - The Cell
    01:38 - Valhalla Rising
    01:41 - Snow White and the Huntsman
    01:43 - Immortals
    01:45 - Matrix Reloaded
    01:47 - John Carter
    01:50 - Troy
    01:52 - Thor
    01:55 - Matrix Revolutions
    01:59 - The Abyss
    02:04 - Event Horizon
    02:09 - Watchmen
    02:14 - Another Earth
    02:18 - Take Shelter
    02:23 - Final Fantasy: Spirits Within
    02:28 - Constantine
    02:33 - War of the Worlds
    02:42 - Man of Steel
    02:47 - Hero
    02:49 - 300
    02:52 - Take Shelter
    02:56 - Beasts of the Southern Wild
    02:59 - Joe Versus the Volcano
    03:01 - The Proposition
    03:04 - Interview with the Vampire
    03:06 - Snow White and the Huntsman
    03:08 - Heat
    03:11 - Inception
    03:13 - Star Trek Generations
    03:15 - Minority Report
    03:18 - Skyline
    03:20 - Close Encounters of the Third Kind
    03:22 - X-Men: First Class
    03:25 - Knowing
    03:27 - The Day The Earth Stood Still
    03:30 - Hamlet
    03:32 - Valhalla Rising
    03:34 - Jericho S01E01
    03:37 - The Divide
    03:39 - Dark City
    03:42 - The Day The Earth Stood Still
    03:44 - Mission to Mars
    03:46 - Life of Pi
    03:49 - The Fountain
    03:53 - Fight Club
    03:58 - Pan's Labyrinth
    04:03 - The Empire Strikes Back
    04:08 - Gone With the Wind
    04:17 - What Dreams May Come

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