1. A short time-lapse film shot around the Plenty Valley and Yarra Valley in Melbourne's outer east.

    Canon EOS 5D Mark II, 17-40mm f/4L, 24-105mm f/4L

    'Fleur De Lune' by LZN02 jamendo.com/en/artist/3483/lzn02

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  2. ESPN Outside the Lines presents Defiance - The Story of FC Start

    Produced by Danny Arruda, ESPN
    Filmed and Edited by Evolve Studio

    Check out the FC Start Trailer here: vimeo.com/48179703

    Production - Behind the Scenes Video: vimeo.com/49254565


    ***See more Evolve work on our Vimeo Channel: Evolve Portfolio ***

    Special thanks to all of our crew, cast and locations!

    Dave Fornell
    Malte Grohnert
    James Nemeth
    Theodore O’Sullivan

    Tom Connelly
    Alex Kazhinsky
    Michael Terenin

    Soccer Players:
    Robert Neville
    Casey Bowman
    Geoff Bowman
    Anthony Bytnar Jr.
    Patrick Bytnar
    Cory Cruz
    Brett Gorden
    Eric Graves
    Andrew Grzych
    Tim Huesca
    Cory Juran
    Ippo Litos
    Damian Marciniak
    Doug Petersen
    Kevin Samuelson
    Craig Sims
    Jared Tauber
    Marshall Williams

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  3. Still shocked and excited from last night, it's an honor for us to show you this absolutely MINDBLOWING TITLES made for OFFF by PostPanic.

    Thank you so much to PostPanic, and specially to Mischa Rozema, Ania Markham and Si Scott, simply epic!!!

    Written by Mischa Rozema and British graphic designer, Si Scott, the opening titles reflect their dark thoughts on a possible future. Directed by Mischa and shot on location in Prague, the film guides the viewer through a grim scenario embedded with the names of artists appearing at this year’s OFFF festival. The live action was brought back to Amsterdam for post, primarily carried out by PostPanic’s in-house team of artists but also with the additional help of freelancers and partner companies that we have enjoyed strong creative relationships with over the years. It’s really fair to say that this was a labour of love by a passionate crew of people.

    Says Ania Markham, Executive Producer at PostPanic:
    “The images created by the crew of people working on the titles has been unbelievable, with nationalities represented including Dutch, Czech, English, American, Polish, German, Swedish and Belgian. It’s been a great opportunity for all of us to work together on a non-commercial project we’re passionate about and we’re so proud of the combined effort and final result.”

    DIRECTORS NOTES (Mischa Rozema)

    This project started out as a collaboration between myself and Si Scott. Right from the start, we decided that it should be the darkest thing we could make. I think it just felt natural to the both of us; if we had to nail the future, it would not be a nice place.

    This idea evolved into a clash of times. Inspired by an idea from the late Arthur C. Clarke. He wrote about different historical civilizations meeting in a single point in time. So what happens when civilizations meet? The 'weaker' one gets eaten by the 'stronger'. You only have to look at history to see the destructive power of civilizations.

    So the main underlying idea is: what would happen if the future lands on our doorstep today? Let's take mankind, add perhaps 100 years and then let them show up on our doorstep today. The future would pretty much devour the present. Probably in a matter of, let's say, 7 days… So that's what we're looking at. But every ending also means a new beginning, hence Year Zero.

    There's all kinds of hidden messages in there. Like the virus eating away at reality, buildings and people, even at the viewers brain. It's behaving off course much like a computer virus. And the network of wires represents the future of social networking. I just made it physical and let it 'catch' the city and it's people like a net. All these ideas just serve as inspiration for us to create a future that worked for this concept. They're not meant to be deciphered by the audience. It's still meant to be just a title sequence and not an actual movie.

    Now what makes a good title sequence? Personally, I think it's something that gets you in the mood, warms you up for what you're about to experience, be it a film, tv series or in our case, the OFFF festival. We decided to treat the OFFF festival as a feature film experience. So all we had to do was get the viewer into the right state of mind. Without, of course, being too narrative led. The best title sequences out there are nothing but a random collection of images/scenes that don't tell a lot if you watch them on their own. But edit them together and a new context is created. A context that matters, a feeling that gets the viewer ready for the main event, in our case, the festival.

    To get started, the next thing we did was make a collection of ideas that would scare me and Si. So, anything drawn from our youth, right through to stuff that's inspired us over the years as well as seemingly random compositions that trigger the imagination of the viewer. For example, when we show you the aesthetics of a car explosion, it's carefully constructed. Why a car and not something else? Because an exploding car brings extra content to an otherwise simple aesthetic display of violence. A car doesn't explode by itself so instantly the brain tries to formulate the background behind it. It adds an either political or criminal edge to the violence. To me it felt appropriate because of the sense of protest and rebellion the shot has. And maybe the biggest question; was there someone in the car and if so, who was it? For me, every idea should provoke these kind of questions; from a girl in a prom dress holding a rocket launcher to a riot cop standing in the kitchen. All scenes have a pre and post story to them. In no time you're actually trying to connect these seemingly random scenes and boom; you've just created your own strange context. You now have a feeling, a taste and lots of questions probably. Questions that normally would be answered by watching the actual movie. But since there's no actual movie here we'll leave stranded with, hopefully, an uncomfortable feeling and lots of questions - some might feel unsatisfied and wondering why. Just like a nightmare.

    We also wanted the actual titles to be different this time. Most of the time festival titles are driven by the idea on how to show titles. A mechanism that displays titles in a creative way. We actually thought to bring the festival theme to the foreground and have the titles play a part in it. Incorporate them so they become the actual fiber/texture of the piece itself. Practically I still think it's nice that the viewer has to actively look for the names and not get too comfortable. Even if it means to see it a couple of times which surely is the best we can aim for as a free project ; )

    How about the shoot? Well, prior to Prague we created more than 50 ideas I could play with. This was always the intention. Go out shooting with a tiny crew, acting like we're still in art school and be open for anything that might happen. That's why we shot everything on 2 Canon 5D's (that and having no budget off course). This was a really nice change for me. Normally I prepare commercial shoots to the very last detail and there's a lot more people involved. Savage helped us out big time in Prague. We also had some bad news. Due to his back problems Si Scott had to abandon the project and couldn't join the shoot.

    When we came back from Prague I started editing straight away and soon came to the conclusion we had about 60 vfx shots to work on and no budget and increasingly less time. Remember that this project was a side dish for PostPanic, we had to work on commissioned jobs also. But everybody involved soon fell in love with the project, including STORM Postproduction who are our neighbors (luckily for us).

    In the mean time we received the title list. It had about 70 names on it! That's when I found out that the dynamics I wanted to use would probably not work. Just too many names that would make the piece too long to just show random images. So in the plane towards Prague I thought of bringing in a tiny bit of narrative. Which turned out to be the beginning of the sequence (1st act). I wrote in a lead character that would relate to the viewer.

    The idea was to trick the audience into thinking they're watching some kind of documentary. We basically follow a guy going home. Bit by bit his environment gets stranger and more uncomfortable to watch. Is he living in a war zone? Slowly the background takes over and the piece changes into an urban nightmare. And like a nightmare, the story/edit doesn't always make sense but makes you feel really uncomfortable. I also wanted the viewer to experience the nightmare. That's where the dark matter comes in. Dark matter is what I call the macro shot bits. Flashes that derail your train of thought like there's something eating away at your brain as you try to make sense of the nightmare. I wanted the viewer to go nuts, alongside with the cast. Erase the line between nightmare and reality. The end result is something you won't come across easily on your tv. And is also just another fun way to do titles.

    The sound design and music made by Hecq added a lot to the feel and scale of the film. It clearly divides the 3 acts (1st act: up to execution, 2nd from execution, 3rd final shot) and makes completely different ideas and scenes feel coherent. It also emphasizes the dynamics of the film and brings the much needed pace at the end. It's been great working with Ben. We've been surfing the same wave length throughout the project.

    Finally I want to thank everyone involved for making these titles possible. For creating something out of nothing. For showing so much love for something as dark as this.


    Directed by Mischa Rozema
    Story by Mischa Rozema & Si Scott
    Production Company: PostPanic
    Executive Producers: Jules Tervoort, Ania Markham
    DoP: Jiri Malek, Mischa Rozema
    Music & Sound Design: Hecq
    Senior Producer: Annejes van Liempd
    Production Assistant: Jacinta Ramaker
    Production Designer: Roland Mylanus
    Editor: Mischa Rozema

    Prague Cast:
    Main Hero: Vladan Bláha
    Grafitti Guy: Tom Malar
    Main Hero Sister: Katerina Galova

    Post-Production: PostPanic
    CG Supervisor: Ivor Goldberg
    VFX Supervisor: Chris Staves
    3D Artists: Jeroen Aerts, Matthijs Joor, Jurriën Boogert, Marnix Reckman, Adam Janeczek
    2D Artist: Erwin van den IJssel
    3D Interns: Cara To, Xander Clerckx
    2D Interns: Mathijs Luijten, Per Westholm
    Compositing: Chris Staves, Ivor Goldberg, Adam Janeczek, Matthijs Joor
    Graphic Designs: Si Scott
    Additional Graffiti Elements: Florian Stumpe
    Matte Painting: Wieger Poutsma
    Additional 3D and Compositing: Storm PostProduction

    Production (Prague) by Savage:
    Executive Producer: Klara Kralickova, Pavla Burgetova Callegari
    Producer: Michaela Berkova
    Production Assistant: Vojta Ruzicka
    Prop master: Jan Fiala
    Location Scout & Management: Petr Bastar, Adam Fuchs
    Location: CREVISTON, a.s.
    Tattoos made by: Wowa tattoo prague

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  4. A collection of "back to the camera" shots. The character stands center frame (most of the time), looking out at some epic landscape.

    MUSIC: "God Moving Over the Face of the Waters" by Moby
    Buy from Amazon: amzn.to/Uhdreb


    00:00 - The Aviator
    00:05 - The Legend of 1900
    00:07 - Synecdoche, NY
    00:10 - The Shining
    00:12 - Beyond the Black Rainbow
    00:15 - Once Upon a Time in Anatolia
    00:17 - Baraka
    00:19 - Walk the Line
    00:21 - Runaways
    00:22 - The Fifth Element
    00:23 - Dark City
    00:24 - Hamlet
    00:25 - Network
    00:27 - Black Swan
    00:29 - Lenny
    00:30 - Denis Leary: No Cure for Cancer
    00:31 - Bronson
    00:32 - Fantasia
    00:34 - Southland Tales
    00:35 - The Iron Lady
    00:36 - Hugo
    00:38 - The Searchers
    00:41 - Prometheus
    00:43 - Event Horizon
    00:46 - The Fifth Element
    00:48 - Dr. Who S01E02
    00:50 - Sunshine
    00:53 - Tron Legacy
    00:55 - Stargate
    00:57 - Starman
    01:00 - Kundun
    01:02 - Enter the Void
    01:05 - Inglorious Basterds
    01:07 - Watchmen
    01:09 - Sin City
    01:12 - Gangster No. 1
    01:14 - LA Confidential
    01:16 - Christine
    01:19 - Hero
    01:21 - House of Flying Daggers
    01:24 - Akira Kurosawa's Dreams
    01:26 - Predators
    01:29 - Alexander
    01:31 - Kingdom of Heaven
    01:33 - There Will Be Blood
    01:35 - The Cell
    01:38 - Valhalla Rising
    01:41 - Snow White and the Huntsman
    01:43 - Immortals
    01:45 - Matrix Reloaded
    01:47 - John Carter
    01:50 - Troy
    01:52 - Thor
    01:55 - Matrix Revolutions
    01:59 - The Abyss
    02:04 - Event Horizon
    02:09 - Watchmen
    02:14 - Another Earth
    02:18 - Take Shelter
    02:23 - Final Fantasy: Spirits Within
    02:28 - Constantine
    02:33 - War of the Worlds
    02:42 - Man of Steel
    02:47 - Hero
    02:49 - 300
    02:52 - Take Shelter
    02:56 - Beasts of the Southern Wild
    02:59 - Joe Versus the Volcano
    03:01 - The Proposition
    03:04 - Interview with the Vampire
    03:06 - Snow White and the Huntsman
    03:08 - Heat
    03:11 - Inception
    03:13 - Star Trek Generations
    03:15 - Minority Report
    03:18 - Skyline
    03:20 - Close Encounters of the Third Kind
    03:22 - X-Men: First Class
    03:25 - Knowing
    03:27 - The Day The Earth Stood Still
    03:30 - Hamlet
    03:32 - Valhalla Rising
    03:34 - Jericho S01E01
    03:37 - The Divide
    03:39 - Dark City
    03:42 - The Day The Earth Stood Still
    03:44 - Mission to Mars
    03:46 - Life of Pi
    03:49 - The Fountain
    03:53 - Fight Club
    03:58 - Pan's Labyrinth
    04:03 - The Empire Strikes Back
    04:08 - Gone With the Wind
    04:17 - What Dreams May Come

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  5. ***HD fullscreen, earphones and a few minutes of silence recommended***
    Film by Patrick Mccue & Tobias Wiesner

    The movie is based on the short story “GOLEM XIV” of “Imaginary Magnitude” by Stanislaw Lem from 1973.
    The book is written from the perspective of a military A.I. computer who obtains consciousness, moving towards personal technological singularity with growing intelligence.
    It starts to refuse military support because it detects a basic lacking of internal logical consistency of war.
    GOLEM gives several lectures with focus on mankind's position in the process of evolution and the possible biological and intellectual future of humanity before it ceases communication.

    The movie tells about the first point of its "about man threefold" lecture as a reduced and simplified version while visually weaving this with GOLEM simulating human culture processes based on ideas and dynamics of freedom and curiosity, fear and security, abstraction and fiction, the lack of accessibility in face of unknowing and the need for generating meaning.

    The whole creative intention about this project is to face your own process in this world with reflection and self responsibility, to stay curious and create, look for new ideas and stay keen.

    Voice - Cyrena Dunbar
    Music - Cliff Martinez (original composition for GOLEM)
    Sound Design - Gavin Little/ echolab.tv
    Title Design - Melanie Lukhaup/ luftmasche
    Content Support - Dr. Michael Cursio

    basic production information:
    - started as a thesis in Film& Animation of the Design course at the GSO Academy Nuremberg, Germany in 2009, degree 2010
    - more than 1 year of research and concept development (quite fulltime)
    - producing pictures and sound over about 2.5 years (spare time only)
    - used Software: Lightwave (FPrime, Kray), Nuke, Aftereffects, Trapcode Particular2 (excessively)
    - privately funded
    - mostly rendered at http://garagefarm.net/

    Selection of Awards, Screenings, Publications:
    - Rising Star Award 2013, Cananda International Film festival
    - Audience Award, Creative Arts Film Festival
    - Bronze Award, Bassawards, International Awards of Broadcast Design
    - 3 Nominees for Van d’Or Independent Film Awards 2012, London
    - Official Selection, Phoenix Film Festival 2013
    - Official Selection, Pausefest 2012
    - Publication on Stash 98
    - Publication on IdN motion Channel v20n3

    credits webpages:

    more information and making of material coming soon...

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Shmuel Borger

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