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One thing that I'm asked quite often is: what is all of this solfege stuff? What is the online school talking about with solfege and so and la and all these things?

Well, solfege is just a system for learning music notes. For learning where the notes are in relation to each other. If you've ever seen the movie The Sound of Music, you've probably heard that song Do Re Mi. Those are each of the solfege pitches: do re mi fa so la ti.

So today we're going to take a look at two of those pitches: so and mi. If this is the so note, then mi is going to be down just a little bit. So and then mi.

You could think of it as having a big brother. I was the little sister of the family and I had a big brother who was about a year older than I was. It didn't matter where we went or what we did. He was always my big brother, I was always his little sister and we were always about a year apart.

It's the same thing with so and mi. It doesn't matter what song you're singing, so and mi are going to be the same distance apart.

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The Musical Kat

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