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  1. FULL BLOG POST ABOUT WHOLE SHOOT. Conception, shooting, lighting and post here:

    It also includes a link to download the 4K version (heavily compressed) and an original f55 raw clip.
    A rare glimpse into the the life on an Amish Man, Dennis Hochstetler.

    For three years I have wanted to do a mini documentary on this Amish carpenter that my good friend Eric Kessler is friends with. The Amish are very private, despite a few rare exceptions, they do not appear on camera and they don’t do interviews! Eric tried to convince him but it was never going to happen.

    Whilst over in Indiana in September I wanted to give it one more shot, I wanted to meet him, show him some of work and convince him that all I wanted to do was a short film where I could lean more about their lifestyle and hopefully as people.

    Relucatantly he agreed on the provision that none of their faces could be seen and he could approve it before I put it up online. The former...not ideal. To connect ro someone you really need to see their faces, their eyes, but I had to respect this. The latter is something I never do for personal docs. For client work of course, every time. I agreed though. I wanted to make this film as everything about the lifestyle facsinates me...that he had said yes surprised everyone I told where I was staying in Indiana. "The Amish don't go on camera!"

    Naturally in ten minutes there is only so much that can be covered. I wanted to learn a litle bit about their history, why they live their lives like this, why they shy away from technology and so much more! Most importantly though I wanted to know the man.

    I hope now that I have gained Dennis' trust I can go back for more than an afternoon and really get to know him, his family and their community. I really hope so.

    This stuff inside was filmed in the afternoon, includes the interview which gave me a shot list for the next day, basically all my b-roll. I cover this whole idea in the blog post. It's almost written!

    TECH STUFF: Shot on the Sony F55 (all the indoors stuff) and the Canon 1DC for the outside B-Roll. There wa a reason for this and it will be covered in the upcoming blog post.

    I used the 2 foot Kessler Cineslider for the slider shots and the new Parallax add on the Cineslider and Pocket Dollies for those slider shots where the object remains central. Check it out at
    Audio was a Sony UWP wireless mic with Sanken Cos-11 mic. Rode NTG-3 on the Sony F55 and Rode Video Mic Pro on the 1DC.

    Lighting was available light and two lights from Gecko, both LEDs. Detailed in the blog post.

    Lenses: Sigma 18-35mm F1.8, Canon 70-200 F4 IS, 2X extender. Zeiss ZF Macro 100mm, Zeiss ZF 135mm F2. Rokina 24mm F1.4. Tamron 24-70 F2.8

    Edited in Premiere CC in HD and re-linked to 4K. No reframing was done. Why 4K? Because I hadn't shot anything in Sony 4k raw at this point.

    Colour graded with Colorista II. 10% off the colour suite and shooter suite with code bloom10 at
    also FilmConvert within Premiere CC. 10% off Filmconvert via this link or with code bloom

    Music Courtesy of The Music Bed.
    Joshua Radin: One leap & Think I'll Go Inside
    Aidan Hawken: If something's wrong
    Brooke Annibale: By your side

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  2. Read in depth about this film, the glass, how it came about, the post and how I used 4K to creative effect:

    Is this simply a piece to take in and marvel at the beauty of the moon and the eerines of the submerged city...or is there a simple story about how the two are linked. Sitting there above us, controlling the water, keeping it at bay... Up to you! It doesn't matter! Either way just enjoy watching it as I enjoyed making it! :)

    Filmed on the Canon 1DC and Sony F55 with up to 1600mm of glass at Lake Michigan in New Buffalo USA.

    Music: The Echelon Effect "Call to ground"
    Courtesy of The Music Bed

    Graded with FilmConvert 10% with code bloom at

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  3. For details on how I dealt with the footage and coloured it in post plus much more read my blog post here:

    Graded with Film Convert 10% off with code "bloom" or click here:
    also Red Giant's Colorista II. 10% off the Colour suite with code "bloom10" here:

    Music courtesy of The Music Bed
    Brooke Annibale: Under Streetlights

    Shot in Tallinn Estonia on a lovely afternoon and on my flight back to Helsinki.

    All handheld, no rig.

    Thanks to Anna Stocco, Mart Haamer, James Miller and Megan Clay-Jones

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  4. Filmed in San Gimignano in Tuscany.

    Blog post here"

    Graded with FilmConvert. 10% off with code bloom or via this link:

    I was just filming some stock after a job in Italy when I visited this beautiful Tuscan town. I saw these old men all sat down in the main square together, people watching. It was wonderful and fascinating to watch them watch the world go by.

    I wanted to capture this. So I shot them and what they were watching with my lovely 1DC that I use for 4K stock. I deliberately wanted to capture the slow pace of life. This is NOT a fast cut, fast paced edit...just be warned. It's a deliberate pace to tell the story and to fit the music. If you want to see a slice of life that is relaxed and different then don't expect to see it in 60 seconds! :)

    When I got back to the hotel I thought how it could have been cool shooting them in slow motion and the rest normal speed. Because I had already shot them this wasn't possible without totally reshooting it all. That's when I decided it could also work the other way, shooting what they watch in slow motion. For them life is normal speed but when they sit there it's about slowing things down even more. No stress, no worries...just the world around them. So for me it actually made more sense this way.

    I had brought my FS700 with me as well as the R5 raw module. I did need to try it out. The R5 and cards are all from my F55 which at the time didn't have the 240fps firmware, it does now. That camera is neat and so well designed. Fitting perfectly together. The Sony 4K/ 2K FS700 raw solution is clunky. Massive, heavy and hugely expensive. The camera on its own isn't excellent elegant anyway! Hopefully I will try the Convergent Design Odyssey Q7 soon but there is no 4K raw, but there is ProRes 4k and 2k raw 240Fps.

    Shot using the Canon 1DC for almost all of the real time shots and the Sony FS700 with V3 firmware shooting in 2K 240FPS raw.

    The music was an accidental delight. I love Rossini's "Thieving Magpie", ever since I heard it in "A Clockwork Orange". I didn't know what music I was going to use in this until I heard these two fabulous accordion players whilst I myself people watching in San Gimignano. They were playing Vivaldi which was lovely but when I heard Rossini I knew this was what I needed. Gentle but with pace to drive the shot that builds to a crescendo. Also the slow motion imagery with this music resonated with me because of my love for "A Clockwork Orange". There is a shot halfway through this which was actually shot by Anna, not me, but when I saw it I shouted the name of that film! You can see the scene I am talking about warned it features some ultraviolence (Am I allowed to post YouTube clips here?) :)

    I did record the accordion players playing this piece after I gave them 20 Euros. Unfortunately after filming them they said "No Internet! No youtube!" Oh can hear a little bit of their version over the end credits.

    My review of this updated FS700 will be on my blog post shortly!

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    10% off FILMCONVERT with code "bloom" at
    10% off Magic Bullet Products with code "bloom10" at

    No prizes for guessing what the title means... :)

    This was almost all shot 30p and conformed to 25p to get a little bit of slow motion and to make the handheld more acceptable.

    This is a simple little piece of shots I did using the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera whilst arriving in Venice and going down the canals o the location of the workshop.

    I wanted a more classically shot example of footage from the camera even though a lot of this is handheld using the Zacuto Marauder Rig ( marauder) which gave more steadiness and reduced the rolling shutter issues. The tripod had way too much fine vibration going through it from the boat's motor but there are still a few shots from the tripod. I REALLY needed a Gondola!

    Minimal warp Stabilise was used in Premiere CC to steady it more. It's a tricky plugin when there is a lot of work to do and the frame changes so much, after all the boat is moving the whole's close to being spot on though!

    This was shot for the upcoming part 3 of the Blackmagic Pocket Camera review which is coming in a couple of weeks or so after I have spent more quality time with the camera!

    Glass used was Lumix 7-14mm F4 and 12-35 F2.8. Both had a variable ND on. The 7-14 had filters steps ups pushed over the leaf and the 82mm thread ed heliopan was screwed over it as you can see in the picture.

    Music: Verdi Nabucco Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves

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Bloom Films graded with Film Convert

Philip Bloom PRO

A fantastic piece of software from Rubber Monkey. Since buying it I have used it on so many pieces and I am going back to older ones to give them that nicer, softer more organic look.

It works as a standalone or as a plug in. Most of the time I colour…

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A fantastic piece of software from Rubber Monkey. Since buying it I have used it on so many pieces and I am going back to older ones to give them that nicer, softer more organic look.

It works as a standalone or as a plug in. Most of the time I colour correct in the NLE to even things out then use the standalone as it's much quicker but sometime you want to use the plugin for fine tuning each shot. . So many different types of film stock are available, not only can you change the whole colour feel but the grain itself from 8mm to 3 perf 35mm and full frame. With the harshness that 4K can often give us when we don't want it, it's great to have this cracking tool.

You can get 10% with code bloom at checkout 2013 or by clicking here:

I bloody love this piece of software in case you haven't noticed and I am damn happy they wanted me to be an affiliate after seeing how much I loved it!

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