1. The Columbia Laboratory for Unconventional Electronics (CLUE) combines new materials and fabrication techniques to create novel sensors, actuators, and displays that can be large, flexible, non-planar, and grown directly on unusual substrates. We have developed a collection of devices, such as transistors, light-emitting diodes, photodetectors, photovoltaics, batteries, and piezoelectric and ferroelectric elements, which can be easily integrated into complex systems. For example, these devices have been used to build Energy Harvesting Active Networked Tags (EnHANTs), which are small, flexible, and energetically self-reliant devices that can be attached to objects that are not traditionally networked. These tags will provide the infrastructure for novel tracking applications. This talk will provide a brief overview of CLUE and the EnHANTs project and discuss their application to adaptive architecture.


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  3. If you’ve ever encountered skillful puppetry, you’ll find yourself willingly suspending your disbelief, projecting life into things that in all rational terms are devoid of life. Jean Piaget established that children of 2 till 7 in age demonstrate the highest degrees of animist perception but even as adults we still find ourselves projecting life into the most unlikely of things – particularly when they demonstrate movement or degrees of purposeful and intelligent behaviour. In a world increasingly inhabited by artificially intelligent systems, contextually aware gadgets, sensory spaces and robotic agents, will our sense of our built environment as inert and lifeless change to one rich in synthetic personalities, and strange forms of artificial life? How as designers we can design and build objects and spaces that move and transform and in turn create novel experiences and meaningful interactions will be the central theme around which I will base this Lecture, presenting my work, the work of artists and engineers who have inspired me and the prototypical investigations of students of mine at the Bartlett School of Architecture & Central Saint Martins College of Design.


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  5. Programming a large-scale interactive installation may prove to be quite a complex operation and exceed the allocated resources for this task. The difficulty arises from the interaction of the large number of devices, interaction which makes difficult to predict the final behavior of the system – often leading to what is known as emergent behavior.
    Hive Systems develops software tools that try to alleviate the inherent difficulties of programming a large-scale network. Our software, HiveKit, offers assistance to the designer by allowing the proper specification of the needed behavior and more than that, the automatic generation of the software needed for embedded platforms used in the prototype. In this presentation we will focus on the main features of our software showcased with the help of a few demonstrators.


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Alive 2013 International Symposium on Adaptive Architecture



The relationship between architecture and nature, built form and living systems, anthropogenic construction and organic evolution is one of the most crucial aspects one has to consider when spatially designing.

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The relationship between architecture and nature, built form and living systems, anthropogenic construction and organic evolution is one of the most crucial aspects one has to consider when spatially designing. This not only applies to strategies on environmental responsibility but equally on anticipatory human behaviour, transient occupation and cultural or demographic variety.

While generations of architects have argued whether architecture should rather be distinctive from nature in its manifestation and function or if a harmonic unification, integration and correlation of the two is to be preferred, we’re today facing challenges that seem far too complex, unpredictable and variegated as to be solved through such a simplistic approach.

At the same time we’re experiencing technological advancements at a pace formerly unknown, the conglomeration of scientific disciplines and consequently the emergence of new areas of research, but also the empowering, anarchic and self-dynamic aspects of open source, community driven development or the exponential spread of information through social networks and the alike.

In order to keep up with these changes proposes to embrace the unknown and cultivate the architectural discipline towards an integrated, co-operative and cross-disciplinary practice that responds to natural evolution through more than formally adapting it.

This symposium highlights a number of approaches of leading international practitioners and researchers who investigate novel interrelations between architecture, nature and humanity for a future, alive architecture.

Drawing on three key paradigms the event is consequently organised into three session:

Session One: Printed Physics / Programmed Matter
The ability to design material properties at a nano scale and construct them so they are dynamic, active and responsive to environmental conditions questions our current attitude towards materiality and demands a fundamental rethinking.

Session Two: Bio-inspiration / Sustainability
Learning from nature means much more than aestheticising its formal expression. Sensitive observation of biological systems and investigations that go beyond functional thinking can lead to unconventional solutions and possibilities.

Session Three: Interaction / Behaviour / Intelligence
With smart devices that seamlessly integrate into buildings and whose capabilities and performance is steadily increasing, concepts that exceed pure control and automation mechanisms but rather evolve and adapt dynamically are essential.

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