1. NY STORY - Dani Pannullo Dancetheatre Co.

    The atmoshere of a 1940s Cuban Club in New York City is the point of departure and context for the setting of the show NY Story. The club guests are dancing, breathing and interacting to the rhythm of Latin Jazz. NY story is created and produced by Oscar Gomez, with Dani Pannullo as the artistic and choreographic director, and Pepe Rivero in charge of the music.

    The performance is structured into 15 scenes each divided by the musical score and narratively strung together as a ‘Romeo and Juliet’-type love story in which the audience will easily identify with each character. NY Story is presented as a choreographed concert taking you on a journey through the realms of Latin Jazz.

    “It occurred to me to place the story for this project in a Cuban club from the 1940s, so that I could tell some of the things that have always happened in such a dancehall. These gangs of different origin and the interaction between them are portrayed through the music and dancing. Telling a good story people can relate too, when led by Pepe Rivero’s music, not to mention Moises Nieto’s wardrobe, really is a grateful task. Personally I wouldn’t have had the chance to take my discourse to this field, and both the result and the learning process have surprised me a lot. Besides, I have enjoyed being taken back to my cabaret beginning,” says Dani Pannullo, artistic and choreographic director of the show.

    In this sense, NY story could very well be a showcase for this Argentine born longtime Spanish citizen, known for mixing a variety of disciplines in his search of what he calls a ‘total performance’.

    Ten dancers from different stylistic backgrounds selected from an audition at the Canal Dance Centre are a tribute to the varieties of dance expression that can be performed on stage. Contemporary dance, Latin dances, circus stunts, and even those very urban dances so characteristic of Dani Pannullo’s choreography since his beginning, are represented in NY Story.

    “The vast majority of the first break dancers were latinos and it was not unusual for them to be performing to the rhythm of Latin Jazz in their daily battles,” the choreographer explains.

    Together with the ten dancers, there will also be ten musicians and three singers on stage. They will be conducted by composer and pianist Pepe Rivero, the musical director and also one of the performers in the show.
    With so many people sharing the stage, the scene is definitely set for a great Latin Jazz experience travelling back and forth between dance and music in this NY story.

    “When a dance show is so fortunate as to be accompanied by live music, the orchestra, or band in this case, is normally situated in the pit. We are going to share the stage with the dancers and that will be very exciting for the musicians as well as for the audience. A true artistic communion,” Pepe Rivero points out.
    As writer of the score, Pepe Rivero has chiefly included his own compositions in this play, but has also embraced versions of classics from Latin American music.

    NY Story is on the list of the programme for the ‘Clazz’ (Continental Latin Jazz) Festival which this year is being held for the third time. The director of this performance, Oscar Gomez, has fulfilled his artistic ambition by envisaging a show in which music and dance become one.

    “Latin Jazz has always been my secret passion,” Gomez explains. “And as I wanted to do something out of the conventional this year, I thought about including this show combining this style of live music and dance. Considering how harmoniously people have been working together and what they have accomplished, I can honestly say that I am very excited because it is a privilege to see a dream come true. We have succeeded in bringing music and dance together in a performance that is really a discipline of its own.”

    Text by Mercedes L. Caballero

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  2. FIREBIRD - Dani Pannullo Dancetheatre Co.

    Prince Ivan goes out hunting one evening, when, unknowingly, he ventures into the enchanted garden of the evil Kastchel, an immortal wizard. There he is surprised by the appearance of a bird with shining feathers fluttering between the trees. He follows the bird until he captures it, but, moved by its pleas for mercy, immediately gives it back its freedom. In return the bird leaves him one of its beautiful feathers.

    Wandering further around in the forest, the prince discovers another garden, where a group of young princesses playfully pick golden apples off the trees. When Ivan approaches them, he is captivated by the most beautiful of them, who, in turn, falls in love with him.

    At dawn, Kastchel orders his monsters to take the young prince prisoner, because he wants to turn the prince into stone. The wizard is also about to succeed in his misdeed, when Ivan, by waving his special feather, calls the firebird for help. The bird comes to his rescue and immediately bewitches the monsters, forcing them to dance an infernal dance until one by one they drop of exhaustion. With a soft lullaby, the bird also casts a spell on Kastchel himself, capturing his soul inside an egg. The bird reveals this to Ivan, and when Kastchel wakes up, Ivan has already taken possession of the egg. He smashes it against the ground, thus making Kastchel and all his followers disappear. When petrified horses then wake up, the wedding between the prince and the princess is to be celebrated.

    While still treating Fokin’s choreography with the respect it deserves, Dani Pannullo joins this magical universe as a new kind of wizard, transforming this legendary tale in the most surprising way. In Pannullo’s tale, the setting for this beautiful legend is no longer the Russian woods, but the tunnels of the Madrid underground. Moreover, through the talented work of the young photographer Jaime Alekos, this setting conveys the same feeling of epic darkness.

    The main roles are chiefly performed by hip-hop dansers, who in their interaction with other modern dancers give the show that special contemporary language Pannullo calls contemporary urban dance.

    The costumes created by the Basque designer Carlos Diez are also contemporary and urban. In this new dance proposal his special design accompanies throughout the story from the fighting scenes in the tunnels to the sheer jubilation at reaching the station of light.


    Chief Choreographer and General Director: Dani Pannullo
    Assistant Choreographer: Itsaso A.Cano
    Itsaso A. Cano
    Manuel Martín
    Mar Rodríguez
    Amaya Pardo
    Graciel E. Lisboa
    Alejandro Moya
    Alberto I. Giraldo
    Miguel Ballabriga
    Julián Gómez
    Olaya Cereijo
    Beatriz Francos
    Elena Mª Sánchez
    Ana Morales
    Teresa Santos
    Isabela Gonçalves

    Music: Ígor Fiódorovich Stravinski
    Photographer: Jaime Alekos
    Visual Design: Bruno Galán
    Costumes: Moisés Nieto, Fran de Gonari y Adidas
    Light Design: Victor Cadenas
    Manager: Claudia Morgana

    Acknowledgments: Royal Professional Dance Conservatory "Mariemma".

    +INFO: danipannullo.com/english/pajarodefuego.htm

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  3. Presentación de la pieza "Uirapurú" en la Sala Roja de los Teatros del Canal (Madrid) el 16/03/2013.
    Dani Pannullo DanceTheatre Co. + JORCAM

    Sobre la maravillosa música de Heitor Villalobos la danza va recreando la leyenda amazónica -que nos remite al Génesis- de un nuevo Adán: Uirapurú, “el pájaro que no es pájaro”.

    La pieza empieza con la escena del joven pájaro que construye su nido y canta. Todos los seres que habitan el Amazonas enmudecen al escuchar ese canto único, bellísimo, que sólo tiene lugar una vez al año.

    Le sucede la aparición del mismo hermoso joven de la tribu que es deseado por todas las mujeres en tanto que él pretende el amor de la mujer del cacique que nunca le corresponderá. Mientras la tribu celebra la vida con danzas rituales, el joven sufre.

    Movido a compasión, el dios Tupa –representado como un deus ex machina- hace que trascienda su amor convirtiéndolo en el pájaro del más bello canto del Amazonas: el Uirapurú.

    Desde entonces, una vez al año, la selva escuchará en silencio el hermoso canto del Uirapurú .


    Coreografía y dirección general: Dani Pannullo
    Asistente de coreografía: Itsaso A.Cano

    Uirapurú: Manuel Martín
    Cacique: Graciel E. Lisboa
    Enamorada: Itsaso A. Cano
    Dios Tupa: Julián Gómez Pabón
    Mujeres de la tribu:
    Mar Rodríguez Valverde
    Amaya Pardo Pérez
    Hombres de la tribu:
    Alejandro Moya González
    Alberto Iván Giraldo López
    Miguel Ballabriga Alfonso

    Música: Heitor Villa-Lobos
    Obra gráfica "Amazónia" de Susana Pannullo
    Visuales: Bruno Galán Ruiz
    Vestuario: Carlos Diez
    Iluminador: Victor Cadenas de Gea
    Manager: Claudia Morgana

    Agradecimientos: Fundación Semana de Música Religiosa de Cuenca

    + INFO: danipannullo.com/espanol/uirapuru.htm

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  4. DESORDANCES_5 - Dani Pannullo DT Co.

    Desordances_5 is best described in two words: FURIOUS DANCE. Pannullo explores a new poetic code that positions B-Boying, or Break Dance, as our century’s newest and most unsettling form of art. Pannullo believes that urban dance is increasingly influencing the established and tired concept of Modern Dance in Europe.
    DESORDANCES_5 speaks of the need to feel accepted, the struggle of city life, overcoming the disillusionment of youth and competition among friends. It draws on a variety of texts that include P.P. Passolini's poem A Ragazzo and Sonnet XV by William Shakespeare.
    Pannullo speaks of the happiness located in the most ephemeral aspect of human existence, the body. To this end, the piece is inspired by Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange, Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, gangs from various periods and the sacred dances of G.I. Gurdjieff. The show’s music is a live DJ session by Zeta that includes current electronic sounds, the German Romanticism of Clara Schumann and club music, the soundtrack of much of the work of the company. The show also references the world of fashion and sports brands by highlighting the game right and wrong choices. Pannrullo assessment of the year’s fashion trends has become a characteristic of the DESORDANCES pieces.
    Naturally, the principal focus of the piece is visible dance with hidden codes and meanings that each member of the audience is free to resolve in the manner they choose. As such, DESORDANCES_5 strives to provide quality dance supported by strong dramatic threads.

    General director & Choreographer: DANI PANNULLO

    Dancers (B-boys):
    - Alberto Ivan Giraldo ( B-BOY ALBERTOP-ROCK)
    - Graciel E. Lisboa (B-BOY GRACY)
    - Miguel Ballabriga ( B-BOY ZOMAS)
    - Rubén Martín ( B-BOY CHINO)
    - Alejandro Moya (B-BOY LIL QUEST)
    Colaboración especial: Itsaso A. Cano

    DJ: ZETA

    Video: BRUTO – Bruno Galán y Antonio Cañadas, sobre la obra de Alejandro Lucadamo “El fin de la carne”.

    Costumes: ADIDAS

    Light design:

    Claudia Morgana (DANZAS DEL MUNDO).

    +INFO: danipannullo.com/english/desordances_5.htm

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  5. AVALANCHE - Dani Pannullo Dancetheatre Co.

    Avalanche takes us to a world where two styles of dance clash, speaking to us, above all, about the inexorable passing of time.
    On stage Dani Panullo is searching for evidence of a world where technology can provide us with satisfactory answers to everything, but finds that when it comes to explaining human relations much is still unknown.
    This performance presents the twenty-first century as a distorted marvel of two distinct worlds, and picks out moments in the life of a director, avid to explore where he fits in himself.
    Through his physical language, he embarks on an exhaustive quest to discover the very nature of human nature, and takes us all the way from ancient village rituals to the complex presence of the metropolitan dance.
    Behind every gesture of the hand or movement of the foot lies an in-depth study of the latest choreography. In accordance with the ideal of this company, Pannullo has explored the most recent trends in urban sports and included some of these new elements to his regular cast of dancers. This new sporting practice is an amalgam of control and virtuosity, whose tricks and graceful creativity become pure poetry in motion on the stage. According to Pannullo, this is more than just dancing; it as a form of free-style football. As the Dani Pannullo Dance Theatre has previously done with b-boys, skaters, free running, ‘traceurs’ and beat boxers, it brings these new linguistic features onto the stage in search of approval by a wider audience. Such an audience can compare how the dancers follow an inanimate object, the ball, around like robots with the flexible movements of the football freestyler. This juxtaposition creates two beautiful views of bodily movements, as if trying to decipher the very mystery behind their code of conduct.


    Choreographer & General Director: Dani Pannullo
    Dancers (B-boys):
    - Alejandro Moya (b-boy Lilkuest)
    - Julián Gómez (B-boy Hu-lee)
    - Miguel Ballabriga (B-boy Zomas)
    - Rubén Martín (B-boy Chino)
    Football free-styler:
    - Javier Sanz Aguilar
    Cello: Luis Felipe Serrano (Martin Waschbär)
    Light Design: Victor Cadenas
    Gobo Design: Jaro
    Costumes: Carlos Diez, Adidas y Martin Waschbär
    Sound: Eric Medina
    Graphic Design: Pablo Herrero (ZETA)
    Video: Bruno Galán Ruiz (BRUTO)
    Photography: Borja Suárez Lázaro-Galdiano (BSLG)
    Production: Claudia Morgana (Danzas del Mundo)
    Acknowledgments: Canal Dance Centre (Centro de Danza Canal), Martin Waschbär Artes Escénicas, Gorka Postigo y Nicolás Santos.

    +INFO: danipannullo.com/english/avalanche.htm

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