1. Ein Elektriker gerät in eine Situation in der ein Elektriker in eine Situation gerät.

    check Seite 231: "Der unsichtbare Apfel" - Roman

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  2. FUNNEL: An official selection of the 2014:
    -Sundance Film Festival
    -AFI Fest
    -Los Angeles Film Festival

    Best Comedy - Heart of Gold Film Festival

    When a man's car breaks down, he finds himself on a quest for a funnel.

    Written, Directed, Edited by and Starring - Andre Hyland.
    Director of Photography / Associate Producer - Shane Johnston.
    Post Production Supervisor - Dominic Polito

    Produced by - Andre Hyland and Michael Rizzo
    Presented by - Bob Odenkirk

    bLoNd cHiLi & HotHouse Productions

    Andre Hyland website:

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  3. All visuals captured in camera by back projecting the animated story into the breaths of the band.
    In the same way that you can see your breath on a cold day, we filmed at -1ºC to make the animations appear.

    Watch the making of here:

    Directed by Wriggles & Robins

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  4. This film is a quiet war cry in favor of quiet over loud to help with creativity and peace of mind.

    Very special thanks to Lily Henderson, the Bresnick-Curtis Family, the Henderson family, the David family, and Charlie Chicken.

    I want to thank Andrew Reid and EOSHD for making me aware of this small lightweight 4k camera - the NX1. It made this film so accessible to make. And also Samuel H who brings his camera knowledge online to the global filmmaking community and people like MacGregor and Hunter also online DPs who help push me to become better. And I want to personally thank Art Adams whose articles online have inspired me so much and Geoff Boyle with his CML that moves me forward and American CInematographer for issue after issue of inspiring information about cinematography, and Roger Deakins for giving back and sharing - and well - everyone - who gives back and shares. It helps me so much. Thru art we can all heal, and thru art we can help, and thru help we can help.

    This was shot on the Samsung NX1 with Nikon 35mm AIS lens and one shot on the 100mm Leica R lens. It can shoot 4k to h.265 internally. Shot mostly in UHD mode at 29.97 fps that I slowed down in post. My picture profile is contrast all the way down and saturation minus two. I desaturated in post.

    This film was incredibly fascinating to make - it was the first longer more serious project I have made since college. I originally made a cut of the film quickly and removed it from online because I wasn't happy with it. This time - I took my time. I wrote a long script, read it, saw how it worked, changed lines, and rewrote. I reshot many scenes. It was my own artistic journey to make this film the slow, long way. It was not easy - I would constantly procrastinate because I was scared that when it was done - I would release it and it would be horrible - so this film got me to finish my taxes and clean up my whole apartment.

    Man the courage it takes to make a film - to risk all ridicule and put something out there that is completely your idea! Also it kind of felt selfish when I can be doing other things. But the struggle is part of the beauty of it all - to completely immense yourself in trying to make something of meaning. God it's hard work.

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  5. "Drive it like you hate it", says Irv Gordon. A short film about a special man out of Long Island, NY with a unique connection to a terrific car. Since he bought his 1966, the Volvo P1800s, he has driven 3 million miles in holding a "Guinness Book of World Record" for most miles driven by a single owner in a non-commercial vehicle.

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    A classic Grand Prix circuit visited by classic cars...

    by Carwell Casswell

  • Martin Rolland

    Martin Rolland
    Please check out my last video. This is not again a movie about New York, This is something else, something different...about people and places of New York at a particular moment just before vanishing.
    Something about the spirit of the city.
    Hope you like it :-)

    by Martin Rolland

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