1. Landing Bigger Retainers with Jason Swank
    In this webinar Jason Swenks walks us through his sales process and the 'Foot in the Door > Project > Retainer methodology to follow to secure more and bigger clients
    He also discusses the Agency Playbook course he has developed. It is a step-by-step process that shows you exactly how to grow your agency

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  2. WSI Digital Marketing Video: You can't improve your online marketing without paying attention to your website statistics. Often overlooked, your web analytics can provide a wealth of knowledge to enable you to convert more visitors into buyers.Here are five key methods for understanding and then improving your customer’s buying cycle.

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  3. Hopefully by now you’ve heard the term Inbound Marketing. But do you really know its value or where to start?

    Chuck Bankoff, who owns and operates one a WSI Certified Agency will tackle this very question in this WSI webinar.

    In just 30 minutes, he’ll take you through an Inbound Marketing case study to show you how you can make your overall marketing strategy stronger by adopting these Inbound Marketing fundamentals:

    • Creating buyer personas
    • Nurturing through the “Sales Funnel”
    • Leveraging premium content as an offer
    • Effectively utilizing landing pages, thank you pages and workflows

    All of which are geared at enhancing your customers’ engagement throughout the purchase process. So you can ensure you are delivering the right content to the right audience, which in turn generates more leads.

    By the end, you and your team will leave with some actionable “to-dos” that can positively impact your digital marketing strategies.

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  4. Don’t let anyone fool you: popularity contests (which you knew only too well back in high school) are definitely NOT just a thing of the past. They’re very much present in today’s business world and this ‘contest’ is following your name and your brand around…relentlessly!

    So what is a business to do if they want to get noticed for their great services, products, or general awesomeness? How, in the boundlessness that is the digital realm, can a company possibly attract and then hold the attention of their audience online?

    Dennis Masella – a leading WSI Consultant from USA – will tackle these very questions at our next Digital Power Hour.

    Throughout this presentation Dennis will focus on the strategies that’ll help your customers take notice, such as:

    - Using social and display advertising like the pros to boost wide-scale audience engagement
    - Leveraging paid search campaigns that concentrate on exactly WHO you want, WHEN you want
    - Producing engaging video messages to showcase your savvy and increase your clout

    By the end, you and your team will be better equipped to map out an effective plan for getting your brand out there, showcased in its glory, and ultimately, noticed by your customer base.

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  5. Playing the comparison game within your industry will shed a bright light onto the picture you’re painting for your customer base and you’ll get a clear view into your competitive advantage…OR lack thereof! Regardless of the situation, it’s always better to be in-the-know.

    In this upcoming webinar, we’ll be talking about some of the common challenges we’ve observed amongst businesses of all kinds, like:

    • Having a company website that performs well, but having no idea how well it sizes up against your competitor’s site;
    • Watching your competitors dominate the search results and not knowing where or how to begin boosting your own performance;
    • Wanting to sharpen your competitive edge with content marketing, but forming a strategic plan is just too huge an undertaking.

    Throughout the 60 minute session, Francois Muscat – a leading WSI Digital Marketing Consultant from South Africa – will show your team how to analyze your competition and identify their search presence, online traffic and content and social media strategies…all to help your company do it BETTER. By the end, you’ll be in track to develop a plan and focus on gaining a competitive advantage within a reasonable time frame and budget.

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