1. Yodel, Yodel! After a guy from L.A. there can only be "The Guy From Munich". This time, someone with a "Lederhosn" is part of the performance series showing people being transfered from their "real" world into Neil Curtis own art-world.

    PLEASE SUPPORT THE PROJECT: paypal.me/isupportyou
    NEIL CURTIS on INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/neilcurtis

    THE FIRST TEN SESSIONS – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/thefirst10
    THE NEW YORK PERFORMANCE – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/usa
    THE NEIL CURTIS DOCUMENTARY – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/rcwpdocumentary

    57 PIZZA BOY – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/pizzaboyvimeo.com/neilcurtis/hiddenpizzaboy
    56 THE SPRAYER – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/sprayervimeo.com/neilcurtis/hiddensprayer
    55 THE ACTIVIST – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/activistvimeo.com/neilcurtis/hiddenactivist
    54 THE STUDENT – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/studentvimeo.com/neilcurtis/hiddenstudent
    53 THE GUY FROM THE FETISH PARTY – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/fetishpartyvimeo.com/neilcurtis/hiddenfetishparty
    52 THE GUY WHO LOST A BET – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/tgwlabvimeo.com/neilcurtis/hiddentgwlab
    51 THE CANVAS – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/canvas

    50 THE JUGGLER – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/jugglervimeo.com/neilcurtis/hiddenjuggler
    49 THE TEACHER – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/teachervimeo.com/neilcurtis/hiddenteacher
    48 THE BACKPACKER – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/backpacker– vimeo.com/neilcurtis/hiddenbackpacker
    47 TIN MAN – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/tinmanvimeo.com/neilcurtis/hiddentinman
    46 THE GUY FROM DEICHKIND – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/deichkindvimeo.com/neilcurtis/hiddendeichkind
    45 THE TRIBUTE TO KEITH HARING – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/keithharingvimeo.com/neilcurtis/hiddenkeithharing
    44 THE GARDENER – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/gardenervimeo.com/neilcurtis/hiddengardener
    43 THE ELECTRICIAN – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/electricianvimeo.com/neilcurtis/hiddenelectrician
    42 THE BIRTHDAY SUIT – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/birthdaysuit
    41 THE GUY WHO MADE YOUR iPHONE – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/sweatshop

    40 THE HUSH PUPPY – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/hushpuppy
    39 THE TRUCK DRIVER – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/truckdriver
    38 THE ADDICT – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/addict
    37 THE THAI GUY– vimeo.com/neilcurtis/thaiguy
    36 THE DANCER – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/dancer
    36 THE DANCER (Paint Roller View) – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/dancerx
    35 THE RAINBOW WARRIOR – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/rainbow
    34 THE CYCLIST – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/cyclist
    33 THE TAXI DRIVER – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/taxidriver
    32 THE DJ – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/thedj
    31 THE SKULLBOY – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/skullboy

    30 THE AMERICAN FOOTBALLER – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/amfoot
    29 THE RED-HEAD GETS RED – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/redhead
    28 THE PIMP – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/pimp
    27 THE STREET KID – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/streetkid
    26 THE SAILOR – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/sailor
    25 THE GUY IN THE BODYSUIT – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/bodysuit
    24 THE SURGEON – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/thesurgeon
    23 THE SNOWBOARDER – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/thesnowboarder
    22 THE TAPED – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/thetaped
    21 THE SWEDE – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/theswede

    20 THE GUY FROM LONDON – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/theguyfromlondon
    19 THE JOGGER – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/jogger
    18 THE MAN IN THE MORPHSUIT – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/morph
    17 THE GUY IN THE GHILLIE SUIT – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/ghillie
    16 THE GOTHIC PUNK – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/gothicpunk
    15 THE GUY FROM THE RED CROSS – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/redcrossvimeo.com/neilcurtis/hiddenredcross
    14 THE WOODWORKER – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/thewoodworkervimeo.com/neilcurtis/hiddenwoodworker
    13 THE DRUNK GUY – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/thedrunkguy
    12 THE ARMY RECRUIT – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/thearmyrecruit
    11 THE ENCORE – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/theencore

    10 THE PIANIST – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/thepianist
    09 THE GUY FROM MUNICH – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/theguyfrommunich
    08 THE GUY FROM L.A. – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/theguyfromla
    07 RAFFI REVERSED – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/raffireversed
    06 THE THIEF – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/thethief
    05 THE ATOMIC BOY – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/theatomicboyvimeo.com/neilcurtis/hiddenatomicboy
    04 THE BOXER – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/theboxer
    03 THE MECHANIC – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/themechanicvimeo.com/neilcurtis/hiddenmechanic
    02 THE PROFESSOR – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/theprofessor
    01 THE FIRST SESSION – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/thefirstsession

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  3. For some reason the most popular video I have, even more popular than the first video I uploaded, that is over a year old, this is only 3 months old.

    Some people don't believe me, oh well never mind. My penis is too long for my scrotum, which in turn was always too small for the size balls I wanted.

    XXY boys start puberty normally, or within the normal range, but quite soon after they experience testicular atrophy (shrinkage) which means they don't produce an ever increasing level of testosterone.

    By the time children enter puberty their bodies are primed to grow in response to sex hormones. However if puberty is stalled, or it's onset delayed for quite some time, the potential for genital growth is limited. Basically the bodies cells are most capable of responding to sex hormone when we're chidren, and less capable when we're adults.

    The scrotum in males is the first organ to respond to increased testosterone, if delays occur the window for the maximum possible change is shortened. If sex hormone at the right level is not received by a predetermined but individual point of time, no further growth will be experienced.
    The same is true for the penis, and the prostate gland.

    I began puberty earlier than most of the boys in my year. I first noticed change myself at age 11, although there must have been changes I did not notice before then. The testosterone my testes produced was sufficient to cause the same degree or growth as in my younger brother, who is fertile and not XXY. So penis size appears to be primarily by genetic cause, and if you're bigger than average you did nothing in yourself to cause that, the same as if your penis is shorter than average.

    However; if you had/have a disease that delayed or stalled puberty, it MAY be that greatly increasing your level of testosterone therapy WILL cause your penis to grow to it's greatest potential?

    Please do remember though, "It's not how big you make it; but how you make it big, that counts"

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  4. http://www.iamdavidcrespo.com/

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  5. How I used to do things, found whilst searching for something else

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