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    4 inches of ice is a micro doc I shot to get used to the Canon 1DC. Until this point all I had done were a few test shots. I needed to actually shoot something properly.

    This was shot whilst visiting that smashing fellow Eric Kessler in Indiana. It was cold. Way colder than England, but I knew I was heading to Miami for a workshop in a few days so it didn't bother me! Eric asked if I wanted to go ice fishing. Naturally I said good god man no! BUT, I did quite fancy filming it for a bit. So we went out for an hour. Talked to a father and daughter who didn't want to be interviewed but let us take some shots then we met the guys who feature here who were really excited to be in it.

    4 inches of ice refers to the minimum amount of thickness of the ice that you can go ice fishing on. So wikipedia tells me! it is the absolute minimum and we certainly had more than that. ALTHOUGH 2 days later is was gone and I was unable to get the rest of the shots i needed. Only on the night before (the snowing shots) and the morning I left was I able to get the missing two shots. Although the thawed lake actually helped me get those lovely opening shots!!

    Shooting was a breeze. It's a DSLR, it may have been shot in 4k but it operates the same way! Miller DS20 tripod. Lenses were Canon 16-35. 24-105, 70-20 F4, 100mm Macro (used for the interview for some utterly bizarre reason!) Audio was a Rode NTG2 into a Roland R26 and B-roll audio was the Rode Video Mic Pro.

    I had a lot of issues in post though. This was shot in 4K, downscaled in to full HD for editing (I do plan to remaster as a 4k version soon.) In the edit I noticed a lot of problems, banding, magenta tinges on parts of the frame. Basically we worked it out and it was down to a number of things. The compression of the 4K, combined with the Canon log mode shooting below the native ISO of 400 which is a bad combination.

    Andy Shipsides of Abel Cine says this "you are moving the middle gray to a higher level, making the image appear darker but causing limit dynamic range in the highlights.. bad news."

    James and I found that the image only did this in 4k in log under ISO 400. Go higher (not too high) and it's fine. Shoot normal picture profiles and again it's fine. Shoot C-log in Super 35mm or full frame HD. No problems. It's just that combination.

    In post I added some blur on the badly affected areas then finished it off with some lovely film grain to bring back the natural image. That is why this short piece took about 10 times longer to edit than normal. It's all good experience and it simply means next time I will shoot bearing that in mind. No more sub ISO 400! Get those NDs out!

    Other than that the image issues in post I loved the image and the stuff I have shot since does not have these problems. We are ALWAYS learning.

    Can I make a 4K version online? It would be too big unfortunately, but I will be showing this and other stuff from the camera in 4K at the BVE show in London at the end of February for Canon.

    You can see my review of the camera, the good and the bad on my blog post here:

    Audio recorded by Eric Kessler. Thanks sir!!

    Music again courtesy of The Music Bed. Full credits in the video.

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  2. A few shots of knocked out just after picking up the 4K video shooting Samsung Galaxy Note 3. I had just 15 minutes before all the light had gone. Not a lot of time but I wanted to see what the image looked like!

    As you can's not bad! BUT...what is the point of 4K video in a phone? Is there really a need for such a feature? What's the image like to work with? Is it more useful that the 120fps feature of the iPhone 5S?

    For all my thoughts to these and loads more info check out my blog post here:

    This is my graded with RGB curves. To download the ungraded 4K version go here:

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  3. Shot entirely in JPEG stills and edited in Final Cut Pro.

    Contains around 5600 still shots.

    Shot on various lenses including Tokina 11-16 f2.8 and Canon 50mm F1.2

    Shot at the RE:Frame Conference in San Francisco in October 2009

    More info here!

    Music Franz Ferdinand: Do you wanna

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  4. Filmed in Dubai over 5 days and nights.

    Shot on the Canon 7D, 2x5DmkII and one Panasonic GF1

    Dedicated to Sky Vassar who died recently at a tragically young age.

    Please read my blog for BTS info.

    Thanks to Media Prima and Talkabout Media

    Music is from "The Fountain" by Clint Mansell

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  5. Timelapse film shot on the Canon 5dmkII, 7D, Lumix GF1 and Ricoh GR3.

    Filmed from my hotel in Toronto, the CN Tower, Chicago and Niagara Falls.

    The Niagara falls shot shows the problems of shooting through windows with double glazing causing reflection issues.

    Read more on my blog at

    Music by Clint Mansell from the movie "Moon"

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The 4K channel of Philip Bloom

Philip Bloom PRO

All my work that was either fully shot in 4K, partly in 4K and most importantly shot and mastered in 4K.

As of now Vimeo does not support 4K but it's coming. Many of the things you see which have not been mastered in 4K will be at some point soon

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All my work that was either fully shot in 4K, partly in 4K and most importantly shot and mastered in 4K.

As of now Vimeo does not support 4K but it's coming. Many of the things you see which have not been mastered in 4K will be at some point soon and there is much more to come.

Some of the info links to blogs where there are actually 4K versions to download.

Is 4K that much better than HD. Depends on how close you sit to the screen. Read my post about it here:

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