1. InFLUXUS 2013 – Creative dialogues: Beijing, Macau, Porto, Lisbon is the title of international interchange, launched by BABEL – Cultural Organization which took place in Portugal from 11th September to 24th September.
    InFLUXUS 2013 brought together university students, artists, curators, scriptwriters and film directors into a common process of intercultural and creative learning. For 13 days, students from China, Macau and Portugal participated in a series of seminars, talks and workshops, which led them to the production of short films specially conceived to be presented in a Museum or Gallery context.
    Placing itself in between cultures and artistic disciplines, InFLUXUS 2013 aims to stimulate the young, leading them towards their full creative potential, to develop intercultural competences; to explore relationships between contemporary art, video and cinema and to produce a creative work.
    The program was curated by Margarida Saraiva.

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  2. Creative Team: Sha Mo, Marc Aresta Johnson , Anabela Souza, Yang Zheng, and Gabriel Perrone Vianna

    Synopsis:We got the same topic called Speed and Movement. We have reached agreement before the group discussion. With the limited filming equipment and time, our idea must be in line with the reality to bring it into full play. We adopted reverse thinking and the detailed plan is as follows:

    Five still pictures should be filmed, namely staircase, the street of the parking lot, the uptakeventilator on the lawn, the toilet and the open space in front of the school gate, among which staircase, the street of the parking lot and the open space in front of the school gate should be filmed with a high angle shot. There is always a white circle of a body shape, but the body has gone.It is surrounded with warning line. Although nobody know when, there must be accident happened before the shooting.

    It can be witnessed from the pictures that people absolutely ignored the while circle and lead their normal life as if nothing hadhappened. The sound, however, is back to the moment when the accident took place. Someone was knocked down, someone was shot and someone jumped from a building. Although we could hear the sound the accident and feel the horror, the images we see are quiet and peaceful. The horrible scenes only exist in our imagination.

    In the initial preparation period, we bought theoretical properties such as chalk, and warning line. When shooting the film, the white body shape was set by group members, which is even misunderstood by passers-by. It is not difficult for shooting for the five scenes are fixed shot, while the hard part is the post sound effect.

    We have looked through all the voice banks of school and listened for many times. Some sounds were played on at the same time on 6 audio tracks. We use the sound to tell the story of each scene. By comparing and analyzing the match of audio tracks repeatedly, we get the current effect.

    stop and moveless = picture, present time
    speed and movement = sound, past time

    Visual sense and auditory sense illustrate two different spaces respectively, which occurred simultaneously when the audience watches the film. Speed and stillness forms the wonderful dualism. Ancient Chinese people like to use Yin and Yang to show movement and change in the world, which is the unity of the opposites.

    In the experimental shooting, speed is the opposite of stillness, movement is the opposite of moveless, and visual sense is the opposite of auditory sense. But they are all coexisted. They show the same environment in different times, which gives the audience an interesting experience. No matter on the lawn or in the open space before the school gate, they are what they are now by witnessing speed and movement.

    But the white body circle is more like an abstract existence. It is like a historical teller, seeing what has happed on the ground.

    To forget or not to forget?

    Exhibition Concept:We plan to project the five different scenes on five walls of a three-dimensional room (four walls and the top wall). When the audience enters the room, they will be immediately surrounded by the pictures. The pictures of the five scenes will be played concurrently. For each shooting of the picture is 30 seconds, they could start and end at the same time.

    While playing, the sound of a scene will be played randomly. The audience cannot tell which scene it is from, but vaguely have a guess. It will give the audience the opportunity to participated in and create for second time. When the audience is in a room of multi-space and time, they will gradually lose the judgment over space and time. When they walk out of the room, everything will be back to normal.

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  3. Creative Team: L| Song | Inah Quejano | Francisco Bartilotti | João Lourenço

    Exhibition Concept: human height projector ( expecting the audiences will watch it standing in front of the projector) like we saw from one of the museums we visited in Porto.
    Still Frame of the video: the 1st 5secs of the video

    Our lives are composed of speed and movement with countless types of movements and diverse degree of speed. However, we are not staggering human being who are always in the same rhythm. Thus our daily lives are made of those various types and different degrees of speed and movement. This piece wants to show how it all happened at the same time, how it’s all connected and how this form in which we live is not a linear one. With three different layers of reality, types of movement and degrees of speed all at the same time, we show you how speed creates and destroys movement.

    to be followed by some pictures tomorrow.

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  4. Creative team: Marco O Wai Hou, Nadia Lei Ka Sin, Money, Manuel João Mendes and Teresa Almeida.

    Exhibition concept: We are planning to project on the wall and put one single chair in front of the screen, we would like to have 5.1 speakers.

    Synopsis: The title of the video is “3.141529265357”, means infinity. We are showing the audience that they will never know when the video start and when it ends. In this short video, we have a lot of movement of how we play with the instrument, mainly focusing on the sounds; this will increase the emotion of the audience. Using a wide screen with 3 and 4 different scenes at the same time can give different perspective to the audience. Ideas were generated by futurism, an artistic movement that was from the early 20s, musical instruments were used to express the theme of movements; futurism can work well in contemporary art. Projection on the wall with a chair in the middle, 3 speakers are need to produce the feeling of left, middle, right sound feeling, this can let the audience enjoy and easy to get into the feeling of our theme.

    Still frame of the video: We have included different still frame in the video, such as am artist playing with the drum, guitar and beat boxing, we have also included some of the close-up shoots with these frame.

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BABEL is a nonprofit cultural organization whose mission is to generate learning opportunities in the fields of contemporary art, architecture and environment. BABEL is conceived as a museum without walls and aims to work in between cultures and across disciplines. To achieve its purposes, BABEL establishes partnerships institutions of recognized educational and cultural merits, both regionally and internationally. In this sense, the establishment of partnerships in a spirit of collaboration, creating adequate synergies, is essential to the fulfillment of its mission. In this channel, you are welcome to follow our cultural and artistic initiatives.

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