1. Simchat Torah is celebrated by Jews at the end of Sukkot, The Feast of Tabernacles.
    Simchat Torah is, literally, rejoicing in the Torah - the first five books of the Bible.
    The celebration spills out on to the street with music and dancing.
    At Simchat Torah, the synagogue readings of the Torah are completed and the scrolls are rewound and the readings start again for next year.

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  2. Paul argued vehemently that the gospel of grace is the true gospel, and adding anything to grace is a perversion of the gospel. We are righteous by grace only, not by our works or by grace plus observing the law (Torah). Now, Paul continues the letter by sharing his story, and in so doing, he defends the gospel from his detractors and shows us how the gospel frees us from religion and leads us to radical missional living.

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  3. Torah Portion Noach / Noah: B'reishith / Gensis 6:9 to 11:32, recorded on 10-24-09, presented by Yocheved. In this Torah portion, the earth was deemed corrupt and full of violence by Yah; Yah commands Noach / Noah to build an ark; the animals come to the ark and submit to Noach / Noah; the flood comes; the ark winds up in the mountains of Ararat; Noach makes sacrifices; Yah gives Noach and his family dietary laws and a covenant; Noach plants a vineyard; the descendants of Noach are listed; the languages are changed at the Tower of Babel; the genealogy of Shem is given and Avram (later Abraham) is introduced.

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  4. Torah Portion Mattot (Tribes) B'midbar / Numbers 30:2(1) to 32:42, recorded 07-23-2011, presented by Yocheved. Vows and Oaths to YHVH; Vows of Minors and a Married Woman; The Battle Against Midyan—Vengeance for the Bil'am Affair; Moses Rebukes the Military Leaders for Sparing the Female Midyanites; The Laws of Koshering War Spoils and Utensils; The Division of War Spoils; Reuben and Gad’s Request to Be Granted an Inheritance on the East Bank of the Jordan; Clarification of the Request: The Eastern Tribes Vow to Send Soldiers to Aid the Rest of the Tribes in Taking the Promised Land West of the Jordan River; In Light of These New Conditions Moses Concedes

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  5. This is an updated PowerPoint with changes in the Karaite/Cresentist 2011 calendar slides because of adding a 30th day to Elul in which the Full Moon will now fall on their calendar prematurely on the 13th of Tishrei, two days before the beginning of Sukkot on their 15th, also giving their calendar 6 months during the year when the Full Moon falls prematurely on the 13th, 5 times on the 14th and only once of their 15th. They will have seven 30 day months and only five 29 day months, ending the year with the count of 355 days in their calendar when it is only suppose to have 354 days in a year with six 30 day months and six 29 day months. The PowerPoint addresses when does the lunar month begin? Does the lunar month begin on the day the conjunction takes place or on the first sighting of the waxing crescent moon, forward to the next day? What is at stake is the importance of following and observing all the "moed" or appointed times on the actual appointed days as commanded in Torah by Yahuwah in Leviticus chapter 23 which is a very important subject for believers. In this PowerPoint I address the Bookend Model which is actually the Priestly Calendar.

    Use pause if the timing of the slides do not give you enough time to read it entirely.

    Bill Sanford

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