1. Hats off to Mayim Bialik (aka TV's Blossom) for her profound yet totally practical look at Parshat Vayelech! Step right up and learn about how you can live a good life. Walk the walk, talk the talk, and actually write your own Torah! Instructions are in the episode.

    This is Episode 52 of the weekly Torah cartoon from G-dcast.com. Each week, a different storyteller - some musical, some poetic, some just straight-up, tell the story of the current Torah portion...and then we animate it!

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  2. Get behind the scenes of the Living Torah weekly video, and learn how you can make a difference to the 200,000 people who watch every week!

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  3. Is the 10 commandments the only commands given to us from God? Were the rest given to us by Moses? Some believe this to be the case. The claim that the 10 commandments are the Law of God and those that cam from Moses are called the Law of Moses. And many believe that it was the Law of Moses that Yeshua came to deliver us from. Could this really be the case. Join us as we examine the scriptures to find the truth of the matter.

    (Special thanks to Faith, Grace, and Torah Ministries for their assistance on this teaching.)

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    salvation: deliverance from the power of sin, redemption
    The need for redemption begins with Adam and Eve, and their rebellion. They failed to obey Elohim, His commandments and instructions.
    Since the fall of mankind in the garden, all people are born into this world in a fallen state. No matter how good they think they are, they are going down a path of destruction, trouble and in the end, the second death.
    So Yah looked down and had mercy on mankind. He gave His Torah (instructions) to live by, in other words, He said obey Him!
    obedience: carrying out the Word, and will of Elohim
    In both the Torah and Prophets, and the Gospel and Epistles - salvation and obedience go hand in hand!
    Listen to me! Mankind's failure to obey results in the judgment of Yah!
    Elohim takes pleasure in obedience over sacrifice. 1 Samuel 15:22.
    Now, clearly we live in a time period of the salvation offered to us by favor, through belief in Messaiah. No man can come to the Father except by the Son.
    Also, no man can obtain salvation unless the set-apart Spirit brings them to the place where they come face to face with all their actions and life, as being evil and not accepted as right in Elohim's eyes. When a man realizes this He will be broken and very sorrowful of His obedience to satan in every area of their life. You now there is a saying I have heard over and over, "Well so and so is a good man or woman. If they don't get to heaven, nobody will."
    Friend, the person with that thinking has made themselves and others out to be gods. See, there is one that is good and perfect man, the Messaiah, Yahushua! He came and lived a perfect life, no sin, plenty of temptations. Yet He did not yield to satan or worship, neither did Messaiah obey satan or man, only the Father even unto the grave.
    Now Messaiah brought the free gift of salvation by way of perfect obedience. To what? To the Torah of Elohim.
    Think about this, Passover was when Israel was in bondage to Egypt and ah told them just how he was going to save or deliver His people. Remember the lamb that had to die, then blood on the door post. Then when Elohim saw the blood, He would pass over those people. They would not die.
    Two very important factors here, the blood of the lamb and obedience.
    Now 1 Corinthians 5: 7, 8
    Therefore cleanse out the old leaven, so that you are a new lump, as you are unleavened. For also Messiah our Passover was offered for us.
    8So then let us observe the festival, not with old leaven, nor with the leaven of evil and wickedness, but with the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth.
    When will it sink in that true believers will have two things for sure, belief in Messaiah and meditate and delight in His instructions.
    Romans 10: 9, 10,11
    9That if you confess with your mouth the Master Yehushua and believe in your heart that Elohim has raised Him from the dead, you shall be saved.
    10For with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and one confesses with the mouth, and so is saved.
    11Because the Scripture says, “Whoever puts his trust in Him shall not be put to shame.”
    Here is the way to salvation, that wonderful gift from Elohim His only Son, for you and me.
    OK. Now what next after the confession and repentance, then the acceptance?
    Friend, it is obedience unto Elohim by way of Messaiah and the set-apart Spirit.
    Not perfection while we are still in this place, but a desire to obey Him is placed inside every person who is truly saved. In other words, just like Messaiah proclaimed, if you love Him you will keep His commandments.
    I am truly amazed at the numbers of people who will go to the end of the earth to obey the revised Roman laws of today, that are blasphemy against the laws of Yah. Yet, they have proclaimed His laws are done away with. I mean, a lot of Christians proclaim this lie as truth.
    Isaiah 22:33
    22 For Elohim is our judge, He is our lawgiver, He will save us.
    I will give you the hard truth, Friend. Whoever you obey, he is your god to whom you worship.
    There is no ability to have two masters, period.
    The fact is that the true law comes from Elohim, and He doesn't make mistakes.
    The Torah is set-apart, or Holy. And those who obey Messaiah will be obeying Elohim's laws.
    Hebrews 13: 8
    8 Yehushua Messiah is the same yesterday, and today, and forever.
    All things were made by Him, through Him and for Him.
    I understand why people do not want His laws. It would point out their false religion and their sin. Without Elohim's laws, nothing shows them they are wicked.
    True born again believers will not obey His Torah for salvation, but they will strive to walk in the Spirit and obey His laws because they love Him.
    I pray his teaching will help some people and encourage them to really follow Messaiah with all their heart.

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  5. This week's parsha is a sea of reeds, literally! Take the Shema and beatbox it through a harmonica...that's how Yuri Lane kicks off Parshat Ve'etchanan, which teaches us how to love God with all our hearts and all our souls. His harmonica is a groovy background to Rachel Havrelock's telling of the whole story of how Moses passes along some serious information to Joshua, who's gonna pick up the torch, er, staff, when Moses dies.

    This is Episode 45 of the weekly Torah cartoon from G-dcast.com. Each week, a different storyteller - some musical, some poetic, some just straight-up, tell the story of the current Torah portion...and then we animate it!

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