So going back to our solfege, with our SO and our MI.
We can take those notes and we can actually write them down on a music staff.
An easy way to remember where they go in relation to each other is by using this nifty little song. It goes like this:
If SO is on a space, then MI is on a space and if SO is on a space then MI is on the line below.
So, if you put SO on a space, then MI is going to be on a space note, right below it.
If you put SO on a line, MI is going to be right below that on a music staff.
Let's try singing a real song with SO and MI. It's probably a song you've heard before. It goes like this:
Rain rain go away come again another day.
Try it with me, ready. Here we go.
Rain rain go away come again another day.
So, anytime you try to think in your head: what's the difference between the SO note and the MI note, just think rain rain go away.
Rain rain go away.
And you can hear the difference between SO and MI.

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