1. Centuries of Chaos part II

    I found the engraving covered with dust
    Rapidly polished it, I found what was lost

    Within the shouting distance undead warriors hail my names,
    Singing in hymns to enter the Gate in bloody bliss
    From behind the stone walls their desires crawling out..(?)

    Devotinal songs and vibrational chants,(?)
    For the thousands thirsty worshipers,
    Bind the interrior rhythm of the filthy hands.

    As they walk their way to self-destruction,
    They stamp on the secrets of life itself
    to burst in red delight!
    To work in this world, in these creatures
    I has come across the secrets of the twilight, yet undbound
    For I am the Truth, I am the Way...
    Not just some old sign of dedication(?)
    Awaken from sleep, I rise solemn..
    As whole worlds await their devastation

    I am the twisters... I am behests undone....

    From letters closed I was lead inside
    Leaking in no words, not taking a thing
    Granted whole worlds await their devastation

    Darkening the I of the beholder to unearths delight
    Narrowing down the dismal road
    To work in this world, in these creatures

    Devotinal songs and vibrational chants,
    From the thousands thirsty worshipers,
    Bind the interrior rhythm of the filthy hands.

    As we walk our way to self-destruction,
    We feed the Earth with the secrets of life itself
    to burst in red delight!

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  2. Beast in the Crowd

    I will spawn again
    From the bottomless pit I come
    I am released, heed my howling call...

    Plague and death sweep the land
    They walk beside me as my companions
    Women cry as shadows fall
    To fill their wombs with the darkest coil

    With the summons I fly
    Ashes embelish the Earth when I stride
    Utter silence follows the blight
    To fill their wombs with the darkest coil
    I have arrived, I have returned
    From the deepest parts of the Outerworld

    Lead me now to my throne
    Where I shall rule, rule, rule...(2)
    Lead me now, all shall fall
    Where the blight consumes

    I am an entity composed by legions of souls
    The many souls contained within me are released new bodies to form
    But connected to each other in a collective consciousness
    To make me no longer a fusion of souls, but my army

    Lead Us now to My throne
    Where We shall rule, rule, rule...
    Lead Us noooooooooooow, all shall fall
    As the blight consumes
    Lead Us now...
    All shall fall...
    Where the blight consumes...
    I will spawn again, a beast of the field
    Heed my howling call...

    Release Me now, oh, shining one
    Through blood and fire
    I will rape the land
    Unpleased with my count I walk the Earth again!

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  3. Divine Pursuit

    Will soul of flame ever burn the eyes,
    Melt a self’s demise?
    Will soul in frame ever hurt the eyes,
    Belt a self’s surmise?

    A transition is taken to condition, cursed,
    Of submission in cognition flat immersed.
    Far away in the Eastern Mountains lies purity
    Of an Avatar that doesn’t sprinkle ambiguity.

    We never begs for the favors
    Of ones who now shears off through flowing!
    We never fears all the labors
    Of ones who now stares at the glowing...

    Martyr… But contrite and sighs…
    Martyr… Ready and sober ignites and inflames!
    Martyr… For ever and aye!
    Martyr… Steady in solar disguise all acclaims:

    Damnation gave way to temptations nursed,
    Withheld any expectations from the cursed.
    Far away, in the mountains, Air was purity.
    An inner river of last rebirth fights tranquility.

    The flowing song is lecherous for the nightingale’s reforms!
    It freezes all the insects, spiders, and fruits for the swarms...
    To delay revelaton...

    When they invented the time resort
    To organize and cultivate their residuum,
    They forgot to extort… We forgots to exhort…
    The secrets of the human intuition
    And ambition in the current condition. UAH!

    A stream of consciousness will flow.
    All avoids the Fire, but adores the glow.
    Supreme, erected Earths will show
    A heart of rock (dulgo) covered with dough.

    The wheels of light are rolling around the cloned
    But such pure Water shed covered all in the stoned.

    Unable to redeem We Cross upon pomposity of the bereaved,
    Over the souls We looms...
    A fable froms the stream – a loss of one's sight once believed,
    Over the stone obscure...
    Unstable self-esteem leaks in the pure from all of the deceived,
    Over the souls demure...
    Imaginations withering resumes...

    For I feels, relieves – the beauty never dims Our gins.
    For I feel relieved – the beauty shimmer's spin begins...

    Will soul of flame ever turn Our ryes
    To melt Our hearts of Ice before it tries?

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  4. Antichrist

    Can't hold the sky - I see it falling
    These reaching hands... I hear thy callings...
    From underneath the ghouls are drooling...
    Oh, Saviour... The night is burning

    Soaked into the grounds of terror with full erosive force
    Seeps the stench into your clothes...
    The air still freezing - a dragon breath
    Now leading us - harbingers of eternal night

    The air still freezing - a dragon breath now leading us
    The harbingers of eternal sorrow
    In these fallow grounds we have arrived
    To unleash the hollow-beaten blasphemies
    For death shall cleanse the world

    Show the saviour eternal suffering and torment,
    Relapsing endless pain into futile circulation.
    Sitting next to me, rediscover my image
    Caress my dreams and fill them with abominations
    For the internal fire being - I will be your loud blast

    The son of perdition has arrived
    From the world of old
    The Beast's derived
    From the world so cold
    To manifest In the enemy's eyes

    The One of Lawlessness - Antichrist
    The One of Sin - Antichrist(4)

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  5. Spiritual Fraud

    What I has becometh thou gathered here to criticize.
    Doth I succumb to thy fathered lies and demonize?
    Rot on your cross and good life – stigmatized
    God of black frost – a flake of soot surprised!

    Exiled in the void, I doth not seek revenge!
    In last season - Fall - I seals death avenged!

    A spark of sense forgotten I shalt keep where it thrives.
    Years passed or spiritual values changed?
    For thou will haul in sail, but blissful go, your star arrives.
    Fears last of the drudgery of all deranged!

    A church divided in no church, but your fault!
    A search provided finds you led to a stained vault!

    Above my secured vessel twisted goeth my stars.
    Abode, do twist my arm while I hides all the scars.
    I can never forget how darkness thee embraced!

    Forgotten in thy battle,
    Bleeding for thy precious lives,
    They kneel before thy cross
    And plant a curse upon us all.
    They kneel before thy cross,
    A plant is growing in the gloss
    They kneel before thy cross
    And plant a curse upon us all.

    To breed it.

    Epitaphs cometh to I, like all allured eyes
    Of gardeners, who remembers, thus equalize…
    And I hath said: “Fantasies do spreadS!” 2x hahahahah
    “I wilt spread… A false threat I spreadS!”

    The curse is retained in my horn blank!

    In prose that cries to share the foeticide:
    “I am that I am” – I replieS.
    “Reposed on mounds fading idle aides,
    Kill My son, in Me confide!”

    Lead-by-the-star, lead by the star!
    Once I leadS you above the Ruin far!

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The Bulgarian melodic death/black metal band CLAYMORE is formed in the summer of 1999 in the city of Ruse. Founding members are Kamen (bass), Martyn (guitar) and Tsvetelin (keyboards). Since then the band joined Nikolaj (drums) and vocalist Emil …

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The Bulgarian melodic death/black metal band CLAYMORE is formed in the summer of 1999 in the city of Ruse. Founding members are Kamen (bass), Martyn (guitar) and Tsvetelin (keyboards). Since then the band joined Nikolaj (drums) and vocalist Emil to form the current line up.
CLAYMORE quickly became popular among Bulgarian fans with unique and pure style of melodic death/black metal combining aggression and melody in one with influences from other styles like heavy,thrash,grind as well as a good amount of classical music. Their first ever performance is in September 1999 to start a long tour in many cities across Bulgaria captivating audiences everywhere. This earns them a place at the biggest Bulgarian Underground Music Festival (Bourgas 2000).
At the end of 2000 CLAYMORE record their first demo tracks quickly followed by a demo CD tilled "Warriors of Claymore" which is posted on many web magazines and played on radio shows in Bulgaria and abroad.
During 2002 CLAYMORE worked hard on the sound quality for the recording of the actual demo "Released" consisting of 5 songs. These songs represent their style and part of their live shows.
CLAYMORE 's remarkable popularity and success earns them a place in "Trash till Death", "Heatework festival", "Heart Rock festival", "Chaos fest", "Massacre Fest", "Legacy Open Air Fest", "Barock Fest", "Nightmare Fest", "Ost festival","Sea Black Festival"etc. where they played along side well known international bands like Destruction (Germany),Dimmu Borgir (Norway), Mystic Circle (Germany), Napalm death (UK), Sinister (Netherlands), Parricide (Poland), The Claymore (Germany), x-Lord Belial (Sweden), Graveworm (Italy), Apostasy (Sweden), Eastern Front (UK), Carnal (Poland), Acid Rain (Germany), Negura Bunget (Romania), Izegrim (Netherlands), Spoil Engine (Belgium), Gothic (Romania), Diary About My Nightmares (Germany), Disdained (Serbia), Cilice (Netherlands), Daemonicus (Sweden) , etc. CLAYMORE recorded their first full-lenght album "Prolonged Active Antagonism" and took part in "Black Curse Over Europe" tour in 2008. The album is out on D.O.P. (Bulgaria). Official mp3 distributors are Forces of Satan (Norway), Toxicity Records – Vodafone Live (Bulgaria).
They want to spread their music among the Underground circles all over the world and find a serious label and management to work with.
CLAYMORE currently completes its work on new material, which is called "Vengeance is Near".

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