1. The Great Stories of the Bible – Series - # 08 - Jesus and Whosoever 08/27/2017 AM
    Revelation 3:20-22
    Of all those in the Bible that I love telling people about, of course my favorite is the Lord Jesus! And just as all the sermons of this series, it’s a Gospel message. As Noah invited the unsaved into the Ark, Jesus invites the unsaved into salvation. As Moses told Pharaoh that he was called of God, so Jesus tells the world that He was sent by God. As Esther was ready to give herself to save her people, so Jesus did give Himself to save all who would call on Him. As Elijah tried to befriend King Ahab to save him from the wicked influence of Jezebel, so Jesus offers His friendship to save us from the world. As Daniel lived a life pointing to heaven in Babylon, so Jesus lived a life that leads to eternal life. As John the Baptist preached repentance to Herod, so Jesus invites all of mankind to repent and be saved. And just as the Apostle Paul saw that King Agrippa was under conviction and asked him if he believed, so Jesus knocks on the door of your heart and asks if you’d like to invite Him into your life.
    In fact, every story of the Bible is about Jesus, as they’re all just forerunners pointing to the One who can actually save us from our sins. Jesus is behind every scene, the backdrop to every passage, the point of every principle, the reason for every season and now the King of glory comes to us Himself.


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  2. Harvest Sunday 2016 “The Lot Has Fallen On Us” 10/02/2016 PM
    Joshua 23:1-5
    Here Joshua, the military leader of Israel calls for the leaders of the tribes to encourage them to continue to move ahead with driving out the heathen from the land. After the early battles and victories, many of the Israelites had grown content in that they had enough and no longer wanted to risk anything to do the Lord’s will. The men and women that were teens and young adults when they left Egypt were now up in years and evidently had homes and were ready to retire. And the young perhaps didn’t even know what God wanted of them. So he gives them three reasons for serving God.
    1) He reminds them of what God had done
    2) He tells them what God was still saying to do
    3) He prophecies of the faithfulness of God
    A Review of the Past (vs 3)
    God had in their lifetimes, miraculously divided the Jordon River for the Hebrews to cross, had brought down the walls of the great fortress Jericho. In another battle, God had caused the sun itself to stand still so that Israel could defeat the heathen kings. Other than the single loss to Ai, Israel was undefeated.
    Our church can also look to our past and see what God has done. Just thirteen years ago, we had 30 in attendance and now God has given us 430. In October of 2003, this church gave $400 to missions and last month, God allowed us to give $4,000 to help get the Gospel around the world. We used to be a church plant and now we help other church plants.

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  3. Labor Day Weekend 2016 - Jesus Saves Those Who Cry Out To Him 09/04/2016
    Matthew 20:29-34
    Jericho, like America, was wealthy. They’d been a prominent Canaanite city before Joshua destroyed it in 1400B.C. But over the centuries, they’d rebuilt and established themselves as a resort town and by the time of Christ, Jericho was wealthy again. The Jordan River irrigated crops and groves and rich minerals of the Dead Sea was great fertilizer, making oranges, bananas and papaya the best in all of Palestine. It was where Cleopatra and Herod had winter palaces, it was where Zacchaeus the wealthy tax collector lived along with many other wealthy Jews as told in the parable of the Good Samaritan, where a wealthy priest and Levite lived, even though they worked in Jerusalem.
    Yes, Jericho had become successful, prosperous and even cultured, with a large amphitheatre, Roman chariot races and many temples to Greek gods. But as you know, in every modern city, there’s always those who never benefit from economic prosperity. There are always those who are left behind…but not today.
    And this is a story about two locals, two long term residents of Jericho, who were blind beggars, living on the charity of others and frankly tired of it and near the end of their rope. This story is about how they almost missed Jesus but their determination not only solved their earthly problems, but their eternal ones as well. And all because they cried out for Christ!

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  4. # 9 - Praising God, Dealing With Knuckleheads 08/28/2016 AM
    Nehemiah 12:27-43
    Ever start your day off with a great devotion from the Bible and you’re spirit is so sweet, but then you get to work and you’re hit with problems? Ever tell the Lord you’re going to be a witness that day and then you get to school and something ruins it? Ever come to church and feel so spiritually refreshed, and yet by Tuesday, things have sapped your strength and you feel like you’re running on empty? Well, Mr. Nehemiah knows that feeling and has some advice.
    Here we are in church, to worship God, bringing offerings, encouraging each other to serve Him, here to hear His Word. And yet most of us will be confronted by bad news, problems or knuckleheads very soon.
    Here’s a list of the worst things to hear on Monday…
    *At school - Hey dude, someone got into your locker
    *At college - Did you forget about the exam
    *At work - Sorry but the boss wants to see you
    *An email that starts with - I’m so sorry to tell you this
    *A phone call that starts with - Boy are we in a mess
    *An envelope from the I.R.S. - On reviewing…
    Job, 14:1 it says everyone born of Adam’s fallen race will have troubles but at the same time that mankind is to worship God and that the saved are to have a joyful spirit. How can we deal with problems and praise God at the same time? Nehemiah did it and is an example for us all.

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  5. Nehemiah Victory on the Walls - June 26-Aug 14 - # 8 - Why We Should Read The Law 08/14/2016
    Nehemiah 8:1-18
    What do you do when you want to influence those you know to serve God? You read them God’s Word and explain it to them. Nehemiah came into the lives of the people of Jerusalem and helped them materially and financially, but they were a spiritual mess.
    In chapter four, he found many of them were greedy, using ungodly business practices, underpaying the poor, over charging the middle class, and taking advantage of others just to get richer. He had to deal with their greed if God was going to bless them.
    In chapter six, he found many of them unfaithful in their marriages or marrying unbelievers, which then produces a generation of skeptics. God had told them and tells us today, not to marry someone who is not a Bible believing, church going, saved by the grace of God Christian. And when we don’t listen, it will not only cause marital problems, but will, but will often produce unfaithful or even unsaved children.
    In chapter seven, Nehemiah found out some were pretending to be Levites for money and fired them. Unsaved ministers always lead people astray.
    In chapter ten, Nehemiah had to instruct them on the duty to tithe for the operation of the Temple and ministries. Just like now, they all loved the coffee, the choir and care ministry, but never thought about doing their part to pay for it.

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