1. Two weeks ago, New Jersey native RetcH and Chicago producer Thelonious Martin dropped their collaborative Polo Sporting Goods mixtape. Featured on the 11-track offering is "Short $ermons" featuring TDE's "Black Lip Pastor", Ab-Soul.

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  2. E-40 - White Gurl Remix [Legion Of Doom Blend]

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  3. Philthy Rich - "Messy Marv Is A Fake Blood"

    1.no bloods in the bay
    3.swear to god feat kurt diggler
    produced by hitmanbeatz
    4.on bloods u fake
    5.ice queen the girl girl & the bebe store
    6.channel 4 news
    7.dis aint what u want
    8.rich than famous
    9.i dont have a gang history
    10.no talking feat lil monie
    produced by ak47
    11.mic snatched
    12.pound cake
    13.niggas aint banked up
    14.fuck lavish d feat shady nate
    15.bring him to the table on bloods
    16.power trip feat jim jones
    17.fillmoe stamp


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    After all the interviews, diss tracks,Twitter rants, Kafani getting shot five times in September while filming a Philthy Rich diss video, and Philthy Rich’s Messy Marv Is A Fake Blood mixtape Bay Area rap fans finally get hear Philthy Rich and Messy Marv on the same album trading verbal jabs at each other.

    Bay Area Legend Messy Marv promised fans a entire “diss tape” entitled “Philthy Rich Is A B*tch” responding to Philthy Rich but Messy Marv only released the Philthy Rich diss track “I’m Right There.”

    Philthy Rich vs Messy Marv The Album

    1. Controversy

    2. Whip Out

    3. Bottom Bitch

    4. Livin’ Legend

    5. Myth

    6. Broke Ya Bitch

    7. F*ck’n Mess [featuring Hitman Beatz]

    8. Don’t Know About U

    9. Swear To God [featuring Kurt Diggler]

    10. I’m Right Here

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  5. Original version appears on Mac Dre's 2001 album "It's Not What You Say... It's How You Say It." Available on itunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/its-not-what-you-say...-its/id57380378

    Mac Dre - It's Not What You Say... It's How You Say It

    It’s Not What You Say… is probably the most diverse album in Mac Dre’s catalog, and it shows the Vallejo stylist drawing inspiration from the younger generation of Bay Area rappers he helped to cultivate. With Messy Marv, Dre dives into the incensed gang raps of “Iz Real,” then turns around to join Andre Nickatina and producer Nick Peace for the audacious “Livin’ It,” an astounding beat built on nothing more than the jingle of an ice cream truck. Mac Dre’s talent has always been to bridge the reality of street life with the circus of the imagination. Likewise, he has always been a bridge between tradition and innovation. One of the best things about It’s Not What You Say… is its embrace of classic, bass-oriented trunk raps. “Sex, Drugs, Rap…,” “Chevs and Fords” and “Hold Off” are as resolute and impactful as anything by Too $hort, while “So Hard” proves that Dre can still rock a beat in the most fundamental fashion. No matter what he’s doing, he always lives up to the credo of this album’s title, a philosophy epitomized by “Bleezies-N-Heem,” which turns the standard ode to intoxication into something loopy and unpredictable.

    Track listing

    "The Wolf Intro" (featuring Dubee)
    "Have You Eva" (featuring Dee and Little Bruce)
    "Sex, Drugs, Rap?" (featuring Freak-O, Moe Jack and Nutt Briddle)
    "Livin' It"
    "So Hard"
    "Iz Real" (featuring Messy Marv)
    "Mac Dammit & Friends" (featuring B.A., Keak da Sneak and PSD)
    "Always Inta Somethin'" (featuring Da' Unda' Dogg, J-Diggs and Sleep Dank)
    "Chevs and Fords" (featuring Little Bruce)
    "Take Yo' Panties Off" (featuring Vital) Produced by Lev Berlak
    "Mac Dre'vious"
    "Hold Off" (featuring Richie Rich)
    "Bonus Track" (featuring Shouman and Suga Free)

    Mac Dre – Bleezies N Heem (Lyrics)

    [Mac Dre imitating a Middle Eastern convenience store clerk]
    Hello my friend, How you do my friend? What would you like?
    Yes, what would you like?
    "I want uh... pack of Backwoods...pack of Backwoods
    Give me a fifth of that privilege Hennessy and uh... thats it"
    Thank you very very much

    [Verse 1]
    What you know about me? I'm Mac Dreezy
    Call Hennessy heem and a blunt a bleezy
    I keep a fat sack wrapped in a Backwood leaf
    Smoke trees that make me look Japanese
    Green seedless, mean when I'm weedless
    Never in denial, I'm a fiend and I need this
    Any day is a bad day for Mac Dre
    When he ain't got it, they ask why he act that way
    I smoke champ, kush and Naid
    Man whats Naid? - Bomb that's sprayed
    I can't fade a beezy who don't keep a bleezy
    Rolled for a neezy
    I ask her, what the feezy?
    I gotta have weed to go get weed
    You dont like it? Kiss my ass till your lips bleed
    This one's for the club so I'm kinda like keeping it clean
    Sing it with me y'all
    Bleezies n heem

    [Hook (x2):]
    I gots to have my dope
    Everywhere I go
    When they ask me, what's my drink?
    I say heem, man, what you think?

    [Verse 2]
    I L-O-V-E H double-E M
    I drink like ten of them things that swim
    "He's heeming again" is what they say when I come around
    I'll get dumb drunk and fuck up your compound
    Your building your establishment
    Mobbin', saying "cuddie I'm hella bent"
    Oh what a feeling when you're looking at the ceiling
    And it's spinning and the earl starts spilling
    I drink heem when I perk don't like Erk and Jerk
    It don't work, when a nigga chillin'
    Might spill it on my Abercrombie Fitch
    Know I got the man at the liquor store rich
    Well baby would you please run and get
    Me another Hennessy fifth?
    Bleezies n heem

    [Hook x2]

    Fire up, lets get drunk
    Get your cup, fill it up, don't be no punk
    A party ain't a party if every damn body
    Ain't lifted and a little bit tipsy
    But don't drink and drive, I remember one time
    My cuddie Joogy, wrapped his fifty, rap this with me
    And if you don't understand
    You a inbred, your daddy and your uncle was the same man
    I gotta have dope everywhere I go
    When they ask me what I drink I say, "heem, what you think?"
    I gets heem in me, only substitute's Rémy
    In Sac with Jimmy, or in Portland with Kenny
    I'm danked out, dranked out, can't talk, can't count
    If I want some more I'm making baby pull her bank out
    Who on a bomb? Boy, what do you mean?
    Sing it to me yall
    Bleezies n heem

    Mac Dre Studio Albums
    Young Black Brotha
    Stupid Doo Doo Dumb
    Rapper Gone Bad
    Heart of a Gangsta, Mind of a Hustla, Tongue of a Pimp
    Mac Dre's the Name
    It's Not What You Say... It's How You Say It
    Thizzelle Washington
    Al Boo Boo
    Ronald Dregan: Dreganomics
    The Genie of the Lamp
    The Game Is Thick, Vol. 2
    Dre Day: July 5th 1970

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