1. FrankWalkerLaw.com - Cited for Underage Drinking in Pittsburgh? Scared that a guilty plea could impact your chances of higher education, graduate school or future employment? Don't Plead Guilty, you need to fight the citation to get it dismissed from your record!

    Contact Top Criminal Defense Attorney Frank Walker at 412.315.7441 today!

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  2. FrankWalkerLaw.com - Cited for Public Intoxication in Pittsburgh? Don't Plead guilty! Contact our law firm at 412.315.7441 to help you fight for a dismissal of the citation. Don't Wait contact Attorney Frank Walker Today at 412.315.7441.

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  3. frankwalkerlaw.com/ - Are you a Pittsburgh College Student currently facing criminal charges such as Public Intoxication, Public Urination, Simple Assault, Resisting Arrest, False ID, DUI, Underage Drinking or Disorderly Conduct? Don't make a statement! Contact our Law Firm immediately at 412.315.7441

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  4. FrankWalkerLaw.com - Have you been arrested or cited for disorderly conduct while visiting Station Square in Pittsburgh? Don't plead guilty! Call our office today at 412-532-6805 for aggressive criminal defense of your citation.

    If found guilty of a disorderly conduct citation, you may be subject to maximum fines and potential jail time. Additionally, a summary conviction for disorderly conduct will remain on your record for five years until you are eligible for an expungement.

    Call today at 412-532-6805 to schedule a consultation for your summary citation of disorderly conduct.

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  5. FrankWalkerLaw.com - Are you currently a student at a Pittsburgh College or University? Have you recently been cited for the summary offense of Public Urination in Oakland, Pennsylvania? Don't plead guilty without speaking with an experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer. Contact our lawfirm at 412-532-6805 to schedule a consultation.

    Don't Wait! Don't Plead guilty to the citation for Public Urination! Call our office now at 412-532-6805.

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Pittsburgh Summary Offenses Attorney

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Helpful information from a Pittsburgh Criminal Lawyer about the Dangers of Summary Offenses, such as:

- Public Urination
- Public Intoxication
- Disorderly Conduct
- Underage Drinking
- False ID
- Reckless Driving
- Careless Driving

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