1. [temporal] is a computer-generated audio-visual work that reflects on temporality, non-linearity, and duration through relational structures. These structures explore the relationships between sound and video, data and algorithm, perception and cognition, as well as the relationality of systems and networks. This is achieved through the development of software that recursively manipulates data by translating sound into video and vice versa, using data as signal and control information. The data used in [temporal] includes that describing sleeping brain activity, public transport networks, surveillance systems and algorithmic simulation of orbital systems.

    The work utilises evocative, physical and (at times) disorientating sound and video to explore an Einsteinian conception of gravitation - the mass and arrangement of all entities influencing how each entity moves through both time and space. [temporal] carves its own path in non-linear spacetime, demonstrating how movement and perception is constantly being altered due to the object's fluctuating mass. [temporal] looks at computer simulations and networks of particles as simulacra for atomic, biological, ecological and social systems.

    The work is constructed from multiple interconnected scenes that create dynamic contrasts between the relational structures of sound and image - using shape, scale, brightness and volume to generate an abstract, sensory experience of data and algorithm. The scenes shift in scale on a spectrum between the atomic and universal. The work attempts to create a sense of conjunctive correlations between the conceptual material, real-world data, computer-processing and found material through a synaesthetic melding of sound, image and space.

    The work is presented as an audio-visual concert using 2ch HD projection and 4.1ch sound. First presented in the main gallery at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, Western Australia.

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  2. 2013
    multichannel video and 2.1 channel sound

    The concept for perspectives coalesced from an increasing awareness of individuals’ existence as being part of greater and larger networks or systems. Smaller entities that form the network enable powerful and important combinations, and at the core level, networks and systems are critical for all atomic, biological and social structures. These systems sometimes appearing so large as to the point where the importance of the individual is removed. The work was also influenced by an increasing interest in the Einsteinian conception of gravity, being that each individual object exerts forces in both space and time, and that perception of time is relative to surrounding forces.

    The research process for this work involved looking at numerous data sets, interaction networks, physics engines, behavioural simulations, gravitational systems, algorithmic processes and translations of data and media, while also further developing computer programming techniques and experimenting with new media formats in the use of multi-channel video and 3d printing.

    perspectives [macro] builds upon previous works consciousness and multiplicity by continuing to investigate unseen data, unconscious thought, number, and scale, but also by varying the viewing point of these between the greater network and representations of the forces acting upon individuals. These works seek to view, analyse, illustrate, identify and ponder the multitude of networks and systems surrounding us through translation of these seen and unseen processes into abstract, sensory representations.

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  3. Kynan Tan's new work 'multiplicity' draws tiered levels of relationships between the seen and heard, creating an interconnected web of synaesthetic experience. 'multiplicity' is a work that attempts to illustrate, to bring to life through computer-generated sound and image, the idea of the multiple, the numerous, the singular. In doing so the work questions relationships between objects, the way in which things grow and evolve over time. 

    Cities are laid out in sequence, the networks between points illustrated by fragile beams of light. Cells appear and grow in communities, then amass to create a singular entity. Computer data zips through the pipeline, gradually increasing in frequency, complexity and noisiness. 

    'multiplicity' forms the second work in Kynan's ongoing series of audio-visual works regarding perception, thought and networks, following on from consciousness, which explored data collected from sleeping brain activity.

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  4. Kynan Tan’s commissioned work consciousness is a feast of devastating digital audio and stunning computer-controlled visuals, exactly synchronised into jarring, sudden pulses and fluidly drifting cascades. The work portrays the links found between different human beings that are exhibited during unconsciousness. By analysing sleeping brain waves and using this data to control variables of the computer-generated audio and vision, the artist attempts to connect the real and surreal while allowing the computer to partake in the chaos, playfulness and wonder of unconscious thoughts.

    The work ties Carl Jung’s idea of a collective unconscious to the autonomous re-arrangement of materials found within the vast expanse of the internet – using archived sounds and images that are decimated, processed and manipulated beyond recognition into new shapes and forms, all held within a framework of new, computer-generated imagery. Performed live on dual screens and making full use of the extremes of the sound spectrum, the performance transcends normal performance relationships to move into simultaneously physical and surreal spaces.

    This work was commissioned by Tura New Music through the 2010 Tura New Music Commission Prize, awarded to the most outstanding final year composition student at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA).

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invisible and visible systems of networks

Kynan Tan Plus

series of audio-visual works by Kynan Tan

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