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    Lars Leonhard was born in 1973 in Hilden (Duesseldorf). In Lars' early childhood he recognized his passion for music. In the early 90's he decided to produce his own music. His affinity to electronically music leads him to ambient, dub techno and deep house music.

    The electro musician Lars Leonhard from Düsseldorf/Germany focuses on suggestive sounds. 15 years ago, he made his first experiences with industrial and easy listening productions. At that time, he established his sound basis for his in 2002 founded punk rockband „Chaos Digital". Till their breakup in 2006 , the band created catchy songs like „Keine wie Du" for the local music scene.

    Concurrently to concerts and performances, Lars worked solely on his own tracks followed by TV jingles for brands and a soundtrack for a graffiti documentation by Robert Kaltenhäuser. Four years ago, he went to Japan and worked temporarily for the German Pavilion during the World Fair „Expo 2005". For his further career, he uses his own name „Lars Leonhard" to proceed.

    Electro fans of unique ambient, electro, tech and deep house tracks will admire Lars Leonhard. In 2010, Lars signed a label contract at BineMusic in Essen/Germany which cooperates with artists like Move D, Benjamin Brunn, Scanner and Martin Nonstatic. Since his debut in 2010 with the release of his track "Citylights" on the compilation Various Artists/ BineVolume I, he further released till now two CD albums Alben „1549" and „Seasons -- Les Quatre Saisons" thus a vinyl 12 EP „ No Comment„.

    Furthermore, a "yellow clear" vinyl on the label "DimbiDeep has been released with the title „Lars Leonhard / Shebuzzz / Supererde / Grasses Of The Past".

    Additionally, innumerable tracks on several labels have been released. Major part of those are digital releases are available in major Music stores.

    The year 2013 has been a milestone in Lars career. The American space agency NASA spotted Lars on YouTube and engaged him on a long-term basis. Several scientific videos what are observed and recorded by satellites were highlighted in music by Lars Leonhard. Two videos of that amazing cooperation of both parties can be watched on YouTube.
    Musik aus Leidenschaft

    Lars Leonhard wurde 1973 in Hilden geboren. Bereits früh erkannte er seine Leidenschaft zur elektronischen Musik. Seit Anfang der neunziger Jahre produziert und experimentiert er an seiner eigenen Musik. Der elektronische Bereich, der ihm im Blut liegt, wies ihm den Weg zu Elektro, Ambient, DubTechno und Deephouse.

    Von 2003-2006 sammelte Lars mit der Düsseldorfer Elektro-Combo Band Chaos Digital Bühnen- und Fernseherfahrung. Es folgten diverse Jingles für große Marken bis hin zum Auftrag einer Musik-Produktion für die Weltausstellung Expo im Jahre 2005. Die Produktion erfolgte in Deutschland, um sie wenig später persönlich in Japan (Aichi) im Deutschen Pavillon einzurichten.

    2007 produzierte er zwei Tracks, u.a. die Titelmusik für die Graffiti-Art-Dokumentation ART INCONSEQUENCE von Robert Kaltenhäuser, die noch im selben Jahr mit einem Buch und CD-Plus veröffentlicht wurde.

    2010 wird das Essener Label BineMusic, welches u.a. Künstler wie Move D, Benjamin Brunn, Scanner und Martin Nonstatic released, auf den Düsseldorfer Lars Leonhard aufmerksam. Seit seinem Debut auf BineMusic im Jahre 2010 mit dem Track „ Citylights" auf der Compilation Various Artists / BineVolume I , folgten bis heute (2013) , zwei CD Alben „1549" und „Seasons -- Les Quatre Saisons" sowie eine Vinyl 12″ EP mit dem Titel „ No Comment„.

    Zudem erschien eine „yellow clear" Vinyl auf dem Label DimbiDeep mit dem Titel „Lars Leonhard / Shebuzzz / Supererde / Grasses Of The Past.

    Es folgten unzählige Release auf diversen Labels, die zum größten Teil digital in allen großen Stores erhältlich sind.

    Das Jahr 2013, der bisherige Höhepunkt seiner Karriere, wird die US -- Raumfahrtbehörde NASA auf den Produzenten aufmerksam und engagiert ihn langfristig. Diverse wissenschaftliche Videos sollen musikalisch unterlegt werden, die mit Hilfe eines Observations-Satelliten im Weltall aufgenommen wurden. Zwei Videos dieser wunderbaren Zusammenarbeit zwischen Leonhard und der NASA sind inzwischen auf Youtube zu bewundern.

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  2. camera : Panasonic DMC-GH3
    lens : LUMIX G X VARIO 12-35mm/F2.8
    camera : PENTAX Q7
    lens : 02 STANDARD ZOOM
    music : rebirth by Stefano mocini

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  4. "The Calendar After the End?"/ Silkscreen Poster

    Design: Corn Studio
    Silkscreen Print: Tind & Erato
    Photos : Cynthia Kostaki
    Video: Ilias Stathis
    Music: Ulver - Eitttlane

    Behance Presentation:

    Shop Link

    We designed a poster based on the Aztecs Art and the history of the natives of Middle America. Based upon the stone of the Aztec Sun god we created a calendar for 2013. We named it ‘’The calendar after the end?’’ based upon the false translation of the Mayans prophecy that in 21-12-2012 will come the end of the world. We put the questionmark along with the title, to signify our ignorance for what may come.
    For the title we used Tikal typeface.Tikal is a brand new experimental typeface designed by Richard de Ruijter for "Ten Dollar Fonts", inspired by ancient South American culture. Although Richard has never been to South America, his typeface is a personal interpretation of what he feels their modern type would have looked like in this day and age.
    According to Mayans in 21-12-2012 the world will not end, it will be remodified. According to the Mayan calendar the 21st of December marks the end of the time and the begining of no-time. It is the end of the Macha and the begining of Pacha. It is the end of selfiness and the begining of brotherhood. It is the end of individualism and the begining of collectivism. It is the end of hatred and the begining of love. The end of lies and the begining of truth. It is the end of sadness and the begining of joy. It is the end of division and the begining of unity.’’ - Evo Morales, President of Bolivia to the UN General Assembly, 67th session, 2012.
    The Aztecs in one of their calendars, had 20 days. Each day had a name of an animal, a natural element
    or an activity. Also for each day had been written a moto. We replaced the numbers of the days, on the
    calendar, with the Aztecs glyphs. We do that because we believe that it is time for people to stop counting
    the time in numbers and start counting in actions.
    The Aztecs, in the center of their stone, have the Sun god. We replaced him with the god of
    Chaos (this is a fictional god!) because in a world that time doesn’t count in numbers... chaos prevail!
    Around the calendar we wrote the moto for each day in a way that can be used as an index.
    It is a calendar for someone who wants to see how he can enjoy his day and not to see what day is.

    We screen printed the poster in a large format 70x100 cm, 3 colours on a variaty of papers and materials. We
    choose this trying to emulate the real size of the stone of Sun god. We printed 3 colors, black,
    3x metallic inks (gold, silver, bronze) and phosphorescent ink in variable combinations. The
    silkscreen printing tecnic was selected because it is the anciest printing method and it has the longest restibility in time. Selected posters were hand crafted to give them a vintage look.

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  5. Solid Steel (8th November) It's yet another AV mix from Mr Armtone this week for both your eyes and ears. Carefully selected visuals have been edited alongside original videos for an awesome 80 min Video Mixtape, which is available to watch in high quality on Vimeo, download on iTunes or just listen on Soundcloud/Mixcloud. Unique to the Solid Steel radio show!
    We kick straight off with the inimitable Wiley over J Beatz and tearing through heavy beats and intense imagery from Ta-ku, Sleepin Giantz, Juice Aleem and Congo Natty. Then it's tracks from Special Request, Machinedrum production for Azelia Banks, Debruit, Om Unit, Bang On and our own Hexstatic. Classic tracks from Kool Keith, Jaydee and DJ Hype all feature and we end with the sublime 'Fly like an Eagle' by Steve Miller Band.

    You can download the audio here soundcloud.com/ninja-tune/solid-steel-radio-show-8-11-1

    Aryist - Title - Record Label - (Visuals & Video Directors)

    J Beatz _ Bassed Riddim _ Slit Jockey Records ( Niles Heckman )
    Wiley _ Flying (Acapella) _ Big Dada ( Ruffmercy (Original Video) )
    Beatles _ Come Together (AnTenNae Remix) _ Sequence Records ( Procrastinatus / Mr. Armtone Video Edit )
    Ta-ku _ Diamond Mouth _ HW&W Recordings ( BRTHR (Original Video) )
    Bassbin Twins _ Doubles _ Bassbin Records ( )
    HeavyFeet ft. DRS _ Dirty & Stinking (Acapella) _ Black Butter Records ( Original Video )
    Sleepin Giantz _ Mucky _ Tru Thoughts ( Original Video )
    Juice Aleem _ MoorKaBa LightBikes (Ebu Blackitude's Shadowless Remix) _ Spinning Compass ( Ben Lister (Original Video) / Cassidy Bisher / Mr. Armtone Re-Edit )
    Congo Natty _ Revolution _ Big Dada ( Ryan Warner (Original Video) )
    Derajah & Paketo Wilson _ Inna De Yard (Mr. Armtone Re-Dub) _ Unreleased ( Original Video / Stu Maxwell / Mr. Armtone Video Edit )
    Skanx _ Dubplate War _ Sub Slayers ( Carlsson / Jonathan Toomey / Mr. Armtone Re-Edit )
    Special Request _ Mindwash _ Houndstooth ( Bison / Mr. Armtone Re-Edit )
    Pixelord _ Been Lookin (Chrissy Murderbot Remix) _ Civil Music ( Dan Hankinson (Original Video) / Mr. Armtone Re-Edit )
    Genys & Piotrus Plan _ Keep It Tight _ Mondayjazz ( Uwe Schweer-Lambers )
    Machinedrum ft. Azealia Banks _ Fantasea _ Self-Released ( Alexander Haessner )
    Shy Fx _ Bambaata (Break Remix) _ Digital Soundboy Recordings ( Matt Pearson )
    Debruit _ Ata (LV Remix) _ Civil Music ( Smab (Basile Buisson) & Botine / Mr. Armtone Re-Edit )
    Debruit _ Ata _ Civil Music ( Smab (Basile Buisson) & Botine )
    LAS _ Zaikedelic _ Box Clever ( Jean-Paul Frenay )
    Krampfhaft _ Spit Thunder _ Saturate! Records ( Johan Planefeldt (Original Video) )
    Ital Tek _ Hyper Real _ Civil Music ( Uwe Schweer-Lambers )
    Om Unit _ Ulysses VIP _ Mp3 ( Bison & Sam Coldy (Original Video) )
    Danny Scrilla _ Jolt _ Civil Music ( Anton Boman & Steffen Knøsgaard / Greyscalegorilla / Mr. Armtone Video Edit )
    Zion I _ Human Being (Bassnectar Remix) _ Live Up Records ( Spencer Groshong & Anthony Cole (Original Video) )
    Dub Phizix & Skittles _ I'm A Creator _ Exit Records ( Maxim Sullivan (Original Video) )
    Major Lazer _ Hold The Line (Sleng Teng Riddim) _ Mp3 ( Ryan Staake & Ferry Gouw / Mr. Armtone Re-Edit )
    Macka B _ Natural Herb (South Rakkas Mix) _ Sunny Side Records ( Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard / Combination Films / Notaguineapig / Mr. Armtone Video Edit )
    Vaiper Despotin ft. Highleef _ James Bondales _ Renegades Of Bump ( Clockwork VFX / Mr. Armtone Re-Edit )
    Kool Keith _ Livin Astro (Acapella) _ Ruffhouse Records ( Original Video )
    TC _ Do You Rock _ Don't Play ( Original Video / Cinematographoria / Mr. Armtone Re-Edit )
    London Elektricity _ Yikes! _ Hospital Records ( Luke Tickner (Original Video) )
    Die & Break _ Tear Down _ Digital Soundboy Recordings ( Mr Kaplin )
    Bang On! _ Munnys _ Big Dada ( Best Fit Session / Goaj / Mr. Armtone Re-Edit )
    Conquering Lion _ Code Red (Serial Killaz Remix) _ Congo Natty ( Original Video / Ithaca Audio / Mr. Armtone Re-Edit )
    Smiley Culture _ Police Officer (Jinx In Dub Remix) _ Mp3 ( Giblets (Original Video) / Kotaro Tanaka )
    DJ Hype _ Revolution _ Parousia ( Lukas Vojir / Mr. Armtone Re-Edit )
    Lewis Parker _ Walking On A Razor Pt. 2 (Sharp Edged Remix) _ KingUnderground Records ( Original Video )
    Hexstatic _ Ninja Tune _ Ninja Tune ( Hexstatic (Original Video) )
    Thievery Corporation ft. Mr. Lif _ Culture of Fear (The Polish Ambassador Remix) _ Self-Released ( Robin Bell (Original Video) / Mr. Armtone Re-Edit )
    Jaydee _ Plastic Dreams (Hohner Retro Mix) _ R & S Records ( Matthew DiVito )
    Bassnectar _ Laughter Crescendo ('2012 Version) _ Amorphous Music ( Daihei Shibata / Andreas Mass )
    Steve Miller Band _ Fly Like An Eagle _ Capitol Records ( Original Promo Video / Tetsumasa Saito / Mr. Armtone Re-Edit )

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