1. Tail Biter Productions approached us wanting us to design there logo and bring it to life with animation. Even though we took the logo in a different direction he was sold. For the animation he had a specific concept in mind which seemed like a challenge. The logo and final animation were well received. It was a result of our 3 of our team members. The logo designer (Design A Bot), the motion artist (myself), and finally the sound designer (The Human).

    It took me a while to get the right amount of sperm in the scene distanced in z space. Through orienting the smaller sperm comp on a path that was manipulated by particular 2s turbulence field I was able to have the sperm swim in random directions. Using a shallow depth of field and changing the focus distance along with playing with physics time factor I slowed the animation down to a crawl. The snake starts as a sperm (if you are watching that slow). Next through key-framing edge thin, and animating the snake via puppet tool the snake transforms and comes to a halt. This was quite a bit more complicated piece for a logo animation, but I think it came out amazing. The best work that comes out of panda motion and spin my logo is always a result of teamwork!

    logo animation services here: spinmylogo.com

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  2. Andrew Listermann from Riveting Entertainment contacted us to develop this animation for his new reel. Riveting Entertainment has quite a few popular music videos in their portfolio. I had to recreate the logo in order to take away the slice in the middle. Originally we were toying with some more extravagant ideas for the surroundings but eventually made a very subtle and simple environment. We also had a custom audio track developed to compliment the motion. I am always excited when the animation is well received.
    Concept & Motion Graphics: Daniel Johnson
    Audio: Bailey Math from Terminator Smile

    Technical: The light flash was a combination of three elements. The first was a lens flare, the second was a slightly blurred and moving star object. The last was a glowing arrow shape that can mostly be seen at the very end of the cut. The cut was made with a mask that transformed its shape and feather amount. I used several moving masks to reveal the logo and floor at the beginning and the ending. I used a blurred cloudy animation to interact with the main “Riveting” text. The “entertainment” text was a combination of a linear feathered transition wipe and Trapcode’s shine effect.

    Animate your logo here: spinmylogo.com

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  3. I had the pleasure of working with Fernando on this amazing logo for Sylion Development (sylion.com). I had one other version that was just a little too showy, so we toned it back a little and here is what we came up with.

    Technical: The trick to this project was integrating the original illustrator layers into after effects while maintaining the layered interactions. Illustrator paths can be copied into after effects as shapes or masks. I ended up using solids with masks for each layer. I changed the anchor points to the beginning of each hair shard, and applied a wiggle that ramped up and down. My work always looks so much better when I start out with some amazing art like this.

    Animate your logo here: spinmylogo.com

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  4. It was a pleasure to work with Alex from Unique Vision Studios. They approached me with their logo, and I wanted to try a different technique with the unfocused blurred out light. Also I wanted the lens finder icon react to the environment. So in a way it shows that the photographer/cinematographer has a trained eye for the right shots. They loved the concept and with a few tweaks we had this. Check out their work here: uniquevstudio.com/

    Technical: This is mostly the work of trapcode particular 2 and video copilot's optical flares. I used two different particle settings. One of them was very close to the camera with fairly large particles that were well out of focus. The other was the accent of small particles. A light sweep was applied towards some of the text at the end.

    "Intro animation needed" try: spinmylogo.com

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  5. I had the pleasure of animating this logo for Rich Scott from Design A Bot. He is an extremely innovative logo designer. The Umbrella Foundation logo is for sale at brandstack.com (as of 12/09). Check out his portfolio here: brandstack.com/users/profile/designabot
    This logo was just crying out to be animated in this way. I think it came out pretty well.

    Geek stuff: There was around 120 particles that were nested together. I made the starting position all the same so they were grouped together at the start. I added a wiggle expression to each of these compositions and tied them to two expression controls so that I could play with the speeds of the two wiggle variables. The stars were simple moving shapes that varied in size and opacity. I also added some glow and blur to the twinkling stars. The particles land it different times through the use of the keyframe assistant distribute layers. The music is another great track from Smartsound.

    Animate your logo here: spinmylogo.com

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