1. Zimbabwe obtained in 2014 two major recognitions of his exceptional tourism potential in the form of WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION AWARD and the inscription on the list of FAVORITE CULTURAL DESTINATION for 2014.
    During a long dialogue Hon. Vice-President of Republic of Zimbabwe-J.T.R MAJURU and the President of European Council on Tourism and Trade-Professor Dr. ANTON CARAGEA tabled the latest developments in world tourism and new cooperation opportunities between Zimbabwe and Europe.
    The reasons for awarding WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION FOR 2014 to ZIMBABWE included:

    - The promotion and support offered to a new concept of community natural protection supporting tourism friendly to nature, with low ecological impact and preservation of natural biodiversity and protection of endangered species and areas, especially rainforest south-African eco-climate.

    - Offering to tourists and outstanding and pristine nature and the opportunity to explore nature, to contribute to ecological preservation and the opportunity to visit extraordinary space such as: the unique landscape of Victoria Waterfall, the National Parks as: Mana, Eastern Highlands from Manicaland, Mana Basins from West Mashonaland, Exfoliated Hills from Matebeland, Chilojo Cliffs, and Matobo Hills from Bulawayo etc.

    All this regions and natural parks are model of achievements in ecological and green tourism that must be world recognized.

    - The continuous development and protection of cultural and historical patrimony of Republic of Zimbabwe, the transformation of Harare in a historical and spiritual center offering to the visitor a glimpse into rich culture and heritage of people’s of Zimbabwe

    - The preservation of an outstanding historical and cultural patrimony that comprises wonderful sites such as: cultural, historical and rich legacy of Great Kingdom of Zimbabwe, the preservation of the former capital of Shone Kingdom-Great Zimbabwe in Masvingo area with a world-class fortification system and palatial complex from 12th century, this are offering a rare insight for tourists into one of the greatest civilization of pre-colonial Africa and a rare window into traditions of centuries.

    - Today, REPUBLIC OF ZIMBABWE is creating and offering for tourists an open air museum, a rare collection of historical and archeological treasures that educate and enrich the world.

    – The preservation of cultural and natural sites of world significance and value such as: Great Zimbabwe National Monument (added to UNESCO list in 1986), Khami Ruins National Monument (added to UNESCO list in 1986), Matobo Hills (added to UNESCO list in 2003), Mana Pools National Park, Sapi and Chewore Safari Areas (added to UNESCO list in 1984), Mosi-oa-Tunya / Victoria Falls and UNESCO candidate regions as: Ziwa national monuments dating from Stone Age period with an incomparable contribution to world legacy.

    - The REPUBLIC OF ZIMBABWE is today a hot spot for adventure tourism offering a large area of regions suitable for this special kind of tourism and the necessary infrastructure to welcome adventure sicker, the safety structures and natural potential to rank amongst the top world adventure spots.

    - Keeping alive spiritual tradition, integrating tourist`s and visitors in the atmosphere of the REPUBLIC OF ZIMBABWE people, offering possibility for an enriching cultural experience, are all achievements

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  2. Between 29 May and 8 June 2014 an European delegation from European Council on Tourism and Trade visited Zimbabwe. The visit comes after the announcement that Zimbabwe has won the highest world tourism awards: World Best Tourist Destination and Favorite Cultural Destination for 2014.
    During their familiarization trip to Zimbabwe the European Council on Tourism and Trade delegation held a number of meetings with key officials from Zimbabwe administration and received a warm welcome from Senior Minister S.K. Moyo.
    During the dialogue The President of European Council on Tourism and Trade Professor Dr. Anton Caragea praised Zimbabwe as a front runner in the fight for an independent Africa in 1980 and marked also the key role played by President Mugabe in this fight stating that: the world did not forget the ten years spent in the dungeons of the colonial rule, the world did not forget the 20 years of revolutionary activity at the risk of the life and personal peace, spent in the opposition to the absurd regime of apartheid and segregation of Old time Rhodesia.
    As we do not forget the word of reconciliation spoken after this years of struggle, ten years before Nelson Mandela similar example: “If yesterday I fought you as an enemy, today you have become a friend,” “If yesterday you hated me, today you cannot avoid the love that binds me to you.”
    We will never forget that 35 years ago from Harare you have called all nations of Africa to wake up from the long colonial sleep to a new and rich life of fulfillment`s.

    Your name is and will be forever inscribed for me and for all the honest people of the world along the names of the fathers of free Africa: Kwame Nkrumah, Julius Nyerere, Jomo Kenyatta etc. as a giant of liberation and freedom fight in Africa and the world.

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  3. For a short presentation of the reasons for awarding WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION AWARD for 2014 to the Republic of Zimbabwe we are presenting you some extracts from the speech of His Excellency President Anton Caragea in the opening ceremony for WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION AWARD CEREMONY in 2014 .
    As always, the ceremony for WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION AWARD is the embodiment of an idea and the universal proclamation of a country that succeeded in materializing this idea to the fullest.

    Last year we concentrated on the idea that in the world of today, tourism is a causeway uniting knowledge and friendship, peoples and countries, a way to promote peace and understanding, a road that leads towards a better future for all.

    We see the recipient of the WORLD BEST TOURISM AWARD, ZIMBABWE, not only standing for the idea of a resurrection of Africa and African people, but also symbolizing Africa’s determination to undertake the long journey to global significance, after being considered a dark continent, followed by years of subjugation by its erstwhile colonizers.

    We have also noted with great satisfaction that Zimbabwe has persistently viewed tourism as one of the pillars of its economy, going forward. Your successive economic blueprints, right up to the current one, the ZIMASSET, recognize the critical value-adding role that the tourism sector can play in your economy.

    Mr. President, in our consideration for whom to give this award to, we learnt, amongst many other facts about your country, your model of ensuring that local communities participate and benefit from enterprises that exploit and benefit from the conservation of bio-diversity of both flora and fauna, was born here. We are here to urge you along this course, because that makes Zimbabwe a steward of the earth’s flora and fauna, in its pristine condition, for the benefit and enjoyment of all humanity including Zimbabwe’s own posterity.

    Your Excellency, it is not only for these philosophical reasons that we found your country worthy of this award, the fact is your country if well-endowed with historical and cultural features of great worth and value to all humanity. These range from the massive long-standing architectural structures of Great Zimbabwe monument, and others like it all over your country, to rock paintings and artefacts that symbolize early human civilization. Zimbabwe is indeed a destination of global note and the recognition of many of your country’s features as UNESCO Human Heritage sites says as much.

    Last but not least, Your Excellency, Ladies and Gentlemen, it is not only in Zimbabwe that we have found a naturally and culturally well-endowed destination, but it is here that we find an exceptional combination of peace and security, combined with a crime-free environment and an exceptionally hospitable people. Visitors here are bound to feel welcome, safe and secure, and that is probably the reason why the United Nations World Tourism Organization decided to hold the 20th Session of its General Assembly, which turned out to be its most successful, here at the magnificent Victoria Falls.

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  4. Director of European Tourism Academy-Professor Dr. Mircea Constantinescu makes the welcoming academic speech for Walter Mzembi-Minister of Tourism of Zimbabwe

    We are here to award to Dr. Walter Mzembi, the Minster of Zimbabwe, the Academician status and Medal of Honor, by the European Tourism Academy.

    We may say from the beginning that the curriculum vitae as well as the entire activity of dr. Walter Mzembi are remarkable and represent a very successful combination between high level knowledge and expertise, and efficient action implemented in different areas of the public service.

    Dr. Walter Mzembi is a very resourceful person and a man of many talents.

    His initial activity in the area of mechanical engineering, mining activity, water resources engineering, development and management, land resettlement and agro industrial management provided him with extensive knowledge and expertise. This is also a confirmation that his doctorate in management is well deserved.

    The studies and diploma in Business and Governance studies of Dr. Walter Mzembi gave him credentials for being a knowledgeable member of the Zimbabwe government and of the different Parliamentary bodies and committees.

    Dr. Walter Mzembi is at the same time a great patriot. He loves his country, Zimbabwe, and the people of Zimbabwe.

    He put his enthusiasm, energy and knowledge in making a better life for the people and promoting the image of his country all over the world.

    One may think that in a large and complex country like Zimbabwe, being a Minister of Tourism may be much easier than in other areas of activity. But what the international tourist visiting Zimbabwe nowadays might see is only the tip of the aisberg. Practically all the Zimbabwe economy is benefiting from and contributing to a successful tourism, making the tourism the third largest contributor to the Gross Domestic Product, after mining and agriculture sectors.

    Dr. Walter Mzembi’s expertise in all these areas was extremely useful.

    Mother Nature was generous with Zimbabwe. The numerous natural reservations represent a valuable asset and create a legal framework for preserving the natural resources and wonderful landscapes, as well as building a tourism structure. After our working trips and evaluations of many countries of the world, we know that only the beauty of a scenery does not make a tourist attraction and does not bring revenues to the people.

    You need modern infrastructure, need people to provide services and stewardship, need financial and human resources, need communication and good will, and above all you need to be proud of your country.

    Dr. Walter Mzembi knows all that, and since 2009 he and his team, with the support of the entire Zimbabwe government, developed and implemented a successful strategy for the Zimbabwe tourism.

    Dr. Walter Mzembi is a born communicator and diplomat.

    And this is not a pure laudation. The recognition of his merits in this area are confirmed by the appreciation of the Institute of Public Relations, by the African Travel Association, by the United Nations World Tourism Organization, by the Institute Of Cultural Diplomacy, and by many other national and international professional bodies.

    But there are not the titles and diplomas that finally count, but the results, and Dr. Walter Mzembi, as Minister of Tourism of Zimbabwe got remarkable results since 2009. He realized that a continuous development of domestic tourism will not be enough. The tourism of Zimbabwe, as the entire Zimbabwe nation must be reconnected to the world.

    It was not an easy task for a country that has been confronted with an unlawful isolation for more than a decade. The president Robert Mugabe, the Zimbabwe Government and Parliament, supported by all the Zimbabwe people, played and essential role in installing again Zimbabwe into the great concert of the nations.

    Dr. Walter Mzembi was part of this continuous effort of communication and diplomacy inside and outside the country, and his role as Minister of Tourism was important and with remarkable results.

    So there is almost no surprise that with remarkable personalities like Dr. Walter Mzembi, Zimbabwe was nominated as the 2014 Best Tourist Destination by the European Council on Tourism and Trade, award handed over by President Dr. Anton Caragea during an official ceremony.

    As a recognition of his contribution to the development of Zimbabwe tourism, we are proud to hand over the title of Academician member of Honor and to bestow the Medal Of Honor to his Excellency Dr. Walter Mzembi, Minister of Zimbabwe tourism, and to congratulate his as the newest academician of our European Tourism Academy.

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  5. On 3 of June 2014 H.E. President of Zimbabwe- Robert Gabriel Mugabe has received WOD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION AWARD Trophy from European Council on Tourism and Trade (ECTT) and in a warm and powerful speech has presented his admiration for the ECTT work in promoting world tourism.

    Here are some excerpts from this speech:

    Ladies and gentlemen, comrades and friends, President of the European Council on Tourism and Trade.
    Let me conclude by saying:

    Thank you to you to ECTT

    We should thank you for your magnanimity because at this juncture, at this time

    when others are thinking at punishing us more, you are thinking of making us more friend than enemy. We are thanking you, we are exuding with friendship and love for others who are equally exuding with love and friendship to us It is that interaction of love, love of nations, love of peoples that we in Zimbabwe we want to work for.

    Let me conclude by saying that I a greatly enthusiastic and appreciative and full of pride for all decision taken by European Council on Tourism and Trade (ECTT) to give this awards to Zimbabwe.
    if the countries that have wined this wards in the past are anything to go by the European Council on Tourism and Trade has a powerful and transparent desire to draw all the world's attention to the tourism potential in developing countries

    Thank you for that

    This award is having the effect of putting the winner under the global limelight and I want to say that we have this limelight thanks to the European Council on Tourism and Trade (ECTT) and thanks to you the Zimbabweans for demonstrating that you love others in the world.

    We are now in the global limelight

    And I want to promise to the European Council on Tourism and Trade that we shall continue to increase our
    efforts to leverage the potential that you have identified in us and always make Zimbabwe a preferred cultural destination in the world, a people loving peoples destination.

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Tourism Council

European Council on Tourism and Trade, the largest tourism organization in the world has decided upon the WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION for 2014 with 27 countries on the list, from all the continents, regions and climate`s off the world.

The winner…

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European Council on Tourism and Trade, the largest tourism organization in the world has decided upon the WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION for 2014 with 27 countries on the list, from all the continents, regions and climate`s off the world.

The winner of the competition has being declared the REPUBLIC OF ZIMBABWE- WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION in 2014 announcement that triggered and explosion of joy amongst the African ambassadors as Zimbabwe is the first African country to get the top honor.

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