1. Featuring: Phil Turay and Syndee M. Winters

    Features the "United States Censorship" painting by Charles Moffat as graffiti

    A film by Debdoot Das

    List of Chapter

    The Quick & Dirty Guide to Hip Hop DVD

    01. Introduction
    02. Warm-up
    03. The Rock
    04. Side to Side
    05. Sway
    06. The Dip

    07. Touch-out
    08. Crossover
    09. Kick Ball Change
    10. Grooves Combination
    11. Eight-Count Stomp
    12. High Steppin'

    13. The Heel Toe
    14. Chicken Head
    15. The Step Back
    16. Brush Off Your Shoulder
    17. Walk it Out
    18. Rock it Out

    19. Hot Steppin' Combination
    20. Solo for Girls
    21. Solo for Girls Combination
    22. Solo for Guys
    23. Solo for Guys Combination
    24. Reggaeton

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  2. Bombay, twenty years ago, a twenty-four year old from Carter road, Bandra got together with a slightly older beardo from Byculla, put together a team and realised their dream...
    Most of us, were first timers (you may recognise some of the names in the credits below) and there was an innocence, an energy that brought us all together. Every day of shoot, of post-production was pure unadulterated joy and was somehow untouched by the cynicism that marks our trade.

    RAAKH is presently unavailable to rent or buy and has never (officially) been on Tv. Asif & I are working on a twentieth anniversary edition. Till then, here’s a small snippet, enjoy
    and welcome to 20 10!
    Aditya B.

    Here's a New York Times, Reader Review from June 18th, 2008:
    Aamir as Aamir at his adamant best-Ashes to Ashes.
    This dark movie is set in the bizarre twilight zone of the degenerate and venomous world of the Bombay underworld ,where there is only one vice that rules-might is right,

    it's protagonists search for their own existence in alignment with their ideals for justice and an uneven fairplay and use each other as pawns in a game of violence and corruption .

    Amir is a rebellious scion of a well to do muslim family who in a rash act of rage provokes the gang rape of his hindu girlfriend by a group of mafia men .

    The graphic unsentimentality of the act at night in a desolate public spot is chilling .

    The relationship breaks up ,the girl shuns him and her indifference to any mode of justice drives the youth to extremes ,he elopes and lives with social outcasts,where he is helped by a rather shady cop who works outside the parameters of judiciary.

    Amir is totally natural and very affective as the angry,violent and impulsive youth ,this is his definitive best act as yet and he needs to go back to his roots as this was his second movie itself,his raw dynamic talent resounds in every scene and the minimalist cinema with expressionist photography enhances his violent deadly role,he is matched by the rather insanely dishonest cop played by Pankaj Kapur and Supraya Pathak as the rape victim who blames him for the incidence in a powerful role,the police are indifferent as there are no witnesses and the victim will not report the crime ,although it is acknowledged .

    the brilliant young director has a frustrating setting for a social comment on a grim subject, the perception of acquisition of justice and the means to aquire it , both are unimportant as the net result is more violence and the act leads to anarchy and nihilism, this is a very profoundly affective cinema beautifully shot with minimal dialogues and light , the brooding shadows reflect the title itself which refers to the ashes of the remnants of the living characters in a metaphor as their existence has been reduced to a void which can never be filled .

    The finale is bleak and the desperation of the human existence is shown to be damned forever with no hope of redemption , the conclusion is left open to the audience .

    This is an anthology of violence , justice and lost youth within the framework of an unjust social hypocrisy where law is invalid and might is right , that might be unreasonable but it could be a universal truth , nevertheless Aditya and Amir create a dark masterpiece which goes beyond it's baroque , brooding beauty with hypnotically lit frames that remind you of the psychological impact and spirituality of the works by Caravaggio and La Tour , an eerie light that explores the human soul and questions it's conscience , the answer is inconclusive but still great cinema .

    — usman latif khawaja , havering,london,england

    & All the News thats fit to print:

    “He (Aditya) is quite original and has a great visual sense.” - Pankaj Kapur

    “I made this film....to portray reality and give an incisive view of life.” - Aditya Bhattacharya

    “I have....invested my entire self and ability in it.” - Aamir Khan

    “One is reminded of Taxi Driver & Mad Max” - IFFI.

    “Raakh is unlike any other thriller ever seen on the Indian screen.” - Khalid Mohamed

    Amongst the New Indian films…Bombay came up with at least one original and lively example…Ashes to Ashes tries hard and successfully to go beyond the clichés of Hindi melodrama and its young director, grandson of one of India’s most famous filmmakers, Bimal Roy, deserves congratulations for that.
    DEREK MALCOLM, The Guardian.

    “The film is strong on imagination and image.....” - Deepa Gahlot, Mid-Day

    “…an outstanding first film...sure grasp of cinematic craft.” - Maithili Rao, The Sunday Observer

    “His (Sivan's).....(camerawork).....are of a piece with the entire mood of the film.” - Sanjay Sipahimalani, Mid-Day.

    “Sivan's camerawork is superb.....soundtrack have been used as assault weapons.” - Bikram Singh, Sunday Observer.

    “....he (Aditya) makes us feel that everyone of us is a potential Aamir.” - Amit Agarwal, Times of India

    “Raakh could be described in a word: 'Mind-blowing'.” - Complete Cinema

    “....Raakh is silken, ...accentuated by the apocalyptic lighting and the slow fade-outs.” - Saibal Chatterjee, The Telegraph

    “...Sivan's camera tells the tale in all its starkness, no frills, no tricks.” - B.Krishnakumar, The Week

    “Visually, and in its evocation of a tough lyricism....a stunning film” - The Sunday Observer

    “...takes you through a violent journey behind truths....” - Society Annual

    “....it is essentially an essay against it (violence), a plea for love” - India Today

    “Aamir Khan does very well in a difficult role” - Film Information

    “...Writer-director Aditya Bhattacharya is adept.....riveting visuals and rich soundtrack.” - Super Box Office

    “...Aditya has an instinctive understanding of the cinematic language” - Cinema in India

    “Like pictures at an exhibition...wander from frame to frame...ruminating, admiring...” - Ajit Duara, The Indian Post


    A big city.

    After the police riots of 1990, the State Forces were disbanded and replaced by a central one. The police now had more powers. The crime rate continued to escalate. In the wealthier quarters of the city though, life went on… but it was an uneasy calm.

    Aamir (Aamir Khan) had just turned 21. He is from a rich family. The only colour in his otherwise mundane life was his obsession for Neeta, an older, more pragmatic woman, who did not quite feel the same about Aamir.

    One night, on their way back from a party, Neeta is gang raped by a local boss, Hassan Karmali and his friends, and Aamir watching helplessly, can do nothing.

    Unknown to Aamir, an off-duty police officer is a silent witness to the incident.
    Frustrated, possessed by impotent rage and a sense of injustice, Aamir has to find release. He leaves home... Ironically, he turns to Sub-Inspector Kapoor – The silent witness.
    Kapoor, pretending to be unaware of the incident agrees to help Aamir…. (years ago Kapoor had taken on the Karmali clan, an unwise move that nearly destroyed his career.)

    Aamir now feels he has a friend. Till one day, realizing the truth he is shattered.

    Soon after, S.I. Kapoor is suspended. His life begins to spiral downwards. Now alone, frightened, without a job and with nothing to lose… he sees in Aamir the means to fulfill his dark, unresolved dreams.

    Together they set about eliminating their common enemy – members of the dreaded Karmali family. Kapoor the embittered cop becomes a dark mentor to the innocent but fearless Aamir.

    Neeta, unaware of the changes in Aamir’s life, has decided to put her past behind her. She begins, slowly but painfully, to reconstruct her life.

    Meanwhile, Aamir slips into vortex of terrifying violence – a road to certain doom. Theirs is a war with no victors, a battle that has no glory.

    Amidst the lies of a logical life, sometimes the only truth is in madness, in losing control….

    Fire purifies as it consumes.

    ASIF NOOR presents Pankaj Kapur, Aamir Khan and Supriya Pathak in An Aditya Bhattacharya Film RAAKH


    Produced by

    Asif Noor .... producer
    Aditya Bhattacharya .... executive producer
    Sangeeth Sivan .... executive producer

    Written by

    Aditya Bhattacharya (writer)
    Nuzhat Khan (dialogue)

    Santosh Sivan

    Original Music by
    Ranjit Barot

    A. Sreekar Prasad

    Art Direction by
    Partho Sengupta

    Sound Department
    Anil Saxena .... assistant sound recordist
    Haresh Vyas .... sound recordist


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  3. A Quick & Dirty New Year Greetings from The Quick & Dirty Guide to Hip Hop team.

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