1. Computer guided dental implants in India at less minimal cost is becoming popular among foreign patients due to the excellent treatment offered by Indian dental clinics at a very low price. The dental clinics offer the best treatment along with latest medical facilities and modern equipments for dental implants in India at Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. Computer guided dental implants in India at less minimal cost is done with modern facilities, sterile techniques and products meeting international standards facilities, which are designed for comfort and efficiency providing expert dentistry to foreign patients. Computer guided dental implant is done at edentulous (without teeth )jaw sites, a pilot hole is bored into the recipient bone, taking care to avoid the vital structures (in particular the inferior alveolar nerve or IAN and the mental foramen within the mandible). Drilling into jawbone usually occurs in several separate steps. The pilot hole is expanded by using progressively wider drills . Care is taken not to damage the osteoblast or bone cells by overheating. A cooling saline spray keeps the temperature of the bone to below 47 degrees Celsius. The implant screw can be self-tapping, and is screwed into place at a precise torque so as not to overload the surrounding bone Typically in most implant systems, the osteotomy or drilled hole is about 1mm deeper than the implant being placed, due to the shape of the drill tip.Dental implants have revolutionized Dentistry, making it possible to replace a single tooth or all teeth in as little as an hour or two. Computer guided Dental implants in India at less minimal cost along with artificial teeth is a good option to fill the gaps left by tooth loss. The experience and ability of the dental surgeons, the quality of the restoration in India has played a vital role in long-term success of Medical tourism India. You can visit other various tourist places like Goa or Mahabaleshwar along side getting dental treatment. To know more info on Computer guided dental implants in India at a less minimal cost visit out website at http://www.indianhealthguru.com or mail your queries at contact@indianhealthguru.com

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  2. Bariatric surgery center at Kerala in India provides super specialty weight loss treatment with advanced medical technology and expertise at low cost. Kerala has well equipped Obesity surgery linics with a multi-disciplinary approach to Obesity problems. Bariatic surgery at Kerala in India at a low cost will surely bring down a patient's weight also it brings down all other evil complications thereof. Bariatric surgery has been reported to improve conditions such as sleep apnea, diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. The Hospitals in Kerala has the finest team of surgeons in India. The specialists have been trained at the best Institutes in the world as well as have decades of surgical as well as teaching and research experience. Bariatric surgery, also known as weight loss surgery, refers to the various surgical procedures performed to treat obesity by modification of the gastrointestinal tract to reduce nutrient intake. "Patients are referred to high-volume centers with surgeons experienced in bariatric surgery." There are a number of surgical options available to treat obesity, each with their advantages and pitfalls predominantly restrictive procedures: this kind of surgery primarily reduces stomach size Vertical Banded Gastroplasty, Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Band ,Sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass surgery, like Roux-en-Y gastric bypass ,Sleeve gastrectomy with Duodenal Switch, Implantable Gastric Stimulation. Bariatric surgeons in India focus on specific areas of specialty within the practice and have many years experience performing the related surgeries. Bariatric services provide an approach to the weight-loss surgery process that guides you from pre-surgery consultation and testing through surgery, recovery and continuing support at attractive cost. Experience counts when it comes to complex Bariatric surgery. As you go through associate surgeons profiles, you will find that Bariatric surgeons in India have completed thousand of surgeries. After your bariatric surgery at Kerala in India patient can visit to various tourist destinations across India under the genuine hospitality of medical tourism in India. Know more about low cost bariatric surgery at Kerala in India at http://www.forerunnershealthcare.com or mail your queries at enquiry@forerunnershealthcare.com

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  3. Obesity is a major international problem now days. The video shows how a Tanzania native got rid of her obesity by Gastric sleeve surgery in India at Mumbai. Many patients from United States, Canada, Great Britain, and Ireland these days travel to India for Gastric sleeve surgery, mainly because of the low cost, experienced bariatric surgeons, quality hospitals and no wait times. Gastric sleeve surgery in India at Mumbai is done at the most sought medical treatment centers, with the application of modern surgical technology. Gastric sleeve surgery reduces stomach size, so the individual feels full quickly with a small meal. It also restricts the production of the hunger-causing hormone. Gastric sleeve surgery or Sleeve gastrectomy is usually performed on extremely obese patients, with a body mass index of 40 or more, where the risk of performing a gastric bypass or duodenal switch procedure may be too large. A two-stage procedure is performed: the first is a sleeve gastrectomy, and the second is a conversion into a gastric bypass or duodenal switch. Patients usually lose a large quantity of their excess weight after the first sleeve gastrectomy procedure alone, but if weight loss ceases the second step are performed. For patients that are obese but not extremely obese, sleeve gastrectomy alone is a suitable operation with minimum risks. The sleeve gastrectomy currently is an acceptable weight loss surgery option for obese patients as a single procedure. Gastric sleeve surgery in India is done in hospitals providing world class facilitates, high quality and affordable medical treatment . Medical tourism in India also helps clients experience the rich natural and cultural and historical facets of India. Get more info about Gastric sleeve surgery in India at Mumbai visit us at http://www.forerunnershealthcare.com. Or mail at enquiry@forerunnershealthcare.com

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  4. Dental Clinic located at Mumbai in India is a high quality dental care destination with wide range of high quality and cutting edge technology which brings you the accurate diagnosis quickly. Dental clinics in India are fully equipped, so that makes cosmetic dental surgery in India very famous. Medical tourism in India has set up the warm superior environment with efficient services by mindful staffs and qualified specialists. Cosmetic dental surgery in India is not by the Dentist but by your friend who is a Dentist so it will guarantee you with highest quality, trustable, and safe services while the cost is more interesting than in western countries. The treatments are all including general dentistry, Laser Whitening, Cosmetic Dentistry Prothodontice Dentistry, Restorative Dentistry and Orthodontic Treatment. Dental Clinic in Mumbai is the premier clinic operated by the team of American, German and Indian Board-certified dentists which is emphasizing on cosmetic dental surgery and inclusive dentistry having ultimate goal to find perfections. Medical Tourism in India is a combination of wellness and healthcare coupled with leisure and relaxation which is aimed at rejuvenating a person mentally, physically and emotionally, drawing away from his daily routine to a relaxed environment in an exotic location. Cosmetic dental surgery in India is popular because of the affordable healthcare facilities good quality of treatment, cost savings and reduced wait time. For millions of patients, it is the only way to get the needed or desired medical treatment, without wiping out their entire life-savings. To know more about Cosmetic dental surgery in India visit us at http://www.indianhealthguru.com or mail your queries at contact@indianhealthguru.com

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  5. South African national Mr Forie favors the importance after his wife Lizl’s obesity surgery in India at Mumbai as he was able to find an eligible obesity surgeon for the treatment at an effective and reliable price budget. Obesity surgery in India is done at the finest weight loss surgery hospitals of Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore to bring you the very best medical care according to highest international standards. Affordable obesity surgery is done by renowned obesity surgeons’ at the most modern hospitals in India. The morbidly overweight and obese need to suffer no longer! Procedures currently used for obesity surgery in India are gastric bypass surgery; it is the most common type of obesity surgery gastric bypass surgery in this procedure, the volume of the stomach is reduced by four rows of stainless steel staples that separate the main body of the stomach from a small, newly created pouch. The other one is vertical banding gastroplasty. In this procedure, an artificial pouch is created using staples in a different section of the stomach. The procedure is normally done laparoscopically, meaning that the surgeon makes one or more small incisions in the abdomen and inserts the necessary tools and instruments through the tiny holes. Medical tourism in India offers hospitals that had the ambience of a high class hotel. Obesity surgery in India is done in exceptionally clean, well-equipped hospitals, with state of the art equipment, staffed with well trained, highly skilled professionals. The country boasts sunshine throughout the year, extraordinary scenery, and of course, a wide variety of wild animals in their native habitats. These attractions, combined with the lower costs for treatment are major enticements for thousands of travelers. Many healthcare providers and private clinics in India have realized that their country’s natural wonders can have a positive impact on the recovery process for their patients and encourage both post-operative relaxation and exploration. To know more about obesity surgery in India visit us at http://www.forerunnershealthcare.com or mail your queries at enquiry@forerunnershealthcare.com

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