1. One of the mysteries of life is the feeling of attraction between two people on what is known by Love. This experience is one of the most powerful energetic changes that a human being may go through. One of the possible causes of love may be what the quantum physics scientists call by entanglement and this video explores this notion or the relationship between two distant particles. If you approach someone and star to date, this may be explained in the following way: you are just submitting your atoms through a measurement process which will define the rate of entanglement (frequency of changes on the direction of atoms) in relation to the another person whom you are dating. When this process is finish and one falls in love then wherever you go, you are in Love. Love does not know distance or barriers, it is just quantum physics.

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  2. "Mathematics is what art has provided to the humanity through geometry therefore when defining maths we are defining art itself". Anthropology defines humans as animals with culture that allowed us to understand analytically our environment so to plan actions using time and space. Culture here will be tool making and primitive art of caverns however this form of art is the first proof of analytic and abstract thinking that permitted humans to have some kind of control over other animals. To this point, this is the beginning of culture, the first form of registered knowledge that could be transferred through time and carried with through the space.

    "There is hardly a scientific discovery that can be predicted mathematically, without visualizing" NIKOLA TESLA

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  3. It is impossible for humans to travel into the future and the past due to biological restrictions associated to the life cycle of the cells however it is possible to communicate with the past and the future. Therefore I have sent multiple requests to the future and their reply has been transmitted to present. Basically they said that after the end of robotic romanticism which had nearly destroyed the humanity through wars, now, in the future, the period is called "intelligent intuitionism" where advanced technology based on molecule manipulation to create intelligent tools is combined with decisions making based on human intuition or the so called the evolutionary computer, the most advanced thinking machine. Basically, there is not a relationship between products and the chemistry or the physic characteristics of the raw materials as those may be manipulated. Therefore, no more restrictions on the amount and quality of raw materials and this has led to the end of wars. In the Future their in a continuos peace due to advancement of technology combined with no need for money as self production is a reality.

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  4. Human beings as everything in the universe are finite entities in terms of scale, structure and time however the artificiality created by cultural advancement has originated a false notion of infinity especially on matters related to the accumulation of wealth as a guaranty for a never ending happiness. The discrepancy between the existential finite condition and the abstract infinity is the cause for the unbalancing of nature's resources consequently the society itself.

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art-system celestino (celestino2002@netscape.net)

celestino sebastiao

"... the works of nature are to those of art..." Charles Darwin on ' On the Origin of Species'.

" ...the works of art are to those of nature..." Celestino Sebastiao on Art of Systems.

The main change on theory of art proposed by my approach…

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"... the works of nature are to those of art..." Charles Darwin on ' On the Origin of Species'.

" ...the works of art are to those of nature..." Celestino Sebastiao on Art of Systems.

The main change on theory of art proposed by my approach is the dealing of space's happenings instead of representing things happening into the space.

Art of systems bases its conceptual methodology of investigation on data elimination and preservation with the aim of originating a data specimen through profitable modification by transforming data into a schematic data-grid composed by two levels of information; end and intermediate values. Further, the data-grid is ,subsequently, employed to create no-narrative VJ motions or what I do call by cybernate systems that are provided with flexible structure and formed through an inter connection of assembled elements acting in a responsive and complex manner so to form a coherent and intelligent networking of information which the main characteristic is the evolving behavior that is facilitated by transitional variation, an important factor on natural selection process. These precepts are established so to allow for a methodology that emphasizes motion data variation into artificial space by evolving art through self endless multiplication of space systems where the time beam can travel. The final result is to conceive a form of art that is based on post conceptualism experimentation by establishing precepts for understanding the creation of the universe through interdependence of data manipulation that is also a fundamental aspect of evolving complexity. The exercise set up on this data manipulation is to establish an abstract function of space as the main and only entity which allows other things to happen. Everything happens into space however the space, defined as a support entity with structure, has its own happenings which are defined by physical changes on its structure. When considering this issue through Art-System, space is any support entity formed by a system able to support a node projected using a grid system. These variables are spacial references which configure the space itself. In most forms of art there is a action to understand life by what is happening in the space however for Art-System art as knowledge of explaining life through representation starts by what is happening with the space itself or its structure. The combination of those two happenings is what may be understand as a physical phenomenon.

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Consequently this art approach is more about systems and their behavior rather than the representation of objects or social narratives which has been dominating most of the art's field from pre historical times until the postmodernism era.

Furthermore, all matter that we know is fundamentally characterized by a network of interacting entities allowing for changes on geometry as a response of adaptability into the global systems which also is in a inter dependence relationship with other more evolved systems in a way of forming a complex networking of systems extending from the atom level to the universe scale. Therefore, it is critical for artists to employ this advanced knowledge as a base for a new form of art to emerge, a form of art concentrated on exploring relevant concepts of evolutionary creation, a art's form which language is a result of a process facilitated by efficient use of technology. By employing computers on the manipulation of data from related field of knowledge such as theory of complexity, biology or mechanics, in a way to enable for a new kind of art to emerge as core of global culture that is based on uniformity of values. This type of art, made from hidden concepts, is what I am denominating by: Art of Systems.It is a fact that modern culture is based on information sharing, made by a universal network of information system, composed by a multi complex structure which is subdivided by parts, however, this networking of information fundamental's characteristic is inter dependence of its different parts on processing and distributing information. It is easy to conclude that a constant condition for existence is dependence, this is explained by what is happening with the space itself as independent instance and by what is happening on, along its geometrical structure, for example any human activity. Space as a existential entity is infinity and unable to be entirely represented consequently the representation, in terms of arts, is about working space:defined as a portion of existential space. It is a fact that in the universe things happen at the level of working space. All phenomenon we know will depends on what happenes with the space and will happen in the space. Most form of art are action concentrated to understand life on what is happening in the space however for art of system life is understandable by the inter connectivity between what is happening with the space itself and what is happening along it. Consequently the concept of space is central for art to manifest and the representation of this physical instance is what defines art even though art-system employes three fundamental ways of representing the space when considering its fundamental characteristics; infinity and continuity. First of all the space is represented by using a flexible grid ,by definition, this is a representation of a node by using co-ordinates X and Y as the Z co-ordinate will be define by hight variation which influences both X and Y. Secondly, independent grid; this is a representation of a node without any co-ordinates lines attached to it so the node is free to change its position in the space without any relation between Y,X and Z conditioning it. Lastly the skin grid; which is set up by a concept of region rather than a single node representation. In the skin concept a region is defined by multiples nodes (at least two interlinked nodes) which will be local spatial entity and will change space's position as unity following information from close related skin region. By dealing with the space in this way, factor on entity time is attached to it as defined by quantum mechanics you can not have time without space and the space continuity or infinity is perceptible due to time. ... Art of systems is based on computer data manipulation and uses the global system of information or internet as alternative to art gallery or art festivals as this is a explicative form of art, created with the aim of pushing art to opt for a more scientific approach therefore is a global and free access form art. It is well known that the cultural approach to promote art ,until recent times, is based on classifying art as a cultural advanced objects which are created for cultural advanced market, further this is leading to a culture of judgement driven by an elite organized around government organizations, galleries, festivals and curating institutes and all this arrangement works through a code of lobbying as the monetary value is the core of the system which is transforming art from an avant-garde activity to a conservative and anti-culture and oppressive of human condition as Vincent van Gogh and Paul Cézanne examples are there to illustrated the lack of understanding by art's institutionalized organizations. Furthermore, it is clear to draw similarities between, currently made, art with religion as both are not anymore concentrated on providing society with means or tools of knowledge so to advance humankind on his/her understanding of universe and even worse their main function is now connected with social stress as they make considerable amount of deal on establishing a system of unbalanced resource's distribution and promotion of unnecessary consumerism based on notion of guru artist.

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