1. I’m sure you’ve heard about predestination and wondered what it means?

    In this first part, Pastor John begins by explaining how the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ was planned in heaven before God ever began creation. How the angels were given a free will and some chose to rebel with Lucifer.

    Using the Bible, Pastor John describes where the Devil came from, what he did and his ultimate fate. He also explains how man was created with a free will to show God’s righteousness, with the choice to love and embrace God or side with the Devil.

    Pastor John lays out 15 points of God’s master plan that demonstrates how people and events are carefully planned out and nothing happens by chance.

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  2. Many have a hard time understanding that all people are predestined by God. For some it sounds like we don’t have a free will, because all things are predetermined by God and therefore it doesn’t matter what you do. But that isn’t true.

    Pastor John uses the biblical account of Esau and Jacob to show how Isaac and Rebekah were promised an heir by God only to find out they had twins. Esau was the first born and rightful heir to carry on the bloodline but he was hated by God whereas Jacob was loved. Both were sinful, so how could God possibly love one sinner but not the other? Repentance.

    God knew that Esau would spurn his birthright but Jacob would crave to be a man of God with a repentive heart. God is righteous, all-knowing and never surprised by our actions. He has given you a free will but He also knows in advance how you will use it.

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  3. The law of sowing and reaping is part of the free will given to mankind. In this third message, Pastor John looks at Esau and Jacob, two brothers who ignored this spiritual law and suffered greatly during their time on earth.

    While they were both sinners, Jacob had enough sense to realize that he wanted to be part of God's plan, regardless of his mistakes, while Esau only tried to repent to gain back his birthright but had no intention of walking with God.

    Both brothers reaped what they sowed in the flesh and the apostle Paul stated that all these things happened so that you can learn from them and not repeat the same errors. Taking this message to heart will allow you to change directions and make sure that the seeds you are sowing will bring a good crop on earth and later in eternity.

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  4. God is in total control of the creation and uses people and events to accomplish His will. Understanding this truth is crucial if we want to be successful on this earth.

    Pastor John begins by listing the three cornerstones in God’s master plan and how the Bible shows that time passes more quickly for God than with man.

    Then he goes into the account of Joseph, who was sold as a slave in Egypt, which was occupied by a people known as Hyksos, who ruled Egypt until sometime before Moses was born. He will show how the Hyksos played a significant role in God's plan as Jacob and his family eventually moved down to Egypt once Joseph had become the Prime Minister to the foreign Pharaoh.

    This message will expand your understanding on how God thinks and what man must do in order to line up with God's will.

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  5. Life was good for Jacob and his family, they had no intention of leaving Canaan, but God had other plans because He didn’t want them intermingling with other nations. You see, God didn’t want the family of Terah to worship false gods, so He orchestrated a famine that forced them into an incubated setting that was free from idolatry.

    Joseph was God’s man in Egypt and was used to the Lord to bring his brothers to repentance before they could begin to prosper as a nation. In looking back, we can see the blueprint God had for Jacob and his family and how they were used to create a nation that received the Messiah.

    But that is the past and God is now working on us to prepare the world for the coming Antichrist. We need to bring the Gospel to this unsaved generation and give them hope that God is in control and Jesus is coming back soon. How are you fitting into God’s plan?

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