Lyrics, Vocals, Flute, Piano, Violin: Anke Keitel

    Chanting: Mehdi Rezwan

    Percussion: Armin Heislitz

    Produced by Mike K. Downing


    53 souls on the streets of Shiraz

    Out to share their message of love

    with youth from deprived backgrounds

    breezes of confirmation floating around

    All were captured and put into a cell

    Their social deeds were thus ignored

    into deep grounds they fell

    Mis-judgement of their Baha'i belief

    the cause of such grief

    Confined in a prison

    captured for their passion

    May God burst their cage asunder

    and let their souls soar

    Haleh, Sasan, Raha – you are the same age as me

    29, 32, 33

    imprisoned in a cell without a bed or a chair

    without medicine, movement or a bit of fresh air

    I cannot understand

    how you deal with such pain

    Injustice, maltreatment

    where is the gain

    Your souls must be so strong

    to be tested like this

    Confined in a prison

    captured for your passion

    May God burst your cage asunder

    and let your soals soar

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  2. This song was made by some Bahai Youth that are concerned with the trial and injustice going on at the moment in Iran against the Bahais. These youth are very diverce, Canada, Algeria, Fance, Estonia, Iranian, Turkey, Germany, Congo,

    More info about the Bahai Faith:

    Get album

    GENEVA — Seven imprisoned Baha'i leaders appeared in court today in Iran for a second session of their trial.

    The session was once again closed, and family members were not permitted in the courtroom, the Baha'i International Community has learned.

    The hearing, which lasted just over one hour, does not seem to have gone beyond procedural issues. No date was given for any future sessions.

    The seven were arrested nearly two years ago and have been held in Tehran's Evin prison since that time, spending the first year there without formal charges or access to lawyers.

    After several postponements, their trial officially began on 12 January, when the seven were arraigned in Branch 28 of the Revolutionary Court in Tehran.

    That session was also closed to the public, but accounts in government-sponsored news media said the defendants were formally charged with espionage, propaganda activities against the Islamic order, the establishment of an illegal administration, cooperation with Israel, sending secret documents outside the country, acting against the security of the country, and corruption on earth.

    All the charges have been categorically denied. The defendants are Mrs. Fariba Kamalabadi, Mr. Jamaloddin Khanjani, Mr. Afif Naeimi, Mr. Saeid Rezaie, Mrs. Mahvash Sabet, Mr. Behrouz Tavakkoli, and Mr. Vahid Tizfahm.

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  3. This song was written by two Bahai youth from Canada, JC and Karim, in response to recent events in Haiti.


    The Baha'i community looks upon the natural world as a unified system in which all beings are connected together whether they are plants, animals or microbes. Cooperation and reciprocity are seen as essential attributes of coexistence in nature. Change is natural and continual in all life but disruptive and powerful change caused by human greed, reckless behaviour and ruthless consumption patterns does not give nature time to adapt.

    Baha'i writings illustrate the concept of interconnectedness of nature: "Although outwardly cataclysms are hard to understand and to endure, yet there lies a great wisdom behind them which appears later. All the visible material events are inter-related with invisible spiritual forces. The infinite phenomena of creation are as interdependent as the links of a chain. When certain links become rusty, they are broken by unseen forces, to be replaced by newer and better ones. There are certain colossal events which transpire in the world of humanity which are required by the nature of the times".

    The heartbreaking tragedy that has befallen the nation of Haiti has stirred the world with compassion and prompted an outpouring of support. Governments and international humanitarian agencies are mounting an urgent and complex relief operation to provide much-needed food, water, medical supplies and other life-saving interventions to the millions who have been affected by the earthquake.

    Our care and concern encompasses the entire nation of Haiti, both in its hour of dire need and in the coming months and years of long-term reconstruction. While such devastating natural disasters fill us with feelings of awe and consternation, we find hope in the thought that through these tests, humanity is brought closer together. The Baha'i writings on suffering and tests state:
    "... When such a crisis sweeps over the world no person should hope to remain intact. We belong to an organic unit and when one part of the organism suffers all the rest of the body will feel its consequence. This is in fact the reason why Baha'u'llah calls our attention to the unity of mankind. But as Bahá'ís we should not let such hardship weaken our hope in the future... "

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  4. "This Love"
    Chelsea-Lyne W/ Nabil & Karim

    Dedicated to The Baha'is in Iran, especially the 7 Baha'is on trial, and their families.

    More info about the Bahai Faith:

    Listen To It @ http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?...

    Lyrics (Written By N. Moghaddam, C.Heins, K.Rushdy)

    They can take my life away
    But this love will never change
    They can take my rights away
    But I'll grow stronger everyday

    Its my right to live a life that's free
    My right to simply be a citizen
    Who believes in world equality
    We shouldn't have to hide
    Or feel the need to cower
    Our beliefs shape who we are
    They give us inner power
    With our heads held high we shall walk on
    With utmost love in our hearts we remain strong
    They ask the question, we refuse.
    Because it is our right to choose

    They can take my life away
    But this love will never change
    They can take my rights away
    But i'll grow stronger everyday

    In the silence of this courtroom
    I closed my eyes and saw the future
    Around the time that we heard from the prosecutor
    And your honour I think you've already made your choice
    So to the jury, please excuse me if I rejoice
    Cause it was years ago, back when I decided to save
    A place inside my heart where Baha'u'llah's resided
    And my family all around the world will watch and pray
    So I am not alone. Will I surrender?
    Not today.

    They can take my life away
    But this love will never change
    They can take my rights away
    But i'll grow stronger everyday

    Its my right to an education,
    My right to the living I'm making
    And yet they keep taking away from me
    My material possessions have be ruined and put to pieces
    My spirit remains a whole, my attachment thus decreases
    Still in this day though times have changed,
    They haven't changed enough
    The friends must hide, obey,
    Pray to avoid themselves handcuffed
    Battle's changed but sacrifice remains the same
    This is my devotion that ignites my inner flame

    They can take my life away
    But this love will never change
    They can take my rights away
    But i'll grow stronger everyday

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    In Loving Memory of Kathy Grammer, Grace Baldoni, and Blanche Solomon.

    We hope you love it and share it.

    Written, Produced and Directed by Justin Baldoni

    Cinematography: Reuben Steinberg
    Editor: Bayard Stryker and Justin Baldoni
    Wardrobe/Set Design: Sharon Lee
    Makeup: Molly Craytor
    Special Effects: Jerry Wang

    Cast: Devon Gundry, Alex Rocco, Eva La Rue, Kaya La Rue, Darrow Igus, Shannon Rocco, Red Grammer, Benny Cassette, Melissa Ordway, Lindsay Lugsch, Tom Baker Joe Sanchez, David Wilson

    Music Produced and Performed by Devon Gundry and Kelly Snook
    Mixed and Engineered by Kelly Snook
    Words by Baha'u'llah

    Devon's new album featuring "Armed" is coming soon.
    Send an email to info@devongundry.com to be notified of the release.


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