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  3. Atlanta personal injury lawyer Gary Martin Hays, host of Do I Need a Lawyer, discusses how to choose a lawyer.
    Call today for a free consultation: 770-934-8000
    Learn more at: garymartinhays.com

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  4. What Can GMH & Associates do for me?

    This is an excerpt from one of the recent episodes of ‘Do I Need a Lawyer?’ hosted by: Gary Martin Hays.

    If you have a question you would like for me to answer, just pick up the phone and give us a call right now - (770) 934-8000 for a free, confidential no obligation consultation.

    Or you can email me - gary@garymartinhays.com.

    Alright - let’s look at a question from one of our viewers.

    “Hi Gary. Love your show.
    I just had no idea that one day I would need to ask you a question.

    I am a delivery driver for a company. I take auto parts around to difference repair shops that need them. Last week at around 4:00 in the afternoon, I was driving on Jimmy Carter Boulevard heading towards 400 in stop and go traffic. Traffic started to slow ahead of me, so I slowed as well. The person behind me did not stop and slammed into the back of my little delivery van. He pushed me into the back of a big pick up truck that was in front of me. Not only did he destroy my van, but he about destroyed me.
    My left hand was fractured in the wreck, and an MRI confirmed I tore the ACL in my left knee.

    The doctor has me out of work and I’m getting workers’ comp checks. I’m scheduled to meet with a surgeon in a week. My employer did not like the fact that I asked them to file this under workers’ comp and I’m concerned about my job. I know I also have a case against the driver that hit me.

    What can Gary Martin Hays & Associates do for me? How does this work?

    -AJ in Peachtree Corners

    Great question, AJ.
    I’m sorry to hear about your wreck and your injuries.

    You have two potential cases here - the workers’ compensation claim, and the personal injury claim.

    When you hire me, if it is not convenient for you to come into the office to meet with me, I’ll send an investigator out to meet with you.

    The investigator will get me all of the information regarding your claims, and have you sign our contracts of employment.
    And then we lay out a plan for how we will handle your case.

    This is a time for you to ask questions, and also a time for us to get to know each other better.

    The more I know about you and your claim, the more that I am able to help you.

    One thing I stress to all of my clients is that if you ever have a question or concern, you have to promise you will call me.
    My firm has represented over 32,000 injured victims and their families since 1993.
    But we NEVER take for granted that this may be our client’s first time ever being involved in an accident.

    Now let’s talk about your two different claims, AJ:

    For your personal injury claim:

    We will secure a copy of the police report, as well any photos or video of the scene the investigating police officer may have taken.

    If necessary, we may interview witnesses to the wreck . We use all of our resources to determine who caused the wreck, what defendants may be liable for your injuries, and what benefits you may be entitled to receive.

    We protect you from the insurance companies so you don’t have to deal with them at all - you can focus on going to the doctor and getting better.

    We help to get your car fixed, and secure a rental car if necessary.

    On your workers’ compensation claim:

    We immediately file a notice of claim for you with the State Board of Workers’ Compensation.

    * WC 14 Claim Form

    Please note: If this form isn’t filed in a timely fashion, you could risk losing all of your benefits under Georgia’s workers’ compensation system.

    I will contact the insurance company and get a complete copy of your file - including your medical records, as well as anything the insurance company sent to the State Board of workers’ compensation.

    If you are receiving comp checks, I want to make sure the workers’ comp insurer is paying you the correct wage amount in weekly disability checks.

    We will also demand a copy of your employer’s panel of physicians.

    * Show Panel of Physicians

    Under Georgia law, your employer has to post a list of doctors for you to see in the event you are injured.

    If the employer does not post a panel of physicians, or if the panel is not in compliance with Georgia law, you are free to select the doctor of your choice to provide treatment to you.

    You also indicated your employer was not happy with the fact that you asked to have this covered under workers’ compensation.

    If you are hurt at work, and your employer has 3 or more employees, your employer has to provide workers’ compensation insurance coverage to you. By law, you can’t sue your employer. Your only remedy is filing for comp benefits.

    If you are hurt in a wreck and need medical treatment but don’t have health insurance, we can help you find a doctor that is willing to treat you on a lien basis. This means he is willing to wait to get paid until your case settles.

    Remember, you only have one shot at justice to recover all the cash and benefits to which you are entitled.

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    This is an excerpt from one of the recent episodes of ‘Do I Need a Lawyer?’ hosted by: Gary Martin Hays.

    “Hey Gary. I know you used to represent insurance companies
    but now you only represent people that have been hurt in wrecks.
    What are some secrets insurance companies
    don’t want people to know if they have been injured in a car accident?
    If it were to happen to me, do I need a lawyer?”

    Great question.

    And you are right - I know a lot about how insurance companies work.

    When I started practicing law, I worked for a law firm that defended insurance companies.

    I learned how they handled claims and how they treated injured victims.

    When you add that experience to my twenty plus years of representing only injured victims and their families, I know a lot about personal injury claims

    In 2012, I co-authored the best selling book ““Protect and Defend.”


    Let me share those secrets with you:


    Insurance adjusters are trained to act like your long lost friend coming in to help you in your time of need. Please do not fall for this trick if you or a family member has been hurt in a wreck!

    In 1999, a Consumer Panel Survey of Auto Accident Victims by the Insurance Research Council (IRC) revealed:

    * Injured victims receive an average of 40% MORE MONEY just by consulting a lawyer to learn their rights.

    And . . .

    * Injured victims receive an average of 3 ½ times MORE MONEY before legal fees when they hire an attorney to defend their rights!

    Remember this important point: insurance companies are “for profit” businesses and one of the ways they make money is by not paying full value on these claims.

    * DELAY
    * DENY
    * DEFEND

    Let me explain:

    (1) Delay:

    When injured victims are bent over the financial barrel, the insurance company knows they can get most people to accept less money by delaying settling the claim.

    (2) Deny:

    If you submit a claim that you were injured, the claims adjuster will attack your injuries in a variety of ways by alleging:

    * you are faking your injuries;
    * your are exaggerating the severity of your injuries;
    * and if you are really hurt, it is because you were injured BEFORE the wreck;
    * if you were really hurt, you should have gone to a different doctor than the one you chose.

    (3) Defend:

    If you do not like what the insurance company is offering, or if the insurance company denies your claim, you have three choices:

    * drop your claim;
    * accept the low-ball offer; or
    * file a lawsuit.

    They will use the court system to delay the claim as your case falls in line behind other civil matters, including business disputes and collection claims.

    And the 3rd secret you need to know?


    It does not help you in any way to sign anything or speak with the other person’s insurance company.

    * You could be signing a “Release of ALL claims” without realizing it!

    * The insurance adjuster can tell you they are making a list of your injuries or ask you to tell her about all injuries in a recorded statement.

    You do not say anything about your lower back because you just assume you are a little sore from the wreck but it will quickly improve.

    A few weeks later, you need treatment because your lower back is still hurting.

    The insurance company will deny it was related to the wreck because you didn’t mention it.

    Folks, this is a very important point I want to stress:

    The insurance adjuster that represents the person at fault for your wreck is out to save the insurance company money, NOT to give you the compensation you deserve.

    If you or a loved one has been injured in a wreck, I encourage you to talk with a lawyer.

    Just pick up the phone right now and give us a call at (770) 934-8000.
    Our legal professionals are standing by right now to speak with you.

    The consultation is FREE and completely confidential.

    I encourage you - if you don’t call us, please call someone to help you with your claim.

    You owe it to yourself - to your family - to get the help you need.

    So give us a call right now. (770) 934-8000.

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The following videos are intended to answer questions for people who have been injured by no fault of their own. Serious injuries demand serious legal representation. That’s why it’s critical you contact a personal injury lawyer in Georgia at Gary Martin…

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The following videos are intended to answer questions for people who have been injured by no fault of their own. Serious injuries demand serious legal representation. That’s why it’s critical you contact a personal injury lawyer in Georgia at Gary Martin Hays & Associates right now. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can work with you and help make things right. From car accidents to workers’ compensation cases, our experienced attorneys know how to find the facts and protect your rights. Put your trust in us. Contact us today.

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