1. little showcase of my work from the last couple 'o years

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  2. nicolasbernier.com

    100 sound and light fragments organized aleatorically within a structure made of 100 transparent laser cut acrilyc panels.

    • Art direction, visual design, sound composition, audiovisual programming: Nicolas Bernier
    • Technical direction and fabrication: Robocut Studio
    • Co-production: LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial (ES), Perte de Signal (CA), Maison des Arts Créteil (FR), Nicolas Bernier (CA)
    • With the support of Conseil des arts et de lettres Québec and L.E.V Festival


    A structure is generating tridimensional patterns superimposing 100 transparent laser cut acrylic panels. Each acrylic panels is engraved with vectorial graphics inspired by quantum physics. The panels are edge lit and individually controlled by a computer-based algorithm allowing to create random physical animations by turning each panels on/off while syncing them with short sound bursts. This metaphorically cinematic method allow to freeze and combine every single frames of the100 available, creating a multidimensional visualization method.


    The project is part of an ongoing process entitled «frequencies», exploring basic sound and light dichotomic systems. Here, frequencies (light quanta) stems from a fascination towards science, light, and granular synthesis allowing to create clouds/grains of sounds. The conceptual focus lies in the quantum — the smallest measurable value of energy —, on the smallness of matter. The whole project is based on the possible conceptual relationships between basic quantum physics principles applied to the audio-visual creative process: particles, probabilities, wave/particle duality and discontinuity. Metaphorically structured around these notions, the audio-visual composition stems from 100 sound and light micro-sequences that develop themselves, generating an ever expending but yet disruptive form in time and space. With the use of randomness, the vectorial graphics are always creating new ways to look at the visual, physically superimposing pattern images. The architectural structure of frequencies (light quanta) is a poetic reading of those machines and electronic circuits that are used to analyze subatomic particles, bringing a better understanding and visualization of the infinitesimal world.

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  3. STM~ is an ongoing collaborative research project by Luis Sanz and Niculin Barandun resulting in a series of works about quantum physics.

    «STM~ Duality» is inspired by wave–particle duality. Waves and particle simulation through interconnected data-systems are used to create a unique synesthetic experience.
    Indivisible elements that shape a sculpture of space-time and result in a sensory experience. An indeterminate journey with its own natural laws and principles unfolding before the eyes of the spectator. The laws that influence both the particles and the sound are created by the artists, but they include randomness.
    The investigation, which follows a research through design approach, is divided into four parts:

    Exploration of the basic qualities of waves and different methods of synthesis

    Sine waves - the purest form of waves. Noise and random full frequency spectrum.

    Generative wave processing

    Mathematical concepts, randomness and data.

    Visualisation of waves 

    Synesthetic statistics; the perception and understanding of waves as a sensory experience.

    Data Network

    Particles and waves - bodies and sound - in unison and in interaction through networked data.

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  4. The Michna Palace is one of the largest palaces in Prague where our audio-visual perfomance was seen in 3D. This early baroque Palace can be found adjacent to Kampa park in Lesser Town, close to and facing the River Vltava. Around 1580, Ottavio Aostalli built a summer palace here on the site of an old Dominican convent. In 1623 it was rebuilt in the Baroque style, but over time it became a ruin. In 1767 the Michna Palace was sold to the army and over the years it became a crumbling ruin. After 1918 it was converted into a sports centre with a training ground in the old palace garden. It is now the Museum of Physical Culture and Sport.

    We read the building with its history and its influences on the environment of Prague. During the production process, we had been discussing this correlation between the influences and Prague as in one concept was "emerging".

    "The basic themes are always the same. They may be summarized by notions such as self-determination, self-organization, and self-renewal; by the recognition of a systemic interconnectedness over space and time of all natural dynamics; by the logical supremacy of processes over spatial structures; by the role of fluctuations which render the law of large numbers invalid and give a chance to the individual and its creative imagination; by the openness and creativity of an evolution which is neither in its emerging and decaying structures, not in the end result, predetermined." (Erich Jantsch, Astrophysicist, The Self-Organizing Universe, p. 8)

    "The phenomenon of emergence takes place at critical points of instability that arise from fluctuations in the environment, amplified by feedback loops. Emergence results in the creation of novelty, and this novelty is often qualitatively different from the phenomenon out of which it emerged." (Fritjof Capra, The Tao of Physics)

    SIGNAL | Prague Light Festival is the largest showcase of light art and emerging technologies in the Czech Republic. It is also the most-visited cultural event. SIGNAL turns the public spaces, squares, streets, and parks of Prague, into a giant and shining gallery. The festival offers technologically advanced light installations, including many interactive ones, as well as large-scale video mapping projections. Some of the works have already been successfully presented at light festivals abroad; however, a majority of the 20 featured projects has been created for their world premieres at SIGNAL. The 2nd edition of the festival was visited by 463.000 people in 4 days ( official audience numbers ).

    *Anaglyph 3D Glasses provided by Signal Festival during the performance.

    Scenographer & Producer: Erdem Dilbaz / Nerdworking
    Visual Artist & Art Director: Can Büyükberber
    Sound Design: Başak Günak / Ah! Kosmos

    Special thanks to Seçil Arlat, Gizem Renklidağ, Signal Festival Team, Lenka Jiroutova, Alzbeta Moreno, Martin Posta, Pavel Seldak, Amar Mulabegovic & People of Prague

    http://nerdworking.org | http://canbuyukberber.com | http://ahkosmos.com | http://signalfestival.com

    contact: nerd@nerdworking.org

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  5. H OM E OMOR PH ISM Dome A/V Performance
    IAIA | Institute of American Indian Arts in New Mexico, USA
    CERN, The European Organization for Nuclear Research , Geneva, Switzerland
    SAT, Société des arts technologiques [SAT], Montreal, Canada
    National Space Center UK

    Direction_Design_Animation: Ouchhh (ouchhh.tv)
    Sound Design: Ali Can Okan, Hakan Ozkan, Mehmet Unal
    Sound Samples: Ryoji Ikeda-Data.Matrix

    A homeomorphism, also called a continuous transformation, is an equivalence relation and
    one-to-one correspondence between points in two geometric figures or topological spaces
    that is continuous in both directions.

    Many forms observed in nature can be related to geometry. In accordance with classical geometry,
    the shapes that found in nature are consisting of lines and planes, circles and spheres,
    triangles and cones. These shapes actually are a powerful abstraction of reality, so we need primitive objects to give a form and understand the complex structure that exists in nature.

    Our starting point was topography and primitive object’s pertinent points of overlap. The inspiration
    comes from the extreme diversity of New Mexico’s landforms (which is divided into four regions; Great Plains, Rocky Mountains, Colorado Plateau, Basin and Range Province), general changes of topography and homeomorphism.

    more details


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