1. 00:00:00 What Makes A Purple Belt
    00:04:32 The Back Synopsis
    00:05:19 The Mount Synopsis
    00:06:14 The Guard Synopsis
    00:08:22 Sidemount Synopsis
    00:09:50 Leg Locks Synopsis
    00:10:53 Choke Variations From the Back
    00:13:47 Clock Choke From the Back
    00:17:15 Back Choke Into Triangle
    00:17:40 Rolling Choke
    00:19:52 Rolling Armlock
    00:21:21 Shoulder Choke
    00:22:13 Threading to Triangle
    00:23:34 Rolling Transition to Head and Arm Choke
    00:24:28 The Mount, Creating Pressure
    00:25:23 The Mount, Baiting Armlocks
    00:27:07 The Mount, Triangle
    00:28:02 S-Mount, Transition and Choke
    00:28:50 S-Mount, Choke with Knee
    00:29:33 The Mount. Arm Triangle
    00:30:29 Sidemount, Fair Arm Sequence
    00:32:29 Knee on Belly, Far Side Armlock
    00:33:48 Knee on Belly, Kimura
    00:34:48 Knee on Belly, Kimura with Resistance
    00:35:55 Sidemount Escape, into Clock Choke
    00:37:00 Sidemount Escape, Into D'arce
    00:38:30 Sidemount, Chest Pressure Choke
    00:40:18 Knee on Belly, Baseball Bat Choke
    00:41:00 Knee on Belly, Arm Scissor Choke
    00:41:57 The Guard, Armlock Triangle
    00:42:57 The Guard, Armlock Omoplata
    00:43:43 The Guard, Omoplata Sweep
    00:44:58 The Guard, Armlock Flower Sweep
    00:45:46 The Guard, Flower Sweep Triangle
    00:46:33 The Guard, Overhook Options
    00:47:58 The Guard, Choke to Armlock
    00:48:52 The Guard, Arm Cross Flower Sweep
    00:49:40 Open Guard, Sleeve Choke
    00:50:26 Open Guard, Grip Break Hook Sweep
    00:51:48 Open Guard, 2 on 1 to Armdrag
    00:52:58 Open Guard, Helicopter Armlock
    00:54:15 Footlocks, Opening Ankles
    00:55:00 Scissor Sweep to Heel Hook
    00:55:49 Hook Hook, Entry from Bottom
    00:56:32 Hook Hook to Kneebar
    00:57:07 Inverted Guard to Toe Hold
    00:57:56 Inverted Guard to Kneebar
    00:59:04 Guard Passing, Synopsis
    01:01:11 Guard Passing, Standing Footwork
    01:02:21 Guard Passing, Straight Over
    01:02:55 Guard Passing, Weight Through Hands
    01:03:27 Guard Pass, Ankle Push
    01:04:09 Guard Passing, No Pressure
    01:05:19 Guard Passing, Knee Cut Through
    01:07:02 Guard Passing, Margarida
    01:08:05 Butterfly Guard, Sprawl Pass
    01:09:29 Butterfly Guard, Bridge Pass
    01:10:47 Guard Pass, Side Switch
    01:11:31 Guard Passing, Keeping Progress
    01:14:02 Guard Passing, Overlapping Pressures
    01:15:29 Half Guard, Turnaround Pass
    01:17:19 Half Guard, Knee Slide Pass
    01:19:09 Guard Pass to Armlock
    01:19:49 Guard Pass, Spin to Armlock
    01:20:36 Guard Pass, Far Arm Wrap
    01:21:39 Guard Pass, Clock Choke
    01:22:28 Purple Belt, Skill Requirements
    01:23:32 Breadth vs. Depth
    01:25:10 On Injuries
    01:26:07 Observation
    01:26:42 Allowing Others Into Your Game
    01:27:13 Rolling: James and TJ
    01:28:50 Rolling: Jimmy and Brad
    01:30:56 Rolling: Roy and TJ 1
    01:33:06 Rolling: James and Jimmy
    01:35:37 Rolling: Brad and Roy
    01:42:20 Rolling: TJ and Brad
    01:45:58 Rolling: Roy and Jimmy
    01:50:56 Rolling: TJ and Roy 2
    01:55:36 Flying Triangle Breakdown
    01:58:09 The Spirals of Jiu Jitsu

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Roy Dean

Roy Dean

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