1. I am 23 years old and I have never done any modeling…None. This was my first [shoot] and it was awesome. It was fun to be creative. I liked that box. I had fun with the box – I don’t know why but it is a black box. Who wouldn’t have fun with a black box; it is awesome.

    Creative and fun and light. I felt energetic. That’s weird but it’s the truth. And I’m like. hey I had fun today. Can’t wait to tell people… Nobody lived near. Many miles and miles between me and my sister. It was fun. I miss it there. It was very pretty and quiet. Lots of green area; just fresher air and the mountains. Had mountain view everywhere you looked… it was like …mountains.

    I drew. I played with paper dolls. I went on adventures that I should not went on because it was hunting territory and I would have got into a lot of trouble for that. We did; we played basketball. We skateboarded on the roof. We rollerbladed on the roof to drive my mom crazy. We would just [scurry]. Then when she came out and call; we’d jump down. And like come in the house.
    We did one with water; with jeans; a black box. Not what I expected. It was kind of like I was actually clothed and hanging out with friends or something; you know. It was actually really cool and comfortable. I thought about modeling when I was I would say 18; maybe around there. I have always liked modeling [laughter]. I thought it was cool. I watched it in all the movies. I was curious. I am very much looking forward to doing more shoots. That was awesome. I would like to do a shoot where it’s a black ribbon that goes down my back with a black background. I think that would be awesome.

    My sister she is 19 years old. Her name is Christa. She is very, very pretty. She’s got an attitude. She’s a tough girl. She can … she’s a scrapper.

    I’m very comfortable with my body. I’ m very comfortable being you know we are kind of born that way you should be comfortable that way. And I am and so when I first got nude it really didn’t come across my mind that hey, I’ m nude. It came more like l laaa; just natural. Like I may have a little shy face and I understand that and I do have a like a little pout but … other than that I don’t think anything really went through my mind. I was just like hey. I liked that one. I feel like should be a fountain behind me …Hi. I look very different from what I thought I looked like. Seeing myself on camera and then like looking in a mirror… it’s two different totally two different things. Especially with all that cool light in there you never think you have light in here or that you would get a line there from light or here or the shoulder blade. I like how it outlines your legs with light. It’s just makes you… not like a Barbie doll really… it’s like a painting. It really is. It looks like you are kind of painted onto the picture. And I like that. It’s smooth.

    I like stretching too. Because my arm…. it has a little squiggle of light here. It’s pretty dramatic looking. That one was cool. Again with my neck I should have kept it back; I think. Stretching back and everything; it’s just cool to see how to see how your body works ‘cause you never really think about it when you do these little movements you never think ahh someone should put that on camera; it’s not going to look any different but it does; it really does. A lot of these stretching ones I think they came out really good because they’re different; they’re bold and they really, really outline everything on my body. Especially when I stretch my whole upper limbs; I like those a lot. And this is one of the first shoots on the stool that I did. And I am like looking directly at the camera and you know… it’s kind of wait a minute I got to think of something to do so you just put your hands up and such and cross your legs or stuff like that and it was really, really fun. So I look like a little pin-up girl … so my fingers are all look like I should be holding something in my legs or out. I am actually just balancing on like my rear but it was cool ‘cause it really makes for an awesome movement turned back; legs cross. And, I have shoes on in this one. And I am really stretched out such a cool picture.

    And I was learning how to show my like during the whole shoot I was learning how to it was very important to show hands and feet. Don’t hide anything... I didn’t think of those things. I think this is one of the first ones you told me to look this way and so I looked that way and I was trying to like do everything and I put my hair back in the light hit my shoulder awesome. And all the way down was light; all this side. And I liked that; a lot. And then there was light on my legs and my legs look so much stronger than I thought they were in real life. And it is all these little tricks that you taught me. I did a lot of things wrong but like I hid my hands with the cover of the what’s it called…the sweater and I kind of pointed; did this thing with my feet. So that was wrong but it still came out awesome. I like that one most because I look like a doll and I am looking up and like even my legs you can see the joints and everything; I like that. And the way the light comes down I don’t know it just reminds me even when you take a Barbie doll and you play with it as a kid and you just threw it down and it just landed; you know.

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