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    -Talk-about `The Human´ = a `Product of Evolution´ - a Product of That which has become `Industrial´, the `Information-Evolution / Revolution´ - whatever you wanna Call-it. And as These-things were Understood - in the World, and being-Utilized - I mean, it´s very-Much Done on a very-Fascinating Principle: Which is the `Law of Attraction´, in-Essence. You´ll have somebody, that - will Study a Way to become more-`Successful in the World = they´ll Study by `Watching-People´ and `Watching their Behaviour´ - and through `Watching-People and their-Behaviour´ = they´ll come to Conclusions on What Could Interest-People - to Act and `Focus their Attention´... what could `Attract their Attention - Sufficiently´ - that they would `Embrace a Point´ - and thus, the Person will become `Wealthy´ = Simply by Studying Human-Behaviour. -

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  2. Part 2 of the Desteni video serie

    But in-Essence that Impulse were: Multidimensional you-Participated in the Impulse, and those that Assisted-you in Driving and All the Other-People You Saw-Driving, and All the Movies you-Saw, All the Magazines you Read - the Tests you had to do = All of those Impulses, Together: Form-You as a Driver. If, within-That - you had Peculiar Fears-Developing = it was because you gave certain-Attention to Particular-Fears, you Impulsed-them Sufficiently to-become Part of the Total-Design of-You as the Driver of a Car. Now you must-Understand that these-Things are-Understood, Within - our-Civilization, and that there are - it is So Common-Knowledge that you can Study How to Do-This at your-Universities

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  3. Part 3 of Desteni "Love is Mind Control"

    Now what is Interesting and, Understand that Many of these-things Developed kind-of like its Seemingly, Naturally - because what Happens, how does things Develop in our Societies?
    Through Watching Human-Behaviour and then Whatever the Human will Buy - youll Sell to-Them. I mean - so it was a Inevitable-Development that you will be getting to a Point, where What is being-Sold = will be Direct and To-The-Point - Very-Effective. And Now you have the Ultimate-Point, where - Word-of-Mouth through the Cell-Phone has become one of the Most-Powerful Selling-Points in-Existence Not the Advert going through the Cell-Phone: The Chat between-Them, is Where - Products Now Sell. So - the Moments of Influence becomes Very Short and needs to be Very-Effectively Directive, Symbolically

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  4. You Make a Decision You-Know Whats Best for-You, but when it Comes to the Actual-Point = you-Cant, because you are in this-Cycle and you Cant get-Out. And: If you get-Out = youre Alone you-Dont wanna be Alone, I mean - you dont Have the Discipline to be-Alone, youre Not Willing to Take-Responsibility for-Yourself to Sort-Out and Design your-Own Impulsing. Because All You are Looking-for in Your-Mind, is Fascinating What are you Looking-For? What are you Looking-For? Look! - Love. You are Inside and Outside - Doing Only One-thing: Keeping-Yourself in the Same Fuckin-System, the Same-Impulsing = and youre Stuck. Every Single Thing youre-Doing, Every Single Thing you Give Attention-to - is to Satisfy your-Impulse, Satisfy your-Pulse, Satisfy Love. And Now - the World, this is the Tree of Life = The Cell-Phone
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  5. Products of Knowledge, and What do you Do with your-Life? You Collect -Energy. The Interesting-Thing, Is - that You Collect-Energy for One-Purpose Only: Love. Even Money comes-Second to Love in-Many-ways. You will-Focus on-Love and Destroy-Yourselves even-Monetarily, Just to Get = Love. But-If Money becomes Important for-you to get-Love = then-youll get-Money to get- Love. And in many-cases - Love, is-Seen As: A Physical-Experience called Sex - which it-Isnt, But it is Seen as-That. Therefore - Money can Buy-Love, but in-Fact = Money Buys Sex. So Prostitution, Is a Great-Part of This-Great-Institution called: Love. Far-Bigger than you can Imagine, because its Always Happening in the Back-Roads = The Secret-Mind. The Truth of Every-Being - Lies Within your-Secret-Mind. What is That Secret-Mind? It Is - The Secret-Thoughts you-Have About: You With Other-People
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