1. Tribute to Hayao Miyazaki
    Music by Joe Hisaishi

    Made with Blender, Gimp, Octane and Natron.

    Thanks to Blackschmoll, Boby, Christophe, Clouclou, Cremuss, David, Félicia, Frenchman, Sozap, Stéphane, Virgil !
    And Thanks to Ton Roosendaal, the Blender community, developers of Blender, Gimp and Natron !

    The making of : vimeo.com/188964250

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  2. With its imposing mountains, endless plateaus and echoing valleys, Norway is a country where nature takes the lead. Using time-lapse, this film attempts to capture the ebb and flow of the seasons and is a result of one year of planning, a second year of shooting and four months of editing.
    20,000 kilometers have been travelled, 200,000 photos taken and 20 terabytes worth of hard drives filled. Months have been spent hiking through the mountains, sleeping in tents and travelling through the entire country hunting for the best locations.
    SEASONS of NORWAY is shot and edited by Morten Rustad. The video is available in up to 8K resolution (7680*4320 letterboxed).


    MUSIC: The soundtrack is made by Jogeir, specially composed for this film (see soundcloud.com/jogeirmusicd/seasons). Check out more of Jogeir’s work at Soundcloud (soundcloud.com/jogeirmusic) and Facebook (facebook.com/jogeirmusic/). Vocals on the track are done by Katrine Stenbekk, mix by Sivert Hagtvet and sound design by Viljar Losnegård. See the behind the scenes video of how the track was made here: (youtube.com/watch?v=hMdZOk5if-A
    BEHIND THE SCENES VIDEO: (youtube.com/watch?v=S5sejWa0C3U)
    EQUIPMENT: Please see rustadmedia.com/equipment for a list of the equipment used in this video.
    LOCATIONS: Please see rustadmedia.com/seasons-locations for all the locations used in this video. See the video for my TOP 10 places in Norway: youtube.com/watch?v=EmCzANPiCSc
    Special thanks to Syrp for providing great motion control systems for this film. Check them out at syrp.co.nz ;  

    Follow Morten’s adventures:
    YouTube: youtube.com/channel/UCquKWI0N6icYpqL66IOsHmg
    Instagram: instagram.com/morten.rustad
    Facebook: facebook.com/RustadMedia

    This video is produced by Anders Graham / Turbin Film (turbinfilm.no). Contact Anders (anders@turbinfilm.no) for licensing request.

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  3. A look at the hidden power of film props.
    And how filmmakers use the everyday (and not so everyday) objects in their scenes to enhance cinematic storytelling.

    Written, edited, & narrated by Rishi Kaneria (@rishikaneria).

    Music from:
    “Baba O Riley” by the Who
    “Kid-A” by Punch Brothers
    “Rabbit In Your Headlights” by Unkle
    “Where is my mind” by Vitamin String Orchestra
    “Magic” by Mick Smiley
    “Sinnerman” by Nina Simone
    “Intermezzo” by Pietro Mascagni
    “Monkey Fight Snake” by the Bombay Royale
    “I Hung My Head” by Johnny Cash
    “The Thing That Made You” by Dan Romer
    "Once There Was a Hushpuppy" by Dan Romer

    Iconography from "Famous Objects From Classic Movies."

    Footage from:
    00:04 Boogie Nights
    00:10 Sunset Boulevard
    00:11 2001: A Space Odyssey
    00:11 Black Swan
    00:12 Close Encounters Of The Third Kind
    00:13 Inception
    00:20 Ghostbusters
    00:26 Star Wars Episode VI: Return Of The Jedi
    00:29 Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope
    00:30 Ed Wood
    00:43 E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
    00:46 Big
    00:47 Rushmore
    00:48 Gattaca
    00:50 Pulp Fiction
    00:50 The Hundred Foot Journey
    00:51 The Hundred Foot Journey
    00:52 Pulp Fiction
    00:53 The Breakfast Club
    00:54 Terminator 2
    00:55 Boogie Nights
    00:55 Money Ball
    00:57 Whiplash
    00:58 Saving Private Ryan
    01:01 2001: A Space Odyssey
    01:11 2001: A Space Odyssey
    01:17 American Beauty
    01:23 The Usual Suspects
    01:25 Jurassic Park
    01:28 Forrest Gump
    01:31 Lawrence Of Arabia
    01:35 The Lord Of The Rings: Fellowship Of The Ring
    01:38 Raiders Of The Lost Ark
    01:40 The Bicycle Thief
    01:42 The Maltese Falcon
    01:47 Raiders Of The Lost Ark
    01:50 The Dark Knight
    01:53 The Dark Knight
    01:59 Fight Club
    02:03 Pulp Fiction
    02:08 Rain Man
    02:13 Mommie Dearest
    02:18 Cast Away
    02:24 Citizen Kane
    02:31 The Red Balloon
    02:36 Aliens
    02:44 Blade Runner
    02:58 Citizen Kane
    03:03 E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
    03:06 Christmas Story
    03:08 The Prestige
    03:10 The Gods Must Be Crazy
    03:17 Inception
    03:20 The Prestige
    03:23 Juno
    03:25 Back To The Future Part II
    03:27 Magnolia
    03:30 The Red Balloon
    03:34 The Sixth Sense
    03:39 2001: A Space Odyssey
    03:45 The Godfather
    03:48 The Godfather Part II
    03:49 The Godfather
    03:51 The Godfather Part II
    03:53 The Godfather
    03:55 The Godfather
    04:01 The Shining
    04:11 Memento
    04:19 Interstellar
    04:29 Memento
    04:41 Police Story
    04:48 Pulp Fiction
    04:56 Say Anything
    04:59 The Godfather
    05:05 The Shining
    05:07 E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
    05:08 The Goonies
    05:13 Raiders Of The Lost Ark
    05:20 Batman
    05:32 Pulp Fiction
    05:40 Seven
    05:47 Rear Window
    05:53 Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Man From The South
    06:01 The Untouchables
    06:07 Fight Club
    06:12 The Dark Knight
    06:14 Back To The Future
    06:17 Signs
    06:20 Jurassic Park
    06:24 Aliens
    06:27 Jaws
    06:33 It's A Wonderful Life
    06:39 The Gold Rush
    06:42 Office Space
    06:45 Annie Hall
    06:47 The Breakfast Club
    06:48 The Breakfast Club
    06:57 Mary Poppins
    07:00 The Wizard Of Oz
    07:03 E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
    07:07 The Shawshank Redemption
    07:14 The Karate Kid
    07:17 The Avengers
    07:20 Superman: The Movie
    07:22 The Manchurian Candidate
    07:26 The Matrix
    07:30 Jurassic Park
    07:34 Saving Private Ryan
    07:40 Dog Day Afternoon
    07:42 The Apartment
    07:44 Raiders Of The Lost Ark
    07:48 The Shining
    07:52 The Breakfast Club
    07:54 Singin In The Rain
    07:57 Mary Poppins
    07:59 Taxi Driver
    08:09 Scarface
    08:11 Terminator 2
    08:14 Dirty Harry
    08:25 No Country For Old Men
    08:31 Kingsman: The Secret Service
    08:34 There Will Be Blood
    08:37 Rear Window
    08:41 Raiders Of The Lost Ark
    08:43 Ghostbusters
    08:44 The Shining
    08:46 Titanic
    08:48 Back To The Future Part II
    08:50 Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom
    08:54 Poltergeist
    08:56 The Grand Budapest Hotel
    08:58 The Lord Of The Rings: Fellowship Of The Ring
    09:01 Titanic
    09:03 Citizen Kane
    09:07 The Usual Suspects
    10:01 Risky Business

    “If you say in the first chapter that there is a rifle hanging on the wall, in the second or third chapter it absolutely must go off. If it’s not going to be fired, it shouldn’t be hanging there.”
    -Anton Chekhov

    Full transcript can be found here: raging-cinema.tumblr.com/post/131987929538/a-look-at-the-hidden-power-of-film-props-and-how

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  4. "In a family headed by a tyrannical father, the younger daughter will regain her freedom on her birthday ..."

    Directed by: Sophie Kavouridis, Manon Lazzari, Marion Louw, Simon Pannetrat and Thomas Ricquier.
    Music: Thomas Ricquier.
    Mixing: Olivier Michelot.

    © Ecole Georges Méliès - 2014

    "Dans une famille dirigée par un père tyrannique, la fille cadette va retrouver sa liberté le jour de son anniversaire..."

    Réalisation: Sophie Kavouridis, Manon Lazzari, Marion Louw, Simon Pannetrat et Thomas Ricquier.
    Musique: Thomas Ricquier.
    Mixage: Olivier Michelot.

    © Ecole Georges Méliès - 2014.


    Animago Award (Germany) - Best Young Production Award
    Animex (Great Britain) - Look Development Award

    Siggraph Asia (Japan)
    Paris Court Devant (France)
    Ecu Film Festival, (France)
    The World Animation Celebration (USA)
    Northwest Animation Festival (USA)
    Landhuter KurzFilmFestival (Germany)
    Anifilm (Czech Republic)
    Animfest (Greece)
    ChileMonos (Chile)
    Cartoon Club (Italia)
    Croq'Anime (France)
    Tournez-Court (France)
    Animasyros (Greece)
    Kuandu International Animation Festival, (Taiwan)
    Banjaluka International Animated Film Festival (Bosnia)
    Fantastic Film Festival (Sweden)
    CutOut International Animation Film Festival (Mexico)
    Thessaloniki Animation Festival (Greece)
    Spasm Festival (Canada)
    Festival national du film d'animation (France)
    Festival les nuits magiques (France)
    Très Court International Film festival (France)
    Plymouth Film Festival (Great Britain)
    Paris Images Digital Summit (France)
    Sichuan TV Festival (China)
    Kinoproba International festival (Russia)
    Anilogue International Animation Festival (Hungary)
    Même Pas Peur Fantastic Film Festival (La Réunion - France)
    Animac (Spain)
    DUM-D International Student Animation Festival, (New York - USA)
    MONSTRA animation festival (Portugal)

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  5. In a society where heterosexuals are persecuted and abortion is forbidden, two teens are forced to hide an unplanned pregnancy before their secret romance is exposed.

    Press: salbardo.com/pinkmoon.php

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