1. Pastor Mike looks at the role of the Holy Spirit in Romans 8 and addresses the concept of the "guarantee" and the "seal" given believers when they accept Christ as their Savior.

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  2. In this week's update, John paints a rather bleak picture. The world is being groomed at many levels to accept falsehood over truth.

    From the exponential increase of referrals to pediatric clinics for gender confused children, to the increasingly complex and constantly changing alliances in the Middle East, the adversary, an author of confusion, is assailing men and women all over the globe to swallow poisenous positions that are leading us into a devolving moral and military state that has no point of return.

    And while "WE Won't Turn This Around", we have faith in the ONE who can and will, our Lord and Savior, Christ. When He returns, the folly of the world's leaders who are following the spirit of deception will be overwhelmed with the Spirit of Truth, and all injustices committed thoroughout the ages will be avenged.

    In the meatime, our mission, should we choose to accept it, it to stand strong in our faith until that day when we shall see Him face to face.

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  3. As we begin seeing things converging on both a geo-political scale as well as one of relative morality, every event can be significant. To the discerning mind, the degredation of all things good is obvious and clear. But the adversary is the author of confusion and he is using the age-old technique of inserting just a little bit of poison into the truth that is corrupts the entire body.

    From Planned Parenthood claiming that birth and genetics DOES NOT determine gender, to alleged psychiatrists claiming that Trump has killed millions more than Mao or Hitler, to increasing tensions on the northern border of Israel, it really is a big deal when we examine questions of our faith and beliefs.

    Speaking of, if you have not already viewed it, please check out Pastor Steve's message from today. He addresses the recently touchy and overly sensitized questions of the rapture and faith. Does belief only in a pre-trib rapture determine one's eternal destination? If not, why are some so brutally condeming those who may have different convictions about the timing of the Lord's return for His church.

    Teaching and sharing our faith is always a big deal to Steve, John, Mike and the rest of the FBC family. Thanks for your prayers and support. As the world veers wildly off course, we intended to stay fully grounded as a bulkhead against the coming tidal wave of apostasy.

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  4. "Pay Attention and Think" John implores us as we look at the state of the world in light of prophecy again this week. Both commands seem simple enough, but neither seems easy to do in a world bombarded with mutiple sources of information.

    As Christians, we are always to pay attention. We must be on guard for things that may lead us astray and aware of how the world is changing all around us a heavy idealogical shift to the left which has even claimed many so-called evangelical leaders.

    Even harder is the thinking part of this two part warning. Unfortunately, we have for the past couple of decades raised generations of whiney mouthed, instant gratification youth who look for any opportunity possible to be offended, even, or especially when, that "offense" is solidly grounded in the unchanging Word of God. All truth is God's truth and it was true yesterday, today, and it will continue to be tomorrow.

    Keep watch, and pray. Things will not likely be getting better, although they may seem so. The world is on a collision course with its Creator, except this time He will not present as "Baby Jesus, meek and mild" but a conquering Messiah who will put right those things that are wrong, with the indisputable truth and authority of who He is. Even so, come quickly, Lord.

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  5. "Suicides." Climate Change. Israel. France, etc., etc., etc.

    In a world that is bent on changing the narrative away from truth and into one that may have its tentacles originating from the Deep State, it is imperative that as believers we evaulate and discern every thing we see, hear or read. There is a could of deception that is growing darker every day, one that wants to direct our attention away from focusing on God and His Word and into focusing on things that could cause even the most staunch believer to hesistate and/or question their faith.

    it is time to gird up our loins in truth and prepare for the coming persecution. It is inevitable that the pressures to stray away from the truth of Scripture and into a world of man-made fantasy engineered by the world powers is coming. The only question is, how soon?

    Oh, and did we mention? They are practicing the burning of the red heifer in preparation for the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem.

    John explains more in this week's update entitled "What Can You Believe?"

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