1. Definite article,
    A definite article indicates, that its noun is a particular one (or ones) identifiable to the listener.
    It may be something that, the speaker has already mentioned, or it may be something uniquely specified.
    The definite article in English, for both singular and plural nouns.

    Indefinite article,

    An indefinite article, indicates that its noun is not a particular one (or ones) identifiable to the listener.
    It may be something that, the speaker is mentioning for the first time,
    or the speaker may be, making a general statement about any such thing.

    Both kind of articles are used in almost every sentence
    The articles are:
    ‘A’, ‘an’ and ‘the’.
    a and an are indefinite articles and ‘the’ is the definite article.
    For Example:
    He is a good person
    She is in the room
    Has John always been an ideal student?
    Did u see the articles?
    a, an, and the.
    The Articles are in front of the noun. The nouns in these sentences are:
    person, room and student.
    Nouns are normally things. That can also be some other words in between the noun and the article.
    For Example: adjectives
    Has John always been an ideal student?
    Adjectives describe nouns. So here the adjective tells us that the student is ideal.

    The article, the, can go in front of any noun.
    a, and, an, can only be used with singular nouns.
    Because, a, or, and means, one

    So, I cannot say… ‘a girls’
    Usually people then say…. some trees or many trees.

    ‘A ‘or ‘an’ also cannot be used with uncountable nouns.

    For example: water
    you cannot say 'waters'
    So you also cannot say a water
    But what is a difference between, a, and, and
    You use a in front of words which start with a consonant sound
    And an for words which start with a vowel sound
    Maybe you are thinking what exactly is a consonant or a vowel
    A vowel is letter like 'a' or 'e'
    there are five vowels
    a, e, i, o, and, u.
    all the other letters are called consonant.
    I will give some examples so you can see it.
    it is a bat
    but an orange
    it is a car
    but an umbrella
    There are some exceptions to this rule:
    Some words start with a certain letter, but it is pronounced differently.
    You should listen to the pronunciation then instead of only looking of the letter.

    For example:
    the, H, in 'hour'
    is pronounced as a vowel sound.
    so it is an hour.
    but the H, in, 'history'
    it pronounced like a consonant
    so it is a history
    another example is:
    this is pronounced as younion
    so although it starts with a vowel, it is a consonant sound.
    therefore you have to say
    a union
    What is the difference between, 'the', and, 'a', or, 'an':
    You use 'the', when you talk about, something that you actually know about.
    For example:
    a company have a lot of employees.
    but....have one manager.
    you can't remember, his, or her name.
    so you say.
    The Manager of company.
    Another use of,
    the, is.
    when you say, there is only one thing of something.
    you say the best.
    because there is only one person who is the best.
    also it is, The Moon, as there is only one Moon.
    ‘A’, and, ‘an’, are used, when you do not need to talk about something, or people you know about, or it is not important.
    For example:
    I have read a book about the sun.
    you do not need to remember, which book or it is not important to name the book.
    You can use ‘a’, or ‘an’, to talk the things in general.
    For example.
    A cat chases mice
    this is true for all cats, not just one cat
    One last thing..
    the way we say, 'the’, ‘a', and 'an', can change.
    if it is important, or we want to make something very clear.
    we say
    THE (the), A (a), and AN (an)

    Let me give a short summary
    you use 'the', 'a', and 'an' before noun
    'The', can be used for both plural or singular.
    But 'a' and 'an' can only be used for singular words.
    Words beginning with a vowel sound get 'an'
    and words with a consonant sound will get 'a'
    'a' or 'an' are usually used to talk about things in general
    or when it is not specific.
    use 'the', when you are talking about specific things.

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