1. "Turn Around."

    Roxas flinched. The voice was back. He thought he had gotten rid of it. Apparently not.

    "What are you waiting for? Turn Around."

    He didn't dare to move a muscle; he didn't trust that demanding voice.

    "Don't you want to know who I am?"

    He did.

    "Turn Around."

    He didn't.


    He closed his eyes, trying to block the voice from his ears, wanting it to go away.


    He snapped back into reality, hearing his friend cry out his name. He pivoted in the general direction of the shout...

    ... and was knocked off his feet by a piercing pain in his chest.

    The air was knocked from his lungs and he gasped trying to breathe but he couldn't.

    With his last ounce of strength, he was able to intake a good amount of air, but only coughed up blood. Wiping his mouth, he looked at the white figure standing in front of him. The man was looking down on him, looking rather bored...

    ... then he flashed a demonic smile across his face.

    "Made you look."

    The world around them pulsed red, not like time stopped ---time died.

    Behind the man was a figure dressed in black; a member from Organization XIII.

    "Who are you!" Roxas demanded.

    The man in white glared down at him, "You can't handle the truth."

    "Watch me."

    The man smiled a little at the remark, finding it amusing. "Fine then, it doesnt matter to me anyways..." He turned to the man behind him and motioned him to take off his hood. The man did so, maneuvering the weapon in his hand and gracefully letting the hood fall onto his back


    The two friends looked at each other. The pain that Roxas was feeling now couldnt be compared to any bullet wound.

    "Why did you do this?" Roxas voice cracked as he glared up at the nobody. The pain in his chest making his eyes water and his body slowly started to shut down, but the pain in his heart made him strong, keeping his muscles working, at least for now.

    Axels gaze couldnt meet his eyes. "It was the only way-"


    Axels body shook, the tone in Roxas voice was unlike anything he had heard before. They've had fights in the past but this was different.

    "Lets get going," the man in white said, turning around and walking to the edge of the wall, overlooking the ocean. Axel lent Roxas his hand, but he slapped it away. Frustrated, Axel forcefully grabbed Roxas arm and pulled at him, getting him to his feet.

    Axel sighed, "Don't try, Roxas. Its no use..."

    The mournful sound in Axels voice cut threw Roxas anger, silencing him. He calmly looked up at Axels face, "Why is this happening?"

    "I-," Axel choked out the words, "I just wanted to-"

    "What did you want to do?" The man turned around, glaring at the two, "Stay with your friend forever in Hueco Mundo?" Roxas tried to ask what that was-

    "Hueco Mundo is where all nobodies go after they disappear." The blue haired man looked down, as if remembering something then his head snapped back up; the smile was back.

    "Welcome to the afterlife! Grimmjow Jeagerjaque at your service!"

    Roxas was dead, killed by the gun next to Axel; and this Grimmjow guy whats up with him?

    What was going to happen now?

    The world grew dark around the three souls, but it was the lightest dark Roxas had ever seen. Sure, he couldnt see anything besides the people beside him, but it was comforting.

    A light shot threw the darkness, creating a path before the trio. Roxas stared blankly at the road in front of him. Grimmjow passed him, walking onward, creating a new section of the path with each step he took.

    Roxas began to walk forward, but something in the matter around him snapped, engulfing his body in light.

    The light was his memories. He remembered his life, all of the hardships, the failures, and the overall victory of surviving the events that took place a few months back (until now that is). He remembered all of the people he would miss, knowing he would never see them again.

    Truly existing souls didnt wander in the betwixt.

    Then Roxas started seeing other visions of things he never saw. He was watching Grimmjow's and Axel's memories flash before his eyes. Seeing some of Axel's memories that involved him made him smiled a little.


    Roxas looked around, trying to find the source of Grimmjows voice.

    "If you want a happy ending, it all depends on where you stop your story."

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