1. A large-scale solution to harvest sustainable energy from continuous long ocean waves.

    Year after year carbon pollution has increased dramatically. Facing this severe
    crisis the world needs to act fast to develop more sources of clean energy.
    A yet untapped energy source is swell (long ocean wave) power. A group of
    experienced engineers with a maritime background worked for years to find
    a way to harvest this endless source of sustainable energy.
    Now we present the world a patent free invention that will revolutionize the clean
    energy mix. We call on policy makers, energy suppliers and engineering firms
    to support and fund the OCEAN WAVE POWER STATION for a brighter future.


    An OCEAN WAVE POWER STATION (OWPS) consists of two large vessels that
    support a framework with floating standard 45 foot container-sized pontoons.
    Continuous long ocean waves (so-called swell) move the pontoons that activate
    huge wing pumps. Using 5 bar low pressure, the pumps circulate a closed
    fresh water circuit up to 50 meters high pressure-equalizing reservoirs.
    From those reservoirs the water drops down through wide tubes to create
    waterfalls that generate continuous kinetic hydro-electricity.

    Depending on circumstances, the electricity can be cabled to land or stored
    (ethanol or battery) to be shipped. Maximum wave energy can be harvested in
    the Northern and Southern world oceans, where wave power is above 60 kW/m’.


    To withstand the fierce ocean conditions, size matters. The OWPS is designed to
    withstand extreme storms. Construction is robust & durable, low-tech & economical.
    For maintenance the pontoons can be lifted out of the sea and the framework
    can be disconnected from the ships to dock.
    The OWPS costs can be optimized in a wide range of aspects; e.g. through the use
    of recycled single hull tankers on sale for scrap metal prices. The vessels enable the
    OWPS to freely turn in the direction of the waves.
    Alternatively the vessels can be replaced by other floating entities or, in shallow seas,
    by rocks or concrete pillars, allowing larger or smaller fixed pontoon formations.

    For just half the price, one single OCEAN WAVE POWER STATION generates
    75 MW at max and 25 MW on average. This is the same amount of electricity as 30
    windmills and enough to supply 30.000 households with clean energy.
    A strong addition to the renewable energy mix, independent of the availability of
    wind power or sunlight.

    OWPS Engineering Team:
    Chiel Bartels ( cbartels@bartelsvedder.nl )
    Menno Broers ( menno.broers@blueturbines.com )
    Peter Keegstra ( pe.keegstra@planet.nl )
    Jón Kristinsson ( j.kristinsson@kristinsson.nl )

    3D drawings: Ingolf Kruseman ( info@asking.nl )
    edit: Kris Kristinsson ( kriskristinsson@gmail.com )

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Ocean Wave Power Station

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