1. Show notes with links:
    Hosts: Mark Kawasaki Matthew Hooper Matt Beran
    Hanging out after TFT13
    Takes time to consume all 24 presentations! Audio can save time
    Saurabh did great job filling in last second and doing two presentations
    Shout out to Tessa and Zoe at SDI for the work
    New website helped a lot where to find
    All three hosts presented at TFT13
    Screenshare still needs to be better resolution
    Maryville focusing on virtual team work
    Sharing video gets point across better but is not the norm yet
    Can read body language and pick up on visual signals via video
    When you see scowls move on! Timing is everything
    Hangouts On Air is still a bit like speaking to the mirror when you’re sharing your screen
    Facilitators starting it off and wrapping up helps
    WebEx has a whiteboard function but it sucks
    Mark presenting without slides is challenging – nothing to hide behind
    Like to see a consultant use no slides…
    Oracle using Microsoft cloud services to host Saas apps – is this dinosaur club?
    X-Box 1 – always watching - you can’t turn off the camera?!
    Do we need to be less public or just clearer on consent?
    Young generations have different view of privacy – are programmes like Jersey Shore part?
    Comic strip set about future and privacy
    Joint Venture now called Axelos
    They have axelos.co.uk (not live yet) but not axelos.com – doesn’t sound global
    Name is really close to Axios
    Should we change the name of the Rest of The World podcast
    Indian podcast starting
    Local school districts buying mass load of ipads
    Some don’t say you have to have devices but you do need them – homework online etc
    Schools / local authorities don’t always think about TCO
    Women running ITSM project for Teachers for America – said mission is to ensure every teacher has a solid career path – love when people can see the bigger picture
    Have you backed up your Google reader?
    Using Twitter instead of RSS feeds – using other people as a filter
    Zappos tell customer service reps not to protect the company
    Tour is incredible experience
    Farah future podcast guest
    Google balloon network – hot air balloons delivering internet to remote areas!
    Start Up in Maine was investigate high-altitude power
    Will internet be free in 20 years? Or a public service?
    Maryville was looking at buying a process modelling tool, looked at Navvia – listened to podcast from 2010 he said “I’m going to leverage cloud and new technology to make a process modeller that I can sell to consulting firms” and he did it
    Entrepreneurs need a BHAG (Big Hairy Ass Goal) ask Ivanka Menken
    Like to see where TFT goes next..
    Fusion: Maryville presenting, Hooper down as presenting?!
    Hoping to see Ken Gonzalez as a booth babe for G2G3
    Pink IT Executive conference in Arizona in August – too hot to leave hotel: Hostage as a Service

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  2. Show notes with links: http://www.servicesphere.com/blog/2013/6/28/understanding-standardcase-itsm-weekly-the-podacst-episode-1.html

    Your Hosts: Mark Kawasaki Matthew Hooper Matt Beran

    Guest: Rob England, IT Skeptic

    Standard+Case – what’s going on with that? Lots of interest, good feedback
    “I gestate books like an elephant gestates”
    30 second summary “a different way of viewing the reality of how we respond to any sort of situation”… “the reality is that you can’t standardise this stuff, you can’t make it all repeatable and boxed-up – the world refuses to be standardised and there’s a whole other half of the world that’s unique and has to be dealt with case by case”
    Ability to improve – can optimise how we deal with cases as well as standard processes
    Better morale – can’t promise a deadline so people not seen to be failing when it’s out of their control
    The bigger the fire and more complex the burning building usually takes longer to put out
    Genius Bar – just a different interface or a different way of dealing with standard?
    Apple support model is impressive & feels good but sometimes not sure they’re fixing problem beneath
    Hard for Saas based platforms to support custom apps but reality is the way you build custom apps either have good practice or don’t
    It’s about Familiar vs unfamiliar - with any response
    People don’t think about Total Costs, cost of supporting a new device over 3 years for example
    BUT – it’s not IT’s fault – business has failed IT like a bad parent! Although they were just trying to get something done
    It’s about enablement though you can’t fight shadow IT sometimes better to help
    If business unit says we need a data base someone needs to say don’t go off and build it in Access yourself, you need to find the budget, find an expert to build something and support it
    Educate the business
    IT has been driven in to a defensive corner over last 20 years. Problem is systemic and comes from outside of IT
    What would the IT Skeptic say about Standard+Case?! Will it make a difference? Will people pick it up and run with it – let’s see the value
    How do you develop case worker skills? Currently only accreditation in NZ is for nurses, no generic one nor one specific to IT
    But there is ‘Case Management’ – which makes you feel grateful for ITIL! Is getting better.
    Cynefin model (in the book) by Dave Snowden, is a model for situation analysis. If it’s complicated or complex you need an expert
    Idea of structuring people at levels up to Case Management – e.g. not giving new people Cases
    Two books to give away! Get in touch to claim
    First thing people need to kick the ideas around in their own organisations - try it out and give Rob some feedback

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  3. Show notes with links: http://www.servicesphere.com/blog/2013/5/2/the-information-revolution-itsm-weekly-the-podcast-episode-1.html
    Show notes
    Special guest: David Cannon, BMC
    The Matts are Live at HDI
    After three years trying to get him on the show David is here!
    ITIL author V3 2011 Strategy
    Co-authored Service Operation 2007
    Are books the right format still?
    It’s a reference book not meant to be read cover to cover
    Much of the criticism is focused on ITIL not being something it never claimed to be
    How do we keep it current and relevant?
    Make it open, editable, accessible, more Wiki-style maybe?
    Could it be more tailor-able?
    People talk about Service Management in place of Systems Management but really the systems support the services
    Has running IT like a business got confused?
    Original intention of ITSM was very broad - about how does a CIO conduct themselves when managing this diverse area of people and networks and systems?
    Managing the information component – just as important as the technology element.
    When you think of IT as a business don’t take it too far – it can be an irresponsible approach e.g. “we don’t care what you do with the storage we’re just hosting”
    BMC has played a role trying to influence and change how things are defined in the industry
    Going to see more coming from BMC around Governance
    Got to maintain tension between leadership you’d like to provide and the reality of what your customers need from you
    More thought it being given to how to join these together
    BMC been in the market for decades and learned from their own and others mistakes
    What’s next for David Cannon? Leaving BMC for Forrester starting 6th May
    Forrester moving into consulting – analysts were getting more and more requests for follow up work
    David to head up the INO (Infrastructure and Operations) area
    What made ITIL so successful wasn’t the content, but it was accessible
    Tendency we see in consulting organisations is protectiveness over their material
    David in the community – has always been more of a personal thing
    ITIL wave has become the parent of something different – doesn’t have a name yet
    What’s going to happen after the revolution?
    It’s not quite here yet
    Wave of technological innovation been growing and growing – once in hand of individual user it’s an information revolution. Who’s going to step up and say these are the rules?
    Real value of IT is still to be recognised. So much that Business is going to be able to do
    During Pink13 was asked which great historical figure he’d like to speak to David said Karl Marx – because he understood the radical nature of change and how it effects society
    What will the information revolution mean?!

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  4. Show notes with links: http://www.servicesphere.com/blog/2013/3/6/pay-attention-self-awareness-and-quantified-enterprise-itsmw.html

    Show notes:
    Changing roles – Mark taking over hosting
    Chris in wired.com and techcrunch – culmination of last few years of working in and from the future
    MIT not aware of the cutting edge realities of digital connectivity being talked about
    Need mindfulness to deal with frustrations of the real world and to reconnect with humanity
    Have to pay attention. Sometimes you have to listen for people.
    What’s relevant?
    Let’s slow things down – Raul’s blog
    Complex biological information systems we need to try to understand ourselves
    Looking at evolutionary psychology for next year – see Amber Case
    No power in volume (words)
    Quantified enterprise – people finding it difficult to understand / accept
    The next 7 years is going to freak people out – these new personal skills will be important
    FitBit interesting model for software design – feedback system
    Moved to systems of impermanence
    Attention is not same as respect
    It’s about survival - analysing your own data has gone from luxury to necessity
    Steve Jobs – all about paying attention. Is it possible to will something into existence?
    Things will fail before they succeed - what’s important is to get started
    Christory software??
    Quantification in the Enterprise means starting to analyse metrics not understood before –interacting with people and devices based on location at level one and proximity at level two.
    Level 3 is contextual – Chris’ new slide deck: ‘Mr Jobs I’m ready for my close-up’
    ‘Just in time’ information for the Enterprise – lots of implications
    Next level will bother people – devices linked to you, contextual and bio-chemical systems
    7 years from now – pick out a team for a project by their traits and biochemistry
    Another example of what we have now - ‘Hello’ from Evernote
    New calendar – Tempo – contextual and interactive

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  5. What happens when a CIO, a Service Desk Manager and an Industry Junkie Chat Weekly?!

    Your Hosts: Chris Dancy, Matthew Hooper and Matt Beran (twitter #ITSMWP)
    Special Guest: Amber Case @caseorganic
    Guest & future host: Mark Kawasaki @windupbird

    Show notes with links: http://www.servicesphere.com/blog/2013/2/14/cyborgs-at-the-service-desk-itsm-weekly-the-podcast-episode.html

    Show notes:
    · Amber’s dictionary new words for how technologies affect us in our everyday lives
    · Connectivity is life! IT and software will become more and more important
    · Anthropology of your own culture means self-analysis and self-awareness
    · Junk sleep
    · Why the US misunderstand the rapid progress of Asian countries
    · We will become a more ‘collective’ society
    · Better to know three or four things than just one
    · Cyborg camp 2013, Vancouver 11th May
    · What’s your phone’s Myers-Briggs type?!
    · Speaker submissions for itsmf Fusion due in April
    · Coming up: Pink13, Fusion13
    · Itsmf launches volunteer programme
    · Call for speakers for Athens
    · Dell announcement
    · T-Mobile LTE network
    · Superbowl blackout – what was the real news story?
    · Blackberry Z10 – jobs programme extension?
    · The Pheonix Project - ITSMWeekly giveaway!
    · Dan Kane leaving to be a consultant
    · Vine Peek spy on the world in real time
    · Listen to a place in real time
    · Facebook announce mobile has overtaken desktop usage
    · Chris in TechCrunch
    · Do you know what Captcha stands for?
    · The Hypersidual Reconsidered
    · Who are you to and in the digital world? THINK ABOUT IT!
    · Mark will be the lead host in two weeks' time

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