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  1. Bureo Skateboards
    Push For Tomorrow

    Expanding recycling programs and moving forward with new product innovations, Bureo has now launched ‘Push for Tomorrow’ a movement to unite the board riding culture, encouraging riders of all crafts to take responsibility for the health of the ocean and to secure a cleaner tomorrow. Push for Tomorrow is a rally to younger generations to live a sustainable lifestyle. ... support local cleanup and recycling efforts...bring awareness to the threats facing our natural playgrounds and to be a part of the solution.

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    The Paint Shop

    Director - Ian Mcgee
    Cinematography - Amado Stachenfeld
    Producer - Peter Cambor
    Stills - Andrew Waller
    Creative Agency - The Paint Shop

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  2. "It's a special feeling when you remember to stop thinking in the mountains and just let gravity tell you what to do.”
    -Alex Yoder

    Yoder shifted his career over the past few seasons, and more recently became the only American to join the Gentem Stick team. He now spends much of the winter in Japan, digging deep into the perspective of the snow surf scene. Simultaneously, his style and approach to riding, and even living, have developed significantly.

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    The Paint Shop

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  3. Summer has ended. No more surf no more fun. We pack our bags and head back to work or school with our heads hanging low. Were in that awkward transitional phase waiting for those winter swells that are always foiled by trips to see our families in the midwest for the holidays. Were growing up and getting old. At least the memories are nice. Goodbye summer. We will miss you...

    Produced by: The Paint Shop
    Written & Directed by: Andrew Waller
    Director of Photography: Amado Stachenfeld
    Senior Editor: Ian W. McGee
    Colored by: Julie Hotz
    Junior Editor: Ryan Murphy
    Associate Producer: Peter Cambor

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  4. The proximity of the ocean has brought a tranquility to Brandon's life. After a short gallop past the forest to hunt mushrooms his foraging tendencies extend into the ocean for crabs, shellfish and sea vegetables.
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    The Paint Shop

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  5. The Paint Shop

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The Paint Shop Featured

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