1. In honor of the 15th anniversary of Joss Whedon’s cult sci-fi favorite “Firefly,” we've launched a reel that celebrates the epic journey of Serenity and its valiant crew. The compilation highlights some of the best VFX work on the beloved show, which launched Zoic in 2002 and earned an Emmy Award for “Outstanding Visual Effects for a Series.” We dug into the archives to create this commemorative reel, rebuilding Serenity with the original team and put together a shiny new sequence followed by an assembly of some of the most beloved and quotable moments of the franchise.

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  2. *影像工作邀約來信請至 (Outerspace studio)
    Any work invitations please mail us:

    Singer Zhang Liangying, portrays the role of an office lady and was presented at the beginning of the story. This unlucky lady was blamed by her boss over the phone when she visited the Art Institute of Chicago. Suddenly, she enters a world of famous paintings, and was on her way to a fantastic adventure.

    In this MV, we try to connect 12 world-known paintings through interesting and smooth transitions. The original values of those paintings are re-defined. For example, Van Gogh’s ear is bitten by Mike Tyson; when the girl in the Gleaners looks up, she becomes the Girl with A Pearl Earring; the two men in black at the end of the bridge in the Scream by Edvard Munch are actually MIB, and they scream because they see the big monster in the painting of Dali; and the man in suit sitting with his back to us in the lonely café of the last painting Nighthawks, is Dali, and so on.

    The 3D effect of those famous paintings is the largest challenge in this MV. We invited excellent artists to contribute their ideas and skills on all the scenes, costumes, actors and the singer. The innovative shooting methods are extremely experimental, which seems crazy!

    Although the concept of the script is radical, weird and wild, the revival of paintings, the integration of the new and the old, the copy of painting lines and the texture presentation in the production process are all challenges. The traditional arts and aesthetics are supported by creativity, and innovative story line and the overwhelming CG are integrated. The MV was made possible through the efforts of experts in various fields. We hope you enjoy it!

    The list of paintings and artists used in the MV:
    1. Edward Hopper – Nighthawks
    2. Vincent Willem van Gogh
    3. Jean-François Millet- Des glaneuses
    4. Johannes Vermeer-Het meisje met de parel
    5.Andrew Nowell Wyeth-Christina's World
    6.Georges-Pierre Seurat-Un dimanche après-midi à l'Île de la Grande Jatte
    7. Edvard Munch-Skrik
    8.alvador Dali-A Tentação de Santo Antônio
    9. The marches of summer
    10. Maurits Cornelis Escher-Ascending and descending
    11. Maurits Cornelis Escher- Gallery
    12. Magritte Rene-The Son of Man
    13. Salvador Dali

    * As for the 13th painting, the explosion at 1:35 of the MV adopts the style of Japanese artist, Yayoi Kusama.

    故事的開始,從歌手張靚穎所扮演的OL上班族拉開序幕,電話那頭傳來老闆的責駡,正在逛芝加哥美術館( Art Institute of Chicago)的倒楣OL,莫名闖入名畫的世界,展開一連串不可思議的奇幻冒險。





    深度解密!!! 翻玩名畫與藝術家一覽:
    *事發地點-芝加哥美術館( The Art Institute of Chicago )
    名畫1.愛德華•霍普-夜遊者(Edward Hopper – Nighthawks)
    名畫2.梵谷-自畫像(Vincent Willem Van Gogh Museum) VAN GOGH Van Gogh Museum La Oreja de Van Gogh - Oficial
    名畫3.米勒-拾穗( Jean-François Millet- Des glaneuses)
    名畫4.楊•維梅爾-戴珍珠耳環的少女( Johannes Vermeer -Het meisje met de parel)
    名畫5.安德魯•魏斯-克莉絲蒂娜的世界 ( @Andrew Nowell Wyeth -Christina's World)
    名畫6.喬治•秀拉-大碗島的星期天下午 ( Georges -Pierre Seurat-Un dimanche après-midi à l'Île de la Grande Jatte)
    名畫7.孟克-吶喊(Edvard Munch -Skrik)
    *亂入彩蛋-MIB Men In Black
    名畫8.達利-聖安東尼的誘惑(Salvador Dali-A Tentação de Santo Antônio) Salvador Dalí
    名畫9.瑪格利特-馬奇的夏天( Magritte Rene-The marches of summer )
    名畫10.艾雪-上下階梯(Maurits Cornelis Escher-Ascending and descending) 莫里茲·柯尼利斯·艾雪
    名畫11.艾雪-畫廊(Maurits Cornelis Escher- Gallery)
    名畫12.瑪格利特-人子(Magritte Rene-The Son of Man)
    *偉大藝術家-達利像(Salvador Dali)
    *關於隱藏的第13幅藝術品: 在MV的1:35秒處點描派的爆炸瞬間,也展示了日本知名藝術家-草間彌生擅長的表現方式與符號

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  3. An apocalyptic short comedy about love and neuroses, written and directed by Heather Jack


    2015 Tribeca Film Festival World Premiere
    2015 Mill Valley Film Festival Official Selection
    2015 Tacoma Film Festival Official Selection
    2015 Heartland Film Festival Official Selection
    2015 Napa Valley Film Festival Official Selection
    2015 Underexposed Film Festival Director's Choice
    2016 Santa Barbara International Film Festival Official Selection
    2016 Los Angeles Comedy Festival Official Selection
    Short of the Week and Vimeo Staff Pick

    Cast: Lyle Friedman, John Anderson, Doug Moe, Griffin Newman, Shacottha Fields, Alexis Pereira
    Producers: Mary Rohlich, Jacob Robinson, Devin Landin
    Editor: Sara Shaw
    Cinematographer: Mike Simpson
    Co-Producer: Lacy Wittman
    Production Designer: Maki Takenouchi
    Costume Designer: Olga Mill
    Composer: Ryder McNair
    Casting Director: Seth White

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  4. My tribute to my favourite sword duels in cinema (60 films). EDITED IN 2009.

    SONG: "Don't let me be misunderstood", performed by Santa Esmeralda, extracted from the soundtrack album of "Kill Bill".

    FILMS USED (listed only the first time each one of them appears):
    00:01 - Kill Bill
    00:06 - Hero
    00:08 - Seven Samurai
    00:09 - The Princess bride
    00:11 - Hero
    00:13 - Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
    00:14 - Gladiator
    00:16 - Conan the Barbarian
    00:17 - Troy
    00:19 - Batman begins
    00:21 - Dragonslayer
    00:23 - Kill Bill Vol. 2
    00:26 - The Empire strikes back
    00:29 - Crouching tiger, hidden dragon
    00:33 - Zatoichi
    00:35 - Hellboy 2
    00:37 - The mask of Zorro
    00:40 - The phantom menace
    00:45 - Peter Pan
    00:47 - Pirates of the Caribbean: The curse of the Black Pearl
    00:49 - Revenge of the Sith
    00:52 - The duelists
    00:54 - LadyHawke
    00:55 - The Count of Montecristo
    00:56 - Kingdom of Heaven
    00:58 - Blade
    01:03 - The 13th warrior
    01:05 - Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
    01:06 - The Fellowship of the Ring
    01:07 - Highlander
    01:12 - Cutthroat Island
    01:13 - Dangerous liaisons
    01:14 - The adventres of Robin Hood (1938)
    01:20 - The attack of the clones
    01:26 - Stardust
    01:28 - House of Flying Daggers
    01:30 - Matrix Reloaded
    01:32 - The flame and the arrow
    01:35 - Willow
    01:36 - Cyrano de Bergerac
    01:48 - Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves
    01:49 - Monty Python and the Holy Grail
    01:50 - Hamlet (1996)
    01:52 - Rob Roy
    02:02 - Young Sherlock Holmes
    02:08 - The Crow
    02:12 - Casanova
    02:20 - Star Wars: A new hope
    02:29 - The Four Musketeers (1974)
    02:31 - Dragonheart
    02:33 - The return of the Jedi
    02:38 - Hook
    02:40 - Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
    02:44 - Army of Darkness
    02:55 - Azumi
    02:57 - 300
    03:01 - Excalibur
    03:03 - Blind Fury
    03:05 - The Curse of the Golden Flower
    03:38 - Equilibrium

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  5. The highly acclaimed, blockbuster-style short film THE SHAMAN premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York in 2015. After that it ran successfully at numerous film festivals around the globe, including Los Angeles, London, San Diego and the DragonCon in Atlanta. The trailer turned into a viral sensation with over 6 million views.

    The dark year 2204, in a world that has seen 73 years of continuous war. Recently mankind re-discovered the arts of Shamanism. The Shaman’s school of thought believes that every person or object has a soul. During battle Shamans step over into the Netherworld to find and convert the souls of their enemies’ giant battle machines. This tactic enables a single man to overcome an invincibly seeming steel monster.

    This is the story of Joshua, a Shaman, who is sent on a mission to convert the soul of a giant battle colossus. He does not yet know that the soul is prepared for his coming and that the deadly psychological soul-to-soul confrontation in the Netherworld will be on eye level.

    Discover the world of THE SHAMAN here:

    Subtitles are available in English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and German. Please press the "CC" button in the player window. If the subtitles don't work please try another browser.

    Русскоязычные субтитры теперь также доступны. Пожалуйста, используйте кнопку "СС" в окне проигрывателя. Если субтитры не появляются, пожалуйста перейдите на другой браузер.



    Deutsche Untertitel sind verfügbar. Bitte auf das CC Symbol im Player klicken. Sollten die Untertitel nicht abspielen dann bitte den Browser wechseln.

    Les sous-titres Français sont disponible. Svp cliquer sur le bouton "CC" dans la fenêtre de lecture. Si les sous-titres ne fonctionnent pas, essayez un autre navigateur.

    Subtítulos en Español están disponibles. Por favor pulse el botón "CC" en la ventana del reproductor. Si los subtítulos no funcionan, por favor cambie de navegador.

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