Mollusk Surf Shop

Ari, Bryce, and Trevor find a high point in the South Pacific.

Camera work by Tyge Landa
Music by The Cormorants, a new LA County outfit made up of Clay Finch and Brian Bartus (those names might ring a bell... Mapache, Monde UFO). Check out their music here:

Trevor's Boards:
5'11 Radio Mod Quad

Ari's Boards:
5'8 Lovelace Rabbit's Foot
5'11 Radio Plane Jane

Bryce's Boards:
5'5 Radio Mod Twin
5'6 Radio Classic Fish
5'11 Radio EEV-UL Twin
6'2 Radio EEV-O-Lution

Find our collection of Radio Surfboards here:

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Mollusk Surf Shop

Mollusk Surf Shop

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